Celebrate the Boy!

(Why do I have that song from Footloose stuck in my head now?)
First of all, if any of you read me and don’t read Dana at Made and Made by Rae, you’re missing out and you really need to get get a life. :o)
This month, the 2 of them have teamed up for:

It’s an entire month of tutorials and stuff devoted to boys.

Since I have 3 of them (and some of them even still let me dress them), I’m looking forward to it.

And, completely unrelated, my neighbor is hosting a giveaway for a $25 gift certificate to her shop over on her blog. Check it out if you like free stuff.

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  1. I bet I could use that to make some awesome things for my nephew- thanks!

  2. Your cool friend, Cheryl says:

    I saw this the other day and I'm so glad…my husband can't take seeing our boys in another applique shirt.

  3. AWESOME!!! The girl stuff have had free reign for far too long:)! I get it – big bows and pink stuff with ruffles are fun to make, but let's not forget about those of us with boys who also want to craft fun, cute stuff!

    THANKS!! I'll be tuning in!

  4. Brown Sugar Babies says:

    I can't wait. I have a son and 99% of all crafts, scrapbook, etc seem to be devoted to girls! Can't wait to see what you have in store.

  5. the thrifty ba says:

    i am also in a home with 3 boys (2 small, one large!) thank you for posting boy stuff!

  6. Tyler and Jen says:

    I agree! I have all boys too and there is hardly anything out there boys! Love your blog! I just started one at http://becauseicancrafts.blogspot.com/
    Check me out when you have time!

  7. two of my daily-check blogs. can't wait to see what they come up with.

  8. Yay!!!

    It seems like I am always drooling over darling tutorials for girls…I have three boys and would love to gather some great ideas. I can't wait to see your posts this month.

  9. Kitschalicious says:

    FINALLY! Something for boys! LOL! Thanks for sharing this info! Love your site too!


  10. Yay! I have three boys too, and would love some great ideas.

  11. I've had that song stuck in my mind for a while too :).
    Thanks for posting about this!

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