Super easy apron tutorial

This is seriously THE EASIEST apron ever. There are similar tutorials out there, but here’s how I make them!


1 package extra wide double fold bias tape and thread that matches the bias tape

1 piece of fabric cut approximately 17″ W by 26″ L, edges hemmed
- or -
you can be super lazy (like me) and use a dish towel

template for the pieces you’ll cut off, which can be printed here.

See how cute that dish towel is? The 2 pack was $3! And I think I’ll save the polka dot terry cloth one for one of these.

Cut out your template. Place it on both top corners of the towel. I traced it. You could pin it. Whatever’s easiest.

Cut out along the lines you just drew (or along the edge of the template, if you’re pinning).

You can serge or zig zag the raw edges now, if you want.

Next, open your bias tape. Find the middle. Measure 7.5″ on either side and mark with pins. The pins should be 15″ apart. 7.5″ was a good measurement for 8-11 year old girls. Make it shorter for younger girls or longer for adults.

See how one side of the bias tap sticks out farther than the other side? The short side will be on top for the rest of this tutorial.

Line your pins up with the top finished edge of the towel on both sides.

Pin the bias tape in place along the curves.

If you’re making this for your kids to play dress up, feel free to skip the next step.

Open up the ends of your bias tape. Fold over the top edge. Fold sides back in. Press.

Starting on the end of the side that will be the right of the apron (your left side when looking at it), sew just onto the shorter edge of the bias tape like this:

Keep sewing and sewing and sewing.

Remove the pins and continue sewing just on the bias tape.

And, you’re done!

Macy likes hers tied in the front, so we used the entire length of the bias tape.

If you want shorter ties, trim the bias tape accordingly before folding the ends in.

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  1. Adorable! How big would you guess your dishtowel is?

  2. It's just normal dish towel size…about 15" X 25", including the ruffle.

  3. porter family says:

    cute! now i just have to find a dishtowel that is as cute as yours!!

  4. Jenette says:

    That is super cute!

  5. Rosie and Derek says:

    I love it! So where did you find those cute dishtowels?

  6. Very cute! I love the ruffle.

  7. Cute! I just wanted to let you know that everytime I see a new post on blogger by you I just chuckle at the blog name….so funny. My husband thinks I should have named my blog the same thing ;)

  8. michellejohnnie says:

    Love this apron! so cute! I linked to it at

  9. casserole says:

    So cute!! I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:

  10. Joni Walton says:

    I love this! And, btw, you have created quite a frenzy in our household. Every morning Ava and Ruby fight over the computer and both say, "take me to the spot where your friend made cupcake stuff for that birthday…" Now I get to bribe them for who gets to have the cupcake birthday party…

  11. sewmarm says:

    Love the applique! It's a great idea.

  12. The Creightons says:

    How does this fit on an adult? I love the idea of using the dish towell, just wanted to make sure it would be big enough. Thanks

  13. They're a good fit on adults…just make sure to lengthen the neck loop.

  14. Skitzo Leezra Studio says:

    That is really cute and the cupcake placement is interesting.

  15. Awesome pattern! I'm truly a beginning sewer (I just bought my first sewing machine this week!) and I had no problem making this apron!


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