1 Hour Cinnamon Rolls

My friend Heidi posted these in her notes on Facebook. I LOVED that they really only took an hour. Usually I don’t have the patience for cinnamon rolls, but these were perfect for my attention span.


5 1/4 cup white unbleached bread flour
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 Tbsp salt
1 1/2 Tbsp instant yeast
1 egg
2 cups hot water

Mix dry ingredients. Add egg and water. Mix for 1 minute and check consistency. If dough is too dry, add a tiny amount of water. If too moist, add a little flour. Mix for 5 minutes. Spray counter with Pam. Roll out dough until it is about 16 by 21 inches.


1 cup brown sugar
2 1/2 Tbsp cinnamon
1/3 cup softened butter

Spread the softened butter over the dough, then sprinkle the brown sugar and cinnamon evenly over the surface. Roll the dough up from the long side and cut into 16 slices. Place into two 9×13 pans sprayed with Pam. Cover and let rise for 20 minutes. Bake at 400 for 13 minutes.


1 stick butter, softened
1 1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/4 cup cream cheese
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/8 tsp salt

While the rolls are baking, beat cream cheese and butter until combined, add vanilla, salt, and sugar and beat until fluffy–a few seconds. When rolls are done, immediately spread with icing. Best eaten warm. Enjoy!!!

I didn’t have cream cheese, so we just made regular frosting…still good!

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  1. Sounds yummy…i'm checking right now to see if i have yeast!!!

  2. I like this! Thanks, I will try it soon!

  3. oooh! this sounds very tempting.

  4. Thanks!

  5. Kristine Robinson says:

    I will be trying these for my Sunday afternoon treat – thanks for sharing!

  6. Totally printed this off to make today!

  7. Just in time for the cold weather. These sound fabulous, thanks!

  8. Too bad I swore off sugar last night when none of my pants fit me. (been too hot to wear pants) Otherwise I would be giving these a try. I am sure my will power won't last long and I will be back to eating like crap soon.

  9. The Bronson Bunch says:

    Can't wait to try this out! Delicious!

  10. Joni Walton says:

    Thanks for this recipe! My mother-in-law makes fantastic rolls, but it is one of those recipes that is impossible to follow. I am excited to try these out! And, my sister said you were so cute at Chik-fil-A. I wish I could run into you at chik-fil-A…or anywhere for that matter!

  11. 5price4ever says:

    I have made these cinnamon rolls for 3 days straight. My family gobbles them up. The tip about using pam on the counter instead of flour to roll out the dough. GENIUS!!!I tried it on my other bread recipes and BAM!!IT works like a charm. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!You cracks me up cuz I have a file on my computer that is labeled Crap I'd Like To Make..Were we seperated at birth?

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