No time to post…

too busy saying “Campbell…do you need to go potty?” every 5 minutes all. day. long.


I hate potty training.

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  1. i stopped saying “do you need to go potty.”

    instead i said, “it’s time to go potty.”

    they have no idea if they NEED to go.

  2. oh man, I am not excited to do this. we start potty training in full force on monday. ugh.

  3. Blackeyedsue says:

    Just change Campbell to “the dog” and you have my reason for lack of posting.

  4. Go Campbell! I hope this is a quick and easy process. (one can dream right?)

    Hurry back so I don’t miss you too much.

  5. Yuck!
    and my word verification: fecis. not even joking, lol

  6. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    We’ll be home tomorrow and then Gonzo’s getting on that train. Good luck!

  7. love Stephanie’s comment about changing Campbell to dog. too funny.

    good luck with it all. i paid my dues so completely with Kael that the PT gods gave me a break with Seth.

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