Last braggy mom post of the season (maybe)

Macy had a piano recital on Saturday. She did great with the first piece. She lost her focus a little on the second one. She said the piano was loud and sounded “different”. Guess that’s what happens when the piano you usually practice on is 85+ years old.

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  1. porter family says:

    she did awesome! and remember, the whole reason for having a blog is so that you can be a braggy mom if you want to!!

  2. If I had a kid with talent,I'd brag, too. Good job, Macy.

  3. She is so talented. Great job Macy! Brag away…you have an awesome kid!!

  4. They are so scary! Mac did great on her first number at her recital two weeks ago and had the exact same issue with the second. Piano too different and focus off. Macy did a great job!

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