Freezer Jam

The project this weekend was freezer jam. I got 24 jars done Saturday night and another 6 jars done on Sunday. I discovered a new product…Ball’s No Cook Freezer Jam Fruit Pectin. I’ve made jam for years, but I’d always used regular pectin and just followed their freezer jam instructions. Never again. I’m hooked on the new stuff for sure. Why?

No boiling
No adding lemon juice
No 4 cups of sugar per batch (only 1.5 cups to 4 cups of fruit with this stuff)
No stirring for hours ’til all that sugar is dissolved
And, it’s cheaper

I got about 6 8oz containers per batch, even though the package says it yields 5.

I also found these. Love ‘em!

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  1. I switched to that pectin two years ago and Damon still hasn’t gotten over it. He says it’s not sweet enough, but I much perfer it.

    And I swear, for pretty much instant domestic gratification, few things beat freezer jam.

  2. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    Potstickers! Hardly a three month supply, though.

  3. I’ve got “make freezer jam” on my to do list this month. I just opened our last jar this week. Good thing I live in the strawberry capital of the country, eh? And I’ve never heard of that other pectin. Cool! Although Sabra’s comments have me worried it’s less sweet. I’m all about the 4 cups of sugar sweetness.

  4. I think it’s still plenty sweet, it just takes more like strawberries and less like sugar.

  5. Eternal Helpmates says:

    Hi, I found you while looking at a craft round up on One Pretty Thing. I had been wanting to make some of the oneies with the tie on them for the new moms in my ward. I just had to laugh because as soon as I saw the picture of your family I said, “They have to be LDS.” Sure enough I scrolled down and found the I Belong button on your page. Too funny. Thanks for the onsie tie tutorial.

  6. Kristine Robinson says:

    this would make a great enrichment – one I might actually come to! I would love to learn how to make freezer jam. Can I come watch next time you do some?

  7. Spammon says:

    Less than half the sugar?? I’m failing to see why this tastes better.

  8. And I want to know what the other stuff is in your fridge…like the green stuff. Please elaborate.

  9. good work! I love strawberry freezer jam. I made some a few months back, along with blackberry and raspberry jam. Yum!

    I also have those containers, and they rock!

  10. Sheri–click on the picture to make it bigger, and you can see that it is peas, beans, corn and broccoli. And other things. :)

  11. Seriously!?!?!?!!!?!?!? Do you ever sit still?? One day I hope to become 1/2 of the person you are…. Please teach me.

  12. I’m seriously contemplating going to Macey’s to make some of my own…but 24 jars is a lot for our family. Maybe I’ll find someone to do it with me???

  13. sweetpea says:

    love that stuff! even though I’m the only one at our house that will eat jam (weird, I know), it’s still worth it to make it. yum!

  14. porter family says:

    i have fond memories of freezer jam. my mom ALWAYS had some in the freezer waiting for us. i would LOVE to make some myself but i dont have enough freezer space!

  15. I’m definitely trying this out!


  16. strawberries AND the new pectin stuff = purchased.

    many, many plastic containers for frozen veggies = also purchased.

    I’m that much closer to becoming you, Char.

  17. I’m with Sheri. What’s the other stuff? And should I also be making that?

  18. Um yeah. Nevermind. I clicked on the picture and can see the veggies. What kind of containers are they, and do they keep the veggies fresh? No freezer burn?

  19. RN 4 Kids says:

    i SOOOO want to come to your house to mess up that perfect freezer…ugh!!! We can’t be friends anymore.

  20. jmarsh19 says:

    What can I do if my freezer jam is too runny? I swear I followed the directions EXACTLY – this was my first time and I didn’t want to screw it up!

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