Name that fabric!

It’s time for a super fun bloggy game…

Name that fabric!

Chelsey emailed me to ask if I knew who made the fabrics I used on this applique. I dug through my scrap basket to try to read selvages, but came up with nothing.

Can anybody help?

Rocket pattern is here, in case any of you missed it the first time.

And if any of you are selling this exact design on Etsy, KNOCK IT OFF! I see you and it annoys me and makes me not want to share. Personal and gift use is encouraged, but if you’re going to make money…draw it yourself, please?

Wow. Not sure where that rant came from. ROFL!

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  1. at least one is ripping of your octopus, too. slimy!

  2. Yeah…I saw that as well.

    ***insert mean face here***

  3. Isn't that awful when people do that. I love your work!

  4. How rude to copy like that! It is cute though but it's still not nice.

  5. Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil says:

    You need to copyright it Char. Maybe Al can give you advice.

  6. Well thank you for sharing the patterns, as people like me (that do make them to give as gifts or for personal use) appreciate it!!

  7. is the material called Jellybean? I was just looking at the SAME fabric today and that is what it was labeled.

  8. So I never usually comment but I love your blog. I found you a month or so ago after you were featured on another blog. Whenever I make stuff from free patterns people have off their blog… #1 I love them for it. and #2 Everyone always comments "You should sell those on etsy." I don't see how people think that's ok! It's so wrong. Even when people say that in my comments section it bugs me…because I personally put a link there saying it wasn't my idea. Especially, when the pattern was free! So thank you for all your ideas. They inspire me and help me to get projects done. But people that go and sell those things in turn BUG ME! I hope it doesn't end up stopping you from sharing cuz that would just stink!

  9. Your cool friend Cheryl says:

    What's wrong with people??

  10. I am so glad you share your talent with those of us that are less creative. I love your ideas and look forward to trying some of them soon. Please don't let some pirate stop you from doing that.

  11. I hope they all knock it off because I love your ideas, so please don't stop sharing!

  12. I love your blog & really appreciate the templates and ideas you provide. It is sad that people try to make money off kind crafters like yourself!

  13. Stephanie says:

    I do enjoy a good blog ranting now and then… keeps it real ;)

  14. Char…love your stuff! I have used that fabric before, so I checked my stash – it's called "Aqua Pebbles" Jennifer Moore of Monaluna for Robert Kauffman! Not sure about the solid blue with white dots – Michael Miller maybe?? Hope this helps….love your blog!!

  15. Sarah@VintageChic says:

    I hate that people are taking advantage of your creativity and generousity. Ugh. I love your work!

  16. Pebbles in blue, Mingle by Monaluna.
    A fabric geek

  17. The body of the rocket looks like it might be Stepping Stones Summer Mingle, found it at Sew, Mama, Sew in the sale section :)

  18. Sarah Lou says:

    how can people be so awful?!?

    I love that combination of fabrics!!!!

  19. lovinsanta says:

    just wondering if you ever thought about selling licenses to your patterns for people to sell? I saw recently where someone was selling a limited # of licenses for people to make and sell, but that they had to be mentioned as the pattern maker. Then you could really get those that are selling without rights to stop. Just curious as you could make a little money for your pattern, and stop those "selling" it without a license. Of course, those who want to gift could still do so without a license.

  20. I have mafia relatives in Italy, want me to contact them?

  21. making a watermark is easy char… you have a number of friends who could tell you how to do it, but let me know if you want my help with it.

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