Indiana Jones whip(s)

I used this tutorial. I accidentally cut the strips 1.5″ instead of 1″ (because apparently I have a hard time paying attention these days) but everything still worked out OK. And guess what? My boys took turns beating the crap out of each other with this thing for most of the night. Guess what else? They really didn’t hurt each other! Woo! If you’re in the SLC area and you want to make one and you’re having a hard time finding brown flannel, Fabric Center on Redwood Road and 90th South has it in flat folds for $2.99/yard.

My sewing machine, however, didn’t enjoy this project so much. It appears that there will be a bit of a delay in finishing the 2nd whip. Like 3-5 business days. And that’s if they don’t need to order a part.

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  1. Spammon says:

    The knotted end looks like a poop. I want one.

  2. Kael has been asking, and asking, and asking for a whip! Sweet! My days are filled with the Indiana Jones theme hummed at top volume by both Kael and Seth all day. So why not reinforce that some, huh? Thanks so much.

  3. Chips and Salsa with Beans says:

    Found your blog from UCreate. This post cracked me up! My twin boys would love this. I’m a little nervous about using my sewing maching to make it. Can I borrow yours? When you get it back, of course, lol!

  4. How cute!! My son would probably love that…but I am afraid of what he would do with it! But if he is ever Indiana Jones for Halloween I will have to use the tutorial!

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