Random cell phone message that I’m pretty sure wasn’t for me

Hi, this is ________. You work at the prison with my nephew. He said you wanted to know about the chihuahua puppies. Call me back.

1) I hate dogs and will never own one (unless I go blind and need a seeing eye dog and I think I’d ask for a monkey first).
2) Although it feels like it from time to time, I don’t think this is a prison.

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  1. Kermit~the~Frog says:


    In case you go blind, you can get one of these. They don’t need diapers like monkeys do, and don’t fling their poo, either.


  2. ROFL

  3. ditto #1 and ROFL #2

  4. sounds like some sort of secret code to me. “puppies”

  5. ROFL at your post and Sabra’s comment. I think she’s onto something.
    Last week I kept having this old lady leave a message on my voicemail about my doll being ready for pick up after a repair. (you know, because nowhere during my voicemail message does it state our name or go into the apt. complex number, lol). Anyway, I finally called her back to tell her she’s got the wrong number. She spent 10 minutes telling me how she’s fixed the doll and it’s ready to be picked up. Well, I’m STILL not the owner of said doll and you’ve got the wrong number. “but this is the number she left me, so I need you to come pick up her doll”. I’m still not sure if she got it or if she’s still waiting for me to come pick up the damn doll.

  6. LOL!

  7. hilarious.

    We only get messages reminding people of their Dr. appointments.

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