Time to get serious

Halloween is in 19 days.
Do you know how many costumes I have completed?
Do you know how many of my kids even know what they want to dress as?
Do you know how many extra costumes I’m making?
Guess I should be doing something other than blogging, ey?
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  1. Kristine Robinson says:

    I'm with you – I have three costumes to come up with and not one idea. I guess I better get busy! I probably should be doing homework instead of blogging – then i could find time to get to the costume store! I have to buy mine. They are not near as cute as yours.

  2. I'm so there. i have 5 costumes to come up with since matt and i are attending an adults only party on Saturday.

  3. You'll have to let us know what you come up with! I, luckily, only have One costume to come up with this year – and it's for an 18 month old, so I get to pick what she is for one more year. I am thinking she will be a S'More :)

  4. I am letting the girls pick out of our dress up stuff–aren't I nice?! And I was going to raid my Mom's stuff for a Dracula cape for my son but she gave it all away…to someone else!!! So now I have to scavenge and sew a cape and a bow tie. I know-not too hard, but really, only 19 days?! I guess I better get started!

  5. Ha ha, the rule at my house is that you decide what you are going to be by Sept. 30 and then there are no changes. That way there is no last minute madness. Or at least, that is the plan.

  6. 19 days? crap. I've at least convinced Kael to be something do-able (he'd gone back to insisting on Jellyfish Man) and bought the materials. But that's as far as I've gotten.

  7. Chelsea Strong says:

    My favorite costume was a bunch of stuff from Goodwill, plus huge buttons, and voila, instant Munchkin costume.

  8. Sometimes it pays to be lame and buy your kids' costumes at Target and Costco. Let's hear it for lame moms!

  9. whoa…you better get crafting! i just today got the last of the supplies (including the patterns) to do the mario bros. hancock's had a sale and i never pay more then a dollar for patterns b/c somebody will have a sale :)
    Good luck.

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