Peace Sign Ornament Tutorial

Have you seen these ornaments in the Pottery Barn catalog?


Here’s a whole tree full:


Cute, right? BUT, they’re $6 a piece. And I’m cheap. Here’s how I made mine.

Print out a template of a peace sign. Here’s mine. It measures about 5.5”. The PB ones are 7”.

Cut out the template and then trace it on some craft foam. I got a pack of 40 sheets for $4.99 at Michael’s.


Cut it out with scissors and punch a hole for hanging. I used a small hole punch but you might want to use a regular size, depending on what you’ll be hanging them from.


Spray paint both sides with a color that matches your glitter.


Here’s what you should have now:


Next you’ll need one of two things: Mod Podge or glittering glue. You can get the glittering glue at Michael’s in the Martha Stewart section.


On the left is Martha Stewart Glittering Glue with a brush applicator. On the right is some Martha glitter. It’s a fine glitter. You want fine glitter.

Brush the Mod Podge or glittering glue all over one side of the peace sign. Don’t be alarmed that the glittering glue looks like this:


It doesn’t dry super fast, so you’ve got some time to make sure you get a nice even coat. If there are any drips around the edges, wipe them off before you glitter. The glittering glue is more like a paste and doesn’t drip as much. It also dries slower.

I made one using each product and liked certain things better about each one. I’ll post both pictures at the end and let you decide if you can tell a difference.

Move the peace sign onto a clean piece of paper and sprinkle glitter all over it.


Tap off the excess glitter and set it aside to let it dry. You may need to use a skewer or something to make sure the hanging hole stays open.


Once it’s dry, flip it over and do the same thing to the other side.

After both sides were dry, I took a small brush and touched up the edges with glue and glitter.

String a ribbon or some fishing line through the hole and hang!

Finished product?


And here’s the side by side comparison. Glittering glue is on the left and Mod Podge is on the right.

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  1. Finally, a craft I can figure out… THANKS

  2. Is this for your Hippie Tree?

  3. Totally RAD, dude…. like…. totally.

  4. and my word verification for my last post = tonee.
    Which then made me go directly to youtube and listen to this gem:

  5. So cute and thrifty!

  6. Mod Podge Amy says:

    Those are aweseome! Glittering glue doesn't mess, does it? Looks so paste-y! :D

  7. Great idea! I just did a piece of art using glitter. I didn't want it to "shed" all over, so after the glitter was dry, I coated it with Modge Podge! It sealed it and it's great! No shedding!

  8. Amy, the worst part about the glittering glue was applying it! I think a brush with short stiff bristles (instead of the crappy applicator) would have made the whole thing better. I do like how it seemed to "grip" more glitter than the Mod Podge did, though. It reminded me of spreading mayo. ICK!

  9. Kristine Robinson says:

    You are awesome – those are way fun!

  10. That is fun Char! Not sure it meshes with my usualy decor but I do love it. Maybe as tags on top of presents, eh?

  11. librarianism says:

    I love these. I also thought that $6 was more than I could justify for glittery peace signs, but yours looks just as good for much less. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  12. sheri's comment made me snort. cute ornaments.

  13. Laurel @ Ducks in a Row says:

    PB can be SO easy to copy sometimes. How do they charge so much?

  14. Love Pottery Barn but not their prices! Thanks so much for this idea. I will be doing these this year!!

  15. Hi Char –
    I just wanted you to know that I think your blog is fabulous – I added it to my sidebar.

    Love that ornament!


  16. Your cool friend Cheryl says:

    Great job!

    I think the whole blog world would immediately shut down if PB ever closed and we didn't have them to copy.

    ps. In case you care, I like the one on the left better.

  17. abby jenkins says:

    very cute! I need to make some of those,
    would be really cute as gift tag attachments.
    Peace out!

  18. brown paper packages says:

    very cute!!

  19. I love it!


  20. karen elizabeth mataraza says:

    very cool! my first visit to your blog…the title caught me! great stuff on here!

  21. Very cleaver craft….love the simplicity and it looks awesome!

    Happy Holidays from Houston, TX

  22. Hey, I made those also…I used old cereal boxes and they worked also…but I love the foam idea…gives it a thicker look.Great minds think alike:)

  23. Jade was in love with those ornaments, but I told her $6 a pop was too much. I think I'd rather pay it than let her craft with glitter. But maybe I'll make them for her.

  24. PB has always cute ideas, you just need to know how to do it yourself.

    I love reading your blog.

  25. STOP IT!! first the ball wreath which by the way, looks like you picked up the same colors I did and now this!? I was eyeing these big time. I was gonna make mine out of cardboard..

    ..we might be in a blog fight ;) I'm so jealous you actually GET stuff done.. lol

  26. All I can say is that I have Pottery Barn tastes and a Dollar Store budget right now. I saw these in the first catalog I received and have been thinking how would I copy that. Now you've explained it and I am so going to Michaels today! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am so excited…been really wanting to copy that tree…first "themed" holiday ever! You rock!

  27. Mother 25 - 8 says:

    U. R. So. Cool!

  28. inthehammockblog says:

    I saw those the other day and loved them! Yours is identical!! Thanks!

  29. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE the PB tree. I've been trying to figure out how to make these. Thanks for doing the work for me. I'll now have a project for this weekend. Plus, I have all of this stuff on hand.

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