Third time IS the charm

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  1. Dang you are obsessed…… I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Man, that looks good!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Yummy!!!! Me and bread are best friends in case you didn’t know!!

  4. Ooh, purty!

  5. third time is the charm… but if you use the word Artisan one more time, i’m going to kick your trash. :P

  6. I didn’t say artisan!

    But, I’m totally sending you this book for a housewarming gift:

  7. I think you should make LOTS of these for our next ward party… :)

  8. How ’bout you just come over for dinner instead?

  9. That looks AWESOME!! I’m making this right now so I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  10. wow that looks perfect! Wish you were coming to teach me how to make it.

  11. It’s bee-yoo-tiful!

  12. mightypile says:

    I completely understand the obsession! When we moved from Florida, I missed the Cuban bread. I spent two weeks, two loaves a day tweaking and baking. My kids loved the fresh bread, but I was just determined to conquer the challenge. I finally got some passable Cuban bread. But nowI can’t find good roast pork for Cuban sandwiches. I draw the line at raising pigs in the back yard.

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