For some reason…

I think one of my kids feels worse about the marker fight than the other one.

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  1. poor keller! he’s such a softy! (when he’s not peeing on lawnmowers).

  2. OH MY GOSH….. That is hillarious… Good luck with the washing of that… Hope it wasn’t permanent…

  3. Where was their mother?

  4. Kristine Robinson says:

    I am thinking Campbell won based on the picture?? What are you teaching these children??

  5. Their mother was helping their sister with homework and nursing their brother.

    And they got scrubbed about 5 times each and are still tinted.

  6. But did any of it get on the couch?

  7. Oh poor Keller! (But also nicely done Campbell). Do they make an Oxy-Clean body wash?

  8. porter family says:

    i have a similar picture of zoey. only she did it to herself. she cdrew all over her face and hands with black sharpie one day while i having a nap. she was COVERED but there wasnt one bit of it on furniture or walls. what a good girl!

  9. ROFL! Oh how I love those boys of yours.

  10. Oh man! That is awesome! So did Bryan get all the marker off himself as well?

  11. Flockhart Family says:

    I love that Campbell. I will be his Sunday Mommy anytime. I can’t get enough of cuddling with him.

  12. These photos totally made my day. :) Thanks for the laugh.

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