Patchwork Camera Strap Tutorial


There are a bunch of camera strap/camera strap cover tutorials out there already (believe me, I spent an hour or more reading them), but none of them were exactly what I wanted.

If you want what I wanted, this is the tutorial for you!


camera strap
seam ripper
heavy weight interfacing the same length as your camera strap and 2 times the width
fabric scraps
thread that coordinates with the fabrics
black thread (or other thread that coordinates with the leather on the ends of the original strap)
leather needle

I got my camera straps on Amazon for $2.96. You may have an old one that needs a face lift.


Take your seam ripper to the backs of the ends of the strap. Cut every 2nd or 3rd stitch. I only did the portion to the left of the seam ripper in the picture. The other half wasn’t holding the strap in.


Once you’ve cut the stitching, pull it apart.


Cut through any additional threads and pull the strap out.


Trim/remove any additional loose threads. Do this to both ends of the strap.

Measure the width of the original strap. Mine measured 1.5”


Cut your interfacing TWICE the width and the same length as the original strap piece you just removed. Since my original strap was 1.5”, I cut my interfacing 3” wide.


Sew your fabric scraps together until you have a piece that is at least as long as the original strap and 2 times the width plus 1/2”. Press the seams. I pressed mine towards the darker fabric.


Place your interfacing on the back side of your fabric and fuse according to manufacturer’s directions.


Trim, leaving 1/4” of fabric past the interfacing on both long sides and flush with interfacing on the short ends.


Press the long edges in 1/4”


Turn it over and give it another good press.


Fold in half lengthwise and press again.


Edge stitch the open edge using the coordinating thread.


Edge stitch the other edge.


Do a line of stitching right down the middle and then two more lines (one on each side) between the edge stitch and the center line.


Insert the end of your new strap into the leather end you removed from the original strap.



Using the black thread (or whatever color matches your leather ends) and a leather needle, stitch right over the previous stitching line.



Do this to both ends and you’re done!


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  1. GREAT tutorial!!!! I love the camera straps I've seen online.

  2. Sarah@VintageChic says:

    This turned out so cute! Love it!

  3. Carla Hegeman Crim says:

    That is awesome…I'm so making one!

  4. so awesome! i know, none of the other tuturials were what i wanted either (i wanted erin's, really). so i need a leather needle?

  5. casserole says:

    Very pretty!! I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  6. Kirsten, you probably don't NEED one, but it dull your regular needle to the point you'll have to change it after sewing the leather.

  7. pretend like that lost comment has a "will" in it.

  8. Kewl! Thanks. Great tutorial!

  9. How did you take these pictures of your camera, when your camera is on the table? This is so trippy!

  10. this is almost enough to finally make me buy a nice camera.

  11. Kim @ NewlyWoodwards says:

    I love this! I actually bought a slip-on camera strap, but next time I want a new one, I'll definitely be making it. =)

  12. I can't WAIT for my Christmas package to arrive from you next month!

  13. I don't want a tutorial. I just want a camera strap. I'll send you my ugly one and you make it cute. K?

  14. really cute! now I just need a camera, other than my cheap-o point and shoot (which really, I can barely use, so maybe I don't need a nicer camera. still…cute tute)

  15. Jami Blake-Weight says:

    Cute Char!!! Now…..if only I had a sweet camera to attach to these cute straps! Maybe if I make them that will hint to my husband what I ReAlLy want for Christmas!

  16. That is simply FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for the tut.

  17. Such a great idea. I definitely need to try this one. Check out my blog and see the award I have waiting for you. Hope you don't mind.

  18. mmm–looks like I may have just found me a good project for this week……

  19. Anne Edens says:

    Excellent tutorial…great tip about buying a strap on Amazon so you get the ends. I am a big girl so I love the fact I can make a strap as long as I want rather than just a slip cover for a strap that is too short.
    Some things I would change/add: pocket for a lens cap, perhaps a pocket with velcro for extra memory cards. I might also interline with some quilt batting like Warm and Natural to make it a little softer on the neck.
    Thanks for your work!

  20. I just want to buy one from you! Do you sell them? My email address is [email protected]

  21. Kevin and Natali McKee says:

    Ditto, how much would one cost for you to make it for me?

  22. Crafty me says:

    You inspired me. When I saw it, I knew that's going to be the next birthday gift for my (crazy about cameras) husband. Keep up the good work!

  23. thanks for the tutorial. i've been meaning to do this for a friend

  24. The Oxford Family says:

    Posted this tute on my blog today! Hope you don't mind! You can see it here:

    If you prefer me not to just let me know and I'll sadly take it down :) Thanks for a great project!

  25. This was exactly what I wanted. Not a slipcover but the actual patchworky strap. Thanks!

  26. I loved the tutorial, I had a hard time with pressing the strap in half and keeping the fabric in. The second time I left1/2 inch on the long side instead of 1/4 on the long side, much easier :)

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