So, I realized we’re almost half way through January already, but I’m putting my resolutions here for all to see/mock/hold me accountable.

1) Cook and eat at home at least 5 nights/week. It’s not so much about the money or the health of it (though those are nice too) as it is about the fact that I want my kids to have memories of us sitting down together as a family at our own table for dinner.

2) Curb my cursing. I know it’s possible for me to stop completely…I did for a few years in the mid 90′s, but at this point I just want to eliminate 3 or 4 of the worst words and curb the others. Campbell calling his siblings j@ck@$$e$ and yelling other assorted profanities when he gets hauled out of church is probably what pushed me over the edge on this one.

3) Have FHE. We rock at family scriptures and prayers. FHE? Not so much…like once/year, if that. Again, it’s about the kids having memories of us doing stuff as a family.

Wish me luck and harass me about it from time to time, will ya?

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  1. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    I giggled like a school girl at #2.

    We had to cure Scooter of “Damn it” recently. Now to cure ourselves! I dropped it last night when we screwed up a Cranium answer. I’m sure our new friends are impressed.

  2. #2 has always been an issue for me too. When Joshua was 6 he told our carpool – just at random – “My mom says ‘shit’” – fortunately the mom driving thought it was funny not appalling. I have made – and continue to make – it a matter of prayer. It’s such a habit that I need Divine intervention to abstain. Nice resolutions – we need to work on the FHE and the family dinners too.

  3. Wow. You Utah Mormons are way worse than the rest of us.

  4. I sure will!

  5. how was FHE?

  6. Macy did it, so it was good. Can it be her turn every week?

  7. Those are all fantastic resolutions. And for the right reasons. I need to do #1 a lot more.

  8. Sounds like my goals – especially #2. Camden is saying “Sucks to be you” because of me – which is a very mild version of what I usually say.

  9. Kristine Robinson says:

    I absolutely love you! My son's favorite word is d*&^it. He uses it often. I am joining you on that one. You rock!

  10. This post inspired Ammon, we had to have FHE this week. A rare occasion at our house. I’m never motivated enough to initiate it.

  11. Oh my friend linked me to this FHE for the whole year thing on someone’s blog. It follows this years Primary Theme!

    P.S. I cuss a little too…eek…

  12. Very good resolutions! I think I should really work on the FHE thing, too.

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