Something for my own kid

You know….because he needs more clothes. And shoes. And leg warmers.

Onesie and shirt dyed w/Dylon in Velvet Black. Sabe swears by Dylon. I’ve used it twice now, and it’s like 400 times better than Rit.

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  1. Nice! I wouldn’t have even thought of doing something other than white onesies (that’s how much I lack creativity). At least Campbell won’t mind modeling this creation!!

  2. are those freezer paper painted thingies?

  3. Cool!
    Those are so cute.
    Love the black…thanks for the tip on the dye.

  4. They’re not freezer paper stencilled, Liss, but I TOTALLY should have done them that way! I just appliqued, as usual.

  5. Carter would go crazy for a black bat man shirt…I have a black shirt on it’s way to you!!!

  6. Mya would totally dig those!!!! She just bearly looked at them and said”I want some, you should buy me some jade”

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