Breakfast of Champions

Macy has orchestra Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30, even when she’s off track. I think that’s cruel and unusual punishment. Thankfully, my fabulous neighbor Tara picks Macy up and I go back to bed. Don’t judge. My nearly 1 year old *just* started sleeping through the night last week. I’m TIRED.

When I finally rolled out of bed the other day, I found this:

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  1. Kermit~the~Frog says:


    What instrument?

    My nearly 10mo doesn’t sleep through the night yet. My others did. Why does number four hate me?

    That’s a GREAT neighbor.

  2. Is that Mountain Dew? I’m totally judging!

  3. Violin.

    And indeed it is Mountain Dew.

    P.S. I had a Diet Coke and tortilla chips with guacamole for breakfast today.

  4. Rosie and Derek says:

    I would totally go back to bed too!

    And awesome breakfast! :)

  5. No judgment here! That’s awesome that Bennett is sleeping through the night now!!!!!!

    BTW…love your new blog look!

  6. Hey I thought that was a standard breakfast after you have pizza for dinner. The mountain dew is a special touch though… Tyler gave Dawson mountain dew one time…. it took him about 3 hours to come down off the ceiling….:)

  7. Love the breakfast! Looks alot like the breakfast coleman tries to tell me is okay to eat before school.

    I like your new blog look too.
    Sew cute! ha ha

  8. That’s what my mom feeds my little brother and sister the morning after we’ve had pizza for dinner…minus the Mt. Dew.

    P.S. I don’t know where all of Chandler’s hair came from, but I’ve had to cut off her mullet multiple times. Just be happy about the few dollars you’ll save on haircuts while he’s a baldy. Besides, what can you expect? Macy was, what, 5 when she got hair?

  9. I’m liking the new look too. I had popcorn for breakfast this morning…

  10. My kids WISH I were half as cool as you. I barely let Kyle drink Barq’s when we go out to dinner. Poor deprived kid.
    And ditto the others about your new blog look. Except Jane. Sew cute? ROFL :)

  11. Flockhart Family says:

    Why not. I would need a stiff drink to go to school and listen to a bunch of kids playing instruments at 7 am too!

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