Things to do in Pittsburgh?


Let’s say you were headed to Pittsburgh next week with only your oldest 2 children (yay for not wiping anyone’s bum for a week!) to stay with your favorite (hint: only) brother and his family.

What would be on your can’t miss list?

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  1. My dad's family is from Pittsburgh, and although we don't visit that often there are a few things we always have to do:

    1. The incline on Mt. Washington
    2. Primanti Brothers Restaurant (it's been on food network and the travel channel and is known for amazing sandwiches)
    3. Kennywood (we almost always go in the summer and that's the only time its open)
    4. A sporting event (baseball or exhibition football–right now it's hockey season, so try to get to a game)!

    There are a few items on my list that I really want to do the next time we go up (most likely next year–last time I was there it was 2003)!
    1. Andy Warhol Museum (The Warhol is one of the most comprehensive single-artist museums in the world.)
    2. Carnegie Museums of Art & Natural History
    3. Steelers game

    Hope this helps! Stay warm and have fun!

  2. carnegie, carnegie, carnegie – went always as a little girl and have loved it with my kids – place to stay: the priory, an old abbot (you know where monks used to live – is that the right word?) walnut street in shadyside for fun shopping and eating. i'll also forward an email of good restaurants to you! have fun!

  3. the thrifty ba says:

    is the dequane (ok-i cant spell) incline still there? i remember doing that as a kid.
    also, there is this thing called 'the flower show' at phipps conservatory. it happens inthe fall and spring and i remember thinking that was cool.
    kennywood rocks! i still tell my kids about how awesome the rides there were!
    ( i lived off and on in irwin-exit 7 off of the turnpike as a kid. which was a very very long time ago)

  4. Meg the Grand says:

    The incline, Primanti brothers (without a doubt), Carnegie Science Museum (and the submarine outside if it's not too too cold), Andy Warhol Museum or the Children's Museum (depending on how old your children are), and if you feel like driving a little, Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water house isnt too far away.

  5. the carnegie sports works & science center are fun for kids!

    also the childrens museum:

    if you are going to be here on a saturday, try to hit some shopping in The Strip District (cool artsy shops) and make sure you visit Pennsylvania Macaroni (PennMac)!

    have a great time in pittsburgh now that the snow is finally melting :) love your blog, too!

    Lisa {{}}

  6. Carla Hegeman Crim says:

    You HAVE to go to a Pat Catan's…my favorite super craft store in the world! Stuff is amazingly cheap, and they have an awesome variety!

  7. I think the previous commenters have covered almost everything wonderful about our beautiful city. A couple I would add are:
    1. The National Aviary which is near the Carnegie Science Center so you could probably do them both in the same day. Here's the link.
    2. The other really fun thing for kids is Baldinger's (an old fashioned candy store) just past Cranberry in Zelienople. It's one of my 8 year old daughter's favorite places to go and it's fun for the adults too. I just did a blog entry on our last visit a couple of Saturday's ago. You can check it out here.

  8. I need to bookmark this!
    We are going there in May and the suggestions are wonderful!
    Thank You

  9. Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil says:

    Oooo, have fun! That sounds like a treat! I'll miss you though. How long will you be gone?

  10. Oh my heart just skipped a beat. I'm from the general PGH area and I went to college in the city (at Duquesne) but now I only get back a few times a year to visit. Boo! Anyway, have you been there yet? What part of the city does your brother live in?
    1. Well, let's see, as any Pittsburgh girl would say, sporting events are my favorite but it's the wrong time of the year for Pirates and Steelers games. You could see if the Pens are in town. That goes for Kennywood too, not open for a few months.
    2. The Carnegie Science Center (on the North Shore) is AWESOME! I went there all the time as a kid and went a few years ago as an adult. Definitely a must.
    3. While you're on the North Shore, the Andy Warhol Museum and the Children's Museum are close by so it would be convenient. Also, take a stroll on the riverwalk right in front of the science center. It goes right past the stadiums and has a great view.
    4. If you go over to the South Side, take the Duquesne incline up the hill to Mt. Washington. It's one of the few inclines left in the country and the view is amazing. Your kids would love it!
    5. This one is a little silly but if you pass any of the restaurants called Eat'n Park, you have to stop and grab smiley face cookies for the kids. The place itself is just like a 24 breakfast joint, but the chain has a patent on these smiley cookies, and they are super yummy.
    6. Speaking of food, if you're in the Burgh, you should try Primanti's. Legendary. (They are all over the place, and the original one is in the Strip District!)
    7. If you're there on a Saturday morning, you can go to the Strip district (in the city). Go in the morning or early afternoon and all these vendors set up shop. You can get awesome authentic food…some of the best Italian canoli and breads I've ever had, along with other goods. If you want to see 'real' Pittsburgh, that would be the place.
    8. If you want some fun adult shopping time, hit Walnut Street in Shadyside. It's a trendy little area with great shops.

    Lol so any of those sound good? Email me if you have any questions!! Have a great time and we want to see pictures! :)

  11. Phipps Conservatory is my favorite place in Pittsburgh and kids love it too. I take my boy there a couple times a week. The Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History is right next to it (like seriously one block away) and kids love it there too. The Duquesne incline is also a lot of fun.

  12. I live in Pittsburgh, but I'm still pretty new to this city. BUT I have a friend who knows this city really well. I'll send her an email, and see if she can stop by here and leave a few tips.

  13. tiffany and darren says:

    Lanie Ree is too cute. I got the email and I am happy to answer your question. I LOVE this city with all my heart. We have lived here for a couple years and there is always something to do. I agree with all the comments on places to go. My top spots are 1. Phipps Conservatory. The Strip District and you have to go to Pamelas for breakfast while you are there 3. Falling Water. The house is a little of a drive, but not much and sooo worth it. 4. The incline from Station Square up to Mt. Washington. The most beautiful view you will ever see, day or night. 5. Pirates game. Depending on what time of year you are here 6. Penguins game, by far my favorite sporting event I have ever gone to, again depending on the time of year you are here. 7. Green Mango is my favorite restaurant, it's thai and oh, so good, just don't get their pad thai, sadly not the best. 8. if you're a shopper, get ready because there isn't any sales tax on clothing, it's so great. My favorite place to shop is H&M and there are a few around the city.
    I am probably forgetting something, but that is what I would recommend. I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do!

  14. I'm from Pgh. too and Primanti's is ok. Not my taste at all. The dirty "O" in Oakland is the place to go for a hot dog and great fries. Lawrenceville has had a sort of resurgence as a hip place to be in the city. If it's cold, there's an ice rink at PPG place downtown. Some of it depends on what part of the city you're staying in. I really love visiting the Strip district on Saturday mornings. The Carnegie museum has an amazing dinosaur exhibit – we were just there with our kids and they LOVED the dinosaurs, Egyptian artifacts, and modern art at the Carnegie.
    If you haven't had a ride on the Incline, it IS a beautiful way to see the city.

    The shopping is pretty good. I know that there's an Anthropologie in the Galleria (Mt. Lebanon – Bethel Park area).

  15. Kristine Robinson says:

    Never been there, but I am a food network/travel channel dork. This is a place that I would love to go to – Primanti's. I think Brian and the kids DEFINITELY have to go there for me!! Here is a link on youtube to the food they serve. Delicious. Hope they have a blast! And I will miss your two DARLING kids while they are gone! And I will also be whined at for a week about how your boy got to go on an airplane and how my son is the only one of his friends that has never got to fly anywhere! He has such a sad life, right?

  16. Definitely the Incline. Since Western PA is up to its eyeballs in snow, I doubt anything outdoors is possible. If you were going in April, I would say the zoo and aquarium and Kennywood Amusement Park.

    There are lots of things to do in Pittsburgh, so hopefully you'll find some fun stuff, weather notwithstanding. Maybe the Penguins are going to be in town if you like hockey.

    And for the thrifty ba, it is Duquesne. Pronounce DU-KANE.

  17. I love Pitt even though I've only visited twice. Be sure to take a camera as their are some breathtaking views. Take the incline (which is a little silly but hey, you have to do it once!) and while you are at the top, walk around finding great photography shots!

  18. Have breakfast at Pamela's in the Strip District on Saturday morning!

  19. We have such a great city! I second, third, eighteenth riding the incline. We spent a "day in the city" this summer and my boys just loved that!

    Definitely go to the strip- just be aware that if we've got snow, parking will be somewhat of an issue/headache. Pamela's is a fun place!

    I feel like I heard that the Wizard of Oz might be here next week… might want to look into that! How about a tour of Heinz Field (if your kids/hubby are sports buffs) where the Steelers play.

    I'm a big fan of SouthSide Works- great restaurants and my parents have a store there! Buon Sapore- beautiful Italian ceramics and so much more!

    If you're staying in the city, I recommend eating at Sonoma or Seviche in the Cultural district. Wonderful!

    Have fun and come back when it's warmer!

    ps if your kids are young you must go to the Children's Museum. OUR FAVE place to hang out!

  20. LOVE this blog and bookmarked the P’burgh suggestions as I am going there in a few weeks with my 13 yr. old. Thank you SO much!!

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