Piggy’s and Petals: $25 Gift Certificate!

(I know Halloween’s over, but this bow/headband combination makes me giddy!)
To win a $25 gift certificate for anything on the Piggy’s and Petals site, click on over and have a look around and then come back here and leave a comment on this post with one or two of the things you’d spend your $25 on! And remember, all her bows, beanies, and flowers ship for FREE so you get to spend the WHOLE $25.
Don’t forget to enter the other 2 giveaways, too!
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  1. I have a two year old who thinks you have to wear a snow hat all year round. I guess there is not questions that beanies would be in my order. Thanks for the giveaway

  2. I would TOTALLY stock up on beanies and large flowers!!

  3. Turtles In North Dakota says:

    Yup the beanies and flowers. But then I know she would also want a skirt so I would wind up buying something too.Lol

  4. Miss Madison's Mommy says:

    I love all her flowers!! I like the red,black, and white. Also love the brown. I can't choose!!

  5. I'd pick a couple beanies, some matching flowers, and maybe some korkers!

  6. Blake & Anya Young says:

    Love the beanies and flowers. I think we would get a variety of colors.

  7. Blake & Anya Young says:

    Love the beanies and flowers. I think we would get a variety of colors.

  8. i love the black, red, and white flower hair clip. my niece would be adorable in it.

  9. LOVE the grosgrain flowers and flower clips!!!

  10. Well, I'd start with a pettiskirt (in case I don't happen to win one) then add a bow or so.

  11. Hard to chose but I love the beanies!

  12. Sisters' Stuff says:

    I really need some of those darling large flowers!!! Cute Stuff.

  13. I love the beanies! I'd maybe even get one with a flower. What has having a girl done to me?

  14. Mihills Family Blog says:

    I would spend my gift certificate on the beanie hats with large flowers and/or headbands!

    [email protected]

  15. I'm not sure where I'd start. Certainly bows would be in the mix!

  16. I would definitely have to get a pettiskirt for one of my daughters and then buy another for my other daughter.

  17. Oh I would spend it on a pettiskirt, or maybe some beanies! Love them all.

  18. redheadtina says:

    I was supposed to say what I'd use the $25 gift certificate on, not just beg, "Choose me! Please choose me!" So I'd choose bow bands and flowers. Or a pettiskirt, cuz those things are so freaking cute.

  19. My 8 year old is having a current love affair with big flowers in her hair. I'd probably spend all $25 on a variety of cute little hair thingies for her

  20. The Schaper Scene says:

    It would definitely be hard to choose, but her prices are so reasonable that $25 would definitely go a long way! I would be picked some beanies and headbands along with some flowers to put on them. Such a great giveaway!

  21. I have a 3 year old daughter that will be turning four soon. She loves purple. She also loves all things girls.

  22. Caspers, but not the Ghost says:

    beanies! and flowers!! love all her stuff!

  23. she wears flowers says:

    Love the grosgrain bows that look like huge flowers! And, I love those pettiskirts, for sure!

  24. What to do with $25?! I think I would buy some bows to go with my crocheted hat and headband :)

  25. RyanSarahN says:

    I just love those pettiskirts, and also, the beanies – i like them unadorned, in shocking pink or maybe cream.

  26. Bows and Beanies! Love her site!

  27. Beanie or a Pettiskirt

  28. I really love the pettiskirts…:)

  29. Those bows and flowers! Pretty sure every little girl needs one.

  30. Petiskirt absolutely! And since I have two little girls (well….almost) I'd put the rest of the 5.00 towards a second one :)

  31. Sunderlands says:

    Maybe one of everything!

    [email protected]

  32. Now that my little one finally has hair I'd totally stock up on all the adorable hairbows and beanies. Love them!

  33. I love all of her stuff…such a hard choice… But I think I'd buy bows and flowers!

  34. i am expecting my 3rd girl 2 days before Christmas, so I would get something for each girl, matching of course! a headband for the baby and matching bows for the older girls maybe?

  35. I would blow through the 25.00 bucks quickly but I would start with a pettiskirt and matching bow!

  36. Alicia, The Constant Gardener says:

    Definitely a couple beanies and some flowers to go with!

  37. Sarah@VintageChic says:

    A pettiskirt!!!!!!1

  38. I'm sure I would go way over the $25 because I love everything she has! I have a two little girls and would buy them matching skirts – chocolate and pink with matching beanies and big flowers! How fun!! Thanks so much for ur post I love everything she makes.

  39. Definitely a pettiskirt!! My dd is so girly and would love one.

  40. Jerry and Adrienne says:

    love the beanies!

  41. I would love to get beanies and bows!

  42. jenmomtofour says:

    I'd have to get a pettiskirt and a beanie and some flowers and I'd be way over $25 but it's all SO CUTE!!!

  43. a pettiskirt for sure, and the crocheted beanies are really cute.

  44. I have a 2 year old girl and a girl coming in less than a month (augh!), I would love to get them some matching headbands or hats and bows for the holidays and winter.

  45. Definately some beanies and flower clips!

  46. The Mangerchine's says:

    I'd get some korker bows and a crocheted beanie hat.

    [email protected]

  47. I think I NEED some korker bows – don't have any of those yet. But, I don't think I could resist a pettiskirt.

  48. Beanies and flowers – they are adorable!

  49. I love the beanies with the flowers–So adorable

  50. My six year old is addicted to headbands, but I'd love to get a petti too!

  51. Lorin and Heather says:

    I love the flower headbands and pettiskirts!!!

  52. Love the bows and flowers.

  53. Beverly @ The Buzz says:

    If I win, I'm handing this over to my daughter–she has a 4 year old daughter and 2 little boys. She could make good use of $25! Think I could get away with this being her Christmas gift? Nah, probably not.

  54. Jerilee E. says:

    I have 3 girls, so I can spend $25 in about 2 seconds on Randi's stuff! I would probably get another round of beanies.. 3 brown beanies and brown, pink and white flowers :).

  55. JodyKoutz says:

    I want to win this gift certificate!!

    [email protected]

  56. I would order the pettiskirt! So cute!

  57. I definitely think a crocheted beanie hat with a couple of flowers would be necessary! And maybe a "korker" or two!! :) SO cute!

  58. dixiemango says:

    I would definitely think I would get a beanie with a flower… so cute… also maybe the headband with flower. So good!

  59. I can't make a decision! I'll go with a skirt…but I would need a bow to match!

  60. I do love the beanies, but saw a little bitty purse that my daughter would love! I'd get those one of each.

  61. Steve and Katrina says:

    I would buy as many different color beanies possible! And maybe add in a few headbands.

  62. jenpetersen says:

    I'm lovin the beanies!

  63. The Scow's says:

    The gift card would go towards my bill….i'd have to get 1 of each color of everything! I love how reasonable her pricing is too!!!!

  64. How is it possible to just choose 2 things? I would have so much fun deciding. Hats and flowers are a MUST!

  65. A couple of beanies, some large flowers, and a newborn headband or two. UGH! Too hard to decide!!

  66. I love the chocolate brown and the black large flowers with the jeweled center from her winter line.

  67. Debra Joy says:

    I love, love, LOVE the flowers and the beanies!

  68. Lets see. I am thinking a couple beanies and a pettiskirt and some bows. Which is more than the 25.00 but I am sure I won't be able to resist when I start shopping.

  69. I would probably spend it all on the beanies and a couple nylon headbands

  70. crochet headbands with flowers every color of the rainbow

  71. i would buy a pettiskirt or a few beanies ;)

  72. My baby girl still has no hair, so I would love some cute headbands so people stop calling her a "him" even when she's wearing a dress.

  73. Love the olive/brown flower combo… so cute. And beanies are always welcome in my house! We just have to cram it into the 2 weeks we actually get cold weather way down here in the south. Lol.

  74. And not that you know any other Leis, but that last post was me signed into google by accident. :)

  75. Cute stuff – thanks for sharing Char!

    My word verification is trampo – lol

  76. Yeah…I might maybe want 2 or 3 or u know like 10 of what is on that website!! I luv me some free stuff!!

  77. JF and Anna McDaniel says:

    my little girl is a baldy, so I am always on the lookout for cute headbands. I love the hats too. Nobodies life is complete without a pettiskirt.

  78. The Bronson Bunch says:

    I would totally have to get some flowers and a headband. Oh, and what's wrong with more beanies? Nothing! So another one of those too!

  79. I would buy a pettiskirt, if we didn't win one, and maybe a korker to match. Great stuff!

  80. Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil says:

    Did you see when, on my blog, I held a contest for Twilight Movie tickets? A whole package of goodies, vip showing, etc… It was great! Know how many comments I got? 8. That's right. EIGHT!

  81. I would get a little pettiskirt for sure and then use the rest on her adorable headbands! *fingers crossed*

  82. Super cute stuff!! The list goes on and on. Large flowers are a favorite!!

  83. dean monson says:

    Super cute stuff. I would use the 25$on a pettiskirt or a beanie both so cute.

  84. Lynette Pyne says:

    I love the petticoats and the super cute beanies

  85. The Incredible Bulks says:

    I would go for the beanies/large flower. They are too cute and you can never have too many!!

  86. I would get a petti and a matching hair dilly! Loving everything!

  87. I would get some beanies!! too cute and what a great price! I just might have to order one if I am not one of the lucky winners

  88. Stephanie says:

    Everything is so cute. I have a 4 month old who looks cutest in flowers and korkers…..and beanies too. I guess I'd choose them all. LOL.

  89. bluestocking mama says:

    large flowers and beanies for me!

  90. I would choose a pettiskirt! Darling!

  91. Pettiskirt!! Definitely a pettiskirt!!!

    [email protected]

  92. Elizabeth :) says:

    Oh that would cover the pettiskirt for my daughter AND the beanie I want to get myself. :)

  93. I love her beanies and flowers!! and I'd probably have to get pettiskirts for my daughter….and my niece….and anyone else I can think of!! SO CUTE!!!

  94. Korkers for sure! And a beanie or two.

  95. I think the beanies are my favorite, but it's hard to decide! Those pettiskirts are so cute too :)

  96. I would get a couple beanies and big flowers for both of my nieces! I love the red, black and white flower!!!

  97. I would get lots and lots of bows and piggies!

  98. Lasiter Family says:

    I would buy some beanies and flowers for my little girl!

  99. How cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  100. court seal says:

    flowers, bows, and tutus.

  101. michelle@somedaycrafts says:

    I want a beanie and a few big flowers and big bows!

  102. Bows, bows, BOWS!

  103. I love all the black and red. But there are soo many cute things!

  104. I love those flowers. How very clever.

  105. I think I'd have to stock up on a supply of some cute beanies and flowers!

  106. Curtis and Whitney Giles says:

    Large flowers! They are darling!

  107. The pettiskirt would just make the best portraits!!

  108. I love the double layered bow! So cute!

  109. evry1luvsjules says:

    i would love a petticoat or those corker bows!

  110. Definitely some headbands and large flowers!

  111. Nicholette says:

    I would get a beanie and a couple of those BEAUTIFUL flowers!

  112. MommySandwich says:

    I love the beanies. What a great price. The black and red line is great, especially with Christmas so close.

  113. my daughter would love love LOVE the pettiskirt….and I'd get a few matching hair bows too.

  114. Ed and Bel says:

    Soooo many choices, it might take me a while to figure out what I want. I love this give away.

  115. PBāˆ§Janelle-e says:

    Such a cute site! I have a 4 year old daughter that would be in love with everything!!

  116. So I would get a brown beanie with the plum flower and diamond center then would get the purple and lavender pettiskirt (I must be indecisve because I said the turquoise and black pettiskirt earlier). I second Valerie's comment I was always a tom boy but keep having the urge to get my 2 year old all the girly stuff.

  117. I would get a neutral colored beanie and several interchangeable flowers. So stinking cute!

  118. brett and stacey says:

    i want some beanies and some flower clips. so cute for my girls.

  119. This and That says:

    I would get a brown beanie and as many flowers as I could! Love those flowers!

  120. ooohhhhh! A beanie and a crocheted headband please!

  121. headband and clips

  122. Merrilyn Dyches Harris says:

    So many cute stuff..hard to pick, but I love my girls with large matching bows on their heads…SO CUTE!

  123. flower clips and double layer bows, then i'd get a beanie to clip the flower to. i love that look on my 10 month old nearly hairless daughter. :) thanks for introducing me to piggies and petals!

  124. Beanies. Flowers. Love everything!

  125. Steve and Tina says:

    Questions is…what wouldn't I buy? love, LOVE the large flowers paired with the beanies.

  126. beanies and large flowers! i love her large flowers! so cute!

  127. Flowers and headbands! Thanks!

  128. The Phillips Family says:

    i'll take one of everything, I love it all!

  129. I'm a sucker for beanie hats! I have 3 (that are mine) and my 2 yo daughter loves to wear them, even if they are too big for her. So I'd order her a bunch of beanies in different colors!

  130. The Gardner's says:

    I would get some beanies or a pettiskirt….so many cute things to choose from.

  131. Rachel White says:

    I think I'd get a pettiskirt and large flower. At least to start . . .

  132. there are so many things I would like… the pediskirt and flowers fore my girls hair… love her sight very cute.

  133. I just tried my first beanie on my baby and she looked so cute. I need a few colors for her.

  134. The big flowers with headbands!!! For my darling beautiful granddaughters!

  135. I love the beanies–so cute!!

  136. taylor+sophie says:

    i have a nine month old boy… but someday i WILL have a girl and she will wear ever different color of flower bow you have! too CUTE!


  137. Typhoid Ashley says:

    Flowers! And maybe some bows or beanies for the littlest niece.

  138. Definitely the bows in any and all colors, SOOO CUTE!!! and of course my daughter would have to have a matching pettiskirt:)

  139. SouthfieldFam says:

    Beanies and flowers and bows OH MY! I think I would have a hard time choosing! Maybe the gift card will just bring my purchase total down to an amount I can then round down before telling my hubby! ;o)

  140. Maybe a headband and some beautiful flowers to go with it. The colors are just so great!

  141. Angie Andersen says:

    Hands down on the pettiskirts. What a great price! And of course I love the beanies!!

  142. I love the korker bows! After three years my daughter finally has enough hair to wear bows.

  143. Doty Family says:

    I really like the beanies! And I love, love, love the basic black peony, and the silver flower accented with black tulle. Freakin' cute!! I'd put them in my hair!

  144. Caleb & Marci says:

    There are too many flowers to choose from right now, but I would stock up on the flowers I love them for my little girls hair!

  145. Caleb & Marci says:

    There are too many flowers to choose from right now, but I would stock up on the flowers I love them for my little girls hair!

  146. I'd get some of those awesome large flowers, love the deep red one! And I'd have to get a pettiskirt for my girls!

  147. Definitely beanies and flowers!!

  148. wow, that is hard. I love the skirts, but I also love the beanies and large flowers. Maybe a mix of all three.

  149. Bows, flowers, and beanies!

  150. Definitely the brown headbands, a white beanie with a couple flowers!!

  151. The Keith Family says:

    Beanies and flowers for my three girls!

  152. My daughter loves beanies. I would get the hair flowers to clip on the hat.

  153. i would definitely get the beanies and the flowers! too stinking cute!

  154. I love the hats and for sure the large bows!!

  155. Three Nuts In The Bluegrass says:

    Easily I could spend $25 on the cute benies and flowers for every occasion!

  156. Hendersons says:

    I would so buy a cutie beanie with lots of flowers to accesorize it!
    Thank you!

  157. I would want to buy one of everything! I think I would have to get a beanie, some double layer bows and a grosgrain flower. CUTE!

  158. desroche85 says:

    I love the pettiskirts and beanies!

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