Back to school!

Macy’s first day was actually yesterday, but she hated me and had puffy crying eyes (something about no shoes to go with her outfit). We chose not to document that. So, here’s Keller’s first day of first grade and Macy’s second day of fourth grade.

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  1. Kristine Robinson says:

    So glad someone else had a horrible first day like we did. Now I don't feel like the most horrible mom in the world. Still crying a little about Cameron.

  2. pink converse with neon green laces don't go with everything?

    cute kids.

  3. Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil says:

    We had a great 1st day of 2nd grade…BUT do you think I remember to take a picture? No. However, I have taken a 2nd day pic. every year now. My mistake now looks deliberately thought out!

  4. i'm jealous that your kids are allowed to wear flip flops. they're a no-no here.

  5. Wow, where do you live that school starts in July? I've never known anyone to start that early. I always think of school starting around Labor Day.

  6. Veronica says:

    I'm with you Michie! Where does school start in July? Are you guys year-round?

  7. I'm with the others. You must have year-round school to be starting this early. Good Gravy!!!

  8. I will echo that question…year-round school? We do here too but we have another week and a half still. :)

  9. So cute! And what's with them starting on different days? That's weird. It's also weird that your kids can wear open-toed shoes to school.

  10. Yeah…year round. Heck, we just got out for summer vacation on the 2nd!

  11. Your guys school already started. Ours doesn't start until the 31st.

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