So, I lied.

I swore I could never put a baby boy in BabyLegs. And then they were the BabySteals deal of the day. And I bought some. And then I bought some more. And now I’m hooked. The kid owns 6 pairs already. Someone stage an intervention.

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  1. I need a baby. Because I think those baby legs are the cutest thing ever! Seriously cute. Maybe it is because your kid is so cute that it makes those baby legs cute.

  2. Blackeyedsue says:

    Oh, don’t I know it. I have ten for Sophie. TEN!

    (I made them myself…are you impressed?)

  3. Oh my gosh Bennett is the cutest kid ever! And he sure does make those Baby legs look cute too!

  4. Jana Barraclough says:

    I know it…they are addicting! Chandler’s legs are a little fatter than Bennet’s though, and her’s sometimes roll down because of it. Still cute though!

  5. He hates you already…

  6. I knew you’d fall!

    We only own four and their all still too big for Jonas. I need bigger kids.

  7. One can NEVER go wrong with argyle. NEVER.

  8. I love em! They are warm and cute!! Plus Bennett’s just so cute, he could pull off anything!!

  9. Mmmmm…..he looks yummy! I want to kiss him. Is it bad to say he’s almost pretty? Not any worse than putting a dress on him, I guess! Thanks for inviting me to DL with you and Sooey! I’m so jealous! Have your kids ever been? Maybe I’ll crash your party.

  10. You’re allowed to say he’s pretty. He’s for sure the prettiest boy I’ve ever had.

    He’s plumped up a bit as of late….clear up from the 10th to the 25th percentile now. At this rate he could be normal sized by January! Woo!

  11. I think hes pretty too!! I love the print on those baby legs!!

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