Like to make crap?

The Long Thread has a list of the top 100 tutorials of 2008. Go make something!

***This post is primarily for my own future crap making. And it appears that the site is down currently.

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  1. i’m gonna look it over and set a goal to make x number of things from her list.

    i love making crap.

  2. 9. i came up with 9 things i think i’ll make.

  3. this sounds like my kind of list–thank you!!

  4. What an awesome list – thanks Char. It’s answered at least 3 questions I had about how to make various items and I haven’t even read through the whole list yet!

  5. thanks for your website ,it is really for people who like to make and make and make thanks again

  6. This website really made me laugh. I found “Home”! I love making stuff – I don’t Blog everything otherwise I’d be at the computer ALL day !

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