Less fighting,

more this:

Until 3:25, anyway.

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  1. i am supposed to be staring at the fact that your children are playing nice together, but instead… i notice:
    1. freaking awesome job on the piano…
    2. looks like bennett beefed up just fine.

  2. Awww. I love it when siblings interact with eachother. Especially when they are having conversations with eachother, it's so much fun to just sit back and listen to those!

  3. The Harding Hive says:

    Your kids started school already? On days like today, I'm wishing mine had too. Your piano is beautiful, and your little boys are soooo cute. I don't even know any of them. Your oldest was just a baby when you moved away. Still mad about that.

  4. sweetpea says:

    I just still can't get over the fact that you were brave enough to paint your piano. I LOVE it! I have an old piano (I learned to play on it, and it was old when we got it!) that I do not love the finish of. I need to find out more how you did that–so just in case I get the guts to paint it I'll know how!

  5. I was at your local library today and heard the school bell ring and thought of your kids. Facinating story, huh? Very cute Campbell and Bennett playing.

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