Sometimes you’re just SO tired…

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  1. Very nice Keller! What have you been doing to that kid??? I guess going back to school after being off track really takes it out of ya.

  2. Rosie and Derek says:

    Ha ha, that is awesome!

  3. BeachSeaShazamm says:

    Naps are always better without pants

  4. Tam, that’s Campbell. ROFL.

  5. that is awesome. In fact I think Im going to go find a corner right now and pull my pants down and have a nice nap.

  6. Hilarious!!!
    And would it be pervy of me to say I’m digging his blue undies?

  7. Have you gotten to the bottom of why his pants were half down? I would love to see if he even remembers!

  8. I’ve been DANG tired quite a few times in my life, but I guess I’ve never been that tired!

  9. Kristine Robinson says:

    I love that kid! That is hilarious.

  10. I feel his pain! Wish I could curl up in a corner at work somedays.

  11. Flockhart Family says:

    That is so funny. He is such a cute kid.

  12. The Weight Family says:

    I feel his pain, I can remember too falling asleep with my pants around my ankles…….that is a story for another day.

    I thought this was Campbell, or is it Keller?????

  13. LOL! That’s hilarious! I really like the name of your blog too! The onesie project is fantastic, I’d love to link to that if you don’t mind.

  14. Man you should really lay off wit the hard labor Char. That kid is wiped!


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