Giveaway: Ruffled Camera Strap


Did you miss out when I gave this strap away?


Don’t want to make your own?

Want another chance to win one?

You’re in luck!

I’m giving one away to a random follower. (I’m going to do something super scientific like click “refresh” 5 times and then pick the follower in the middle of the bottom row.)

If you’re not a follower yet, I’m giving you until Tuesday night at midnight MST to become one.

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(Open to US residents only)

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  1. SewSweetStitches says:

    Reeeally hoping science is on my side come Tuesday- I luuuurve me some ruffles!

  2. Liz @ LivingMySweetLife says:

    I've been dying to make a camera strap but I would much rather one of yours since my sewing is still a shaky! fingers crossed!

  3. I want to make one, but don't have the hardware – my camera has a much narrower band. I love that fabric@!

  4. Jennifer says:

    oooh I would love this!! Come on, science!

  5. connorandmaddiesmom says:

    ADORABLE! keeping my fingers crossed

  6. MiddleMelansons says:

    I LOVE THIS! i was just talking to my husband about how i would love to have a really nice strap for my camera. The old nikon black and yellow one is kinda old!!!
    praying for a win ;)

  7. Calamity Anne says:

    I ♥ these camera straps…my camera would become super cool sporting one of these straps! Count me in!

  8. I went on and on and on over your ruffle camera strap! Just love it….maybe if I will it will inspire my hubby to buy me a camera to go with it???? LOL!

  9. byLGD Glass Jewelry says:

    this is SO cute!!! i love it! thank goodness i'm a follower. i might have a chance! :) if not, where can i get one!?

  10. Sew Fun! says:

    you are so sweet! i ♥ this camera strap. thanks so much for another chance to win one!

  11. A.Rhodes says:

    I love this strap, hoping luck is on my side!

  12. Stephanie Rose says:

    I love all of your straps in your shop!

  13. Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil says:

    When you say something like "wouldn't you like to make one yourself" I feel like you are taunting me with your superior skillz.

  14. Homemade Diva says:

    so cute!!!

  15. Heidi@TheCraftMonkey says:


  16. Yea Hope I win!

  17. mommy2luke2008 says:

    I hope luck is on my side!!!! Love that strap!!

  18. Tiffany says:

    LOVE the strap!!!

  19. Tiffany says:

    LOVE the strap!!!

  20. Tiffany says:

    LOVE the strap!!!

  21. Tiffany says:

    LOVE the strap!!!

  22. Tiffany says:

    LOVE the strap!!!

  23. Heather Bug says:

    I LOVE it and it would go perfect with my Nikon D50!!

  24. PB∧Janelle-e says:

    I want it for my Mama!! :)

  25. Diane {} says:

    I'm a follower and would love this strap!

    I thought the google friends stayed in order…but that the ones with no photos just went to the end, I didn't know they could shuffle.

  26. Jennifer says:

    Ohhh I hope I win this time!! I really need one of these!!

  27. Chellie says:

    Oooh. I hope I win. I just became a follower and just got a new camera!

  28. Suzie Button says:

    I really NEED this cute camera strap so I'll hope your Dorothy clicking fingers will click to my name! Suzie P.S. Of course I'm a follower!

  29. okay so my husband is literally buying us a new camera right now. NO JOKE! I was just telling him about your cute strap cover. So I think it's fate if I win.

    coryavonlady at yahoo dot com

  30. i will win this time i can feel it! :)

  31. jsangel says:

    Great giveaway! Love your picking plan :) I'm totally changing my wardrobe to match the camera strap if I win :D Oh darn.. that would be awful! ;) Thanks for the fun.

  32. Just bought a sweet Nikon with tax refund. So, a adorable Camera strap would be FABULOUS!!

  33. Awesome, fingers crossed!!!

  34. YAY!!!!! I'm still too lazy to make one :)

  35. Theresa C. Eldridge says:

    you are awesome, fingers crossed, i hope i win!!

  36. Hooray for super cute and practical stuff! I'm sending you a vibe: "Pick me . . . pick me . . . pick me . . .". Well even if I don't win, I still love your blog :)

  37. bellafish says:

    US Residents only :-(
    Looks like I will have to get off my arse and make my own…

  38. I didn't win last time so I'll throw my plea to pick me in there!

  39. I've been drooling over this ever since I first saw it. I would use this camera strap ALL THE TIME if I had it. Mine is just so plain and boring.

  40. Jason & Kelli West says:

    i have my figers crossed, and hope to see my name! i would love to see ruffles around my neck while taking pictures!!

  41. Jason & Kelli West says:

    i have my figers crossed, and hope to see my name! i would love to see ruffles around my neck while taking pictures!!

  42. I owuld love to be a lucky winner for your camera strap! Thanks so much for doing this again!

  43. {Jodie} says:

    I'm in that number: didn't make one/didn't win one. I hope this is my lucky week! :)

  44. I think this camera strap is the cutest one I've seen! I would absolutely love to have one! I might have to break down and make one if I don't win :)

  45. Kristin says:

    I love the camera straps and have been wanting one! Love them!!!!

  46. I love the strap! I'm a follower!

  47. I'm a follower!!!! I wAnt it so badddd!

  48. I love to take pictures…and would love to have a camera strap make-over ;-)

  49. Fingers crossed…

  50. Nick and Kandi says:

    I would love one of these adorable straps! And so would my Canon! I just became a follower so my fingers are crossed!

  51. 2Ksmommy says:

    just got introduced to your blog, and I love it already! just became a follower!

  52. me me! I need a new pretty girly strap!!

  53. I love your creative ideas!!!! I have been trying make my own things and end up referring back to your stuff! This camera strap would be so fun to show off and tell people about you! Thanks for your fun inspirations!

  54. I'm a follower! I'd love so I don't have to sew my fingers together in attempt to make it myself :) Thanks!

  55. AddingOn says:

    I clicked the follow button, been following for a long time but now I guess it's official!!
    I would love the camera strap for my camera!!

  56. amber_0501 says:

    Just found your blog by, well now I can't remember. But it was by accident, and I'm loving it! Just started sewing and you have some really neat projects. I've actually been making tie onesies, their so neat!

  57. Love, love, love that camera strap!! I hope I win!

  58. i love this camera strap sooooo much!
    i had to make a blogspot account specifically to enter this (since i didn't have one before)

  59. Pepple Family says:

    DH just got me a Nikon camera for Christmas. It would look super sweet with this strap.

  60. A. Simpson says:

    Man- this fabric rocks-I now follow!
    lyn170 at yahoo dot com

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