Happy Halloween!

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  1. Can’t wait to see Macy’s. You did such a great job on these. I love them!

  2. They all look adorable! You are so talented. Although your mushroom guys look a little like weatlthy Arabs out of a Disney cartoon.

  3. So Stinking cute!! You did such an awesome job on them. Can’t wait to see Macy’s as well.

    Happy Halloween– eat one of those apples for me.

  4. those are awesome! and I’m sure made even cuter by your boys. I love the wigs and mustaches.

  5. Seriously amazing!

  6. They are so stinkin cute!

  7. (did I miss something or did you post Macy’s pics after people commented on wanting to see her?)
    And holy freaking awesome! The wigs, the mustaches, the kids’ cute faces…too much!

  8. Yeah, Sheri…I updated the pics. Sorry for the confusion.


  9. How stinking cute are your kids? And you are too freaking talented.

  10. Wow Char! They are all so cute! They better be coming to my house to trick-or-treat so I can see them in person:)

  11. Awesome! Happy Halloween!

  12. Char, they turned out WONDERFUL!

    Love them! :)

  13. Thanks for adding the others. I hope you had a great Halloween. You are so talented…seriously I wish I had a 1/10th of your talent.

  14. love, love, love them! You did a fantastic job, and they are all way too cute.

  15. PORTER FAMILY says:

    HOLY COW!! those costumes are SO cute (and so are the kids in them)! you are AWESOME!!

  16. Rosie and Derek says:

    Wow, what cute costumes! I’m so impressed, you did a great job on them!

  17. earthlingorgeous says:

    Oh wow! The Mario Brothers and a mushroom! And hmmmmm that banshee is not in Mario right? Or the new mario’s have that character? I am so out of date! Hahaha!

    Mine is up here! Do visit if you have time.

  18. I love bennets little mushroom head!! Its adorable!!!

  19. Courtney says:

    These are so awesome! Looks like your oldest's preferences fall in accordance with my oldest's. :)

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