Dear Harry & David,

If your “QUICK and EASY” soup mix requires me to have bacon, an onion, garlic, chicken broth, and half and half on hand and then saute the bacon and the onion and the garlic and then cook for 30 minutes and then another 5 minutes….

it is neither quick nor easy.

However, I would still cut off a limb for your Moose Munch.

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  1. That is awesome!!

    And would that be milk or dark chocolate moose munch?

  2. quick and easy my rear end!

  3. I totally agree. That is kind of lame. SEe U LatER!!!

  4. That borders on retarded genius, I’d say. I’ve never had Moose Munch, though I’ve heard great things.

  5. Only the best of friends would give you Moose Munch for Christmas.
    Oh. Wait.

  6. Have you tried the dk chocolate with peppermint moose munch? I found some today at target 75% off.


  7. quick and easy? anything but.

    moose munch? YUMMY!!!

  8. That is awesome and quick and easy .

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