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Who had the best idea for a co-ed birthday party craft? Who now can do a victory dance? Why, it’s Jen over at One Project a Day…!
Don’t worry, many of you were really close behind!
Hi, I’m Lindsey and I am a blog-aholic. I am pretty much obsessed with reading, book-marking, and following every single craft blog link I can find. (Can I get an Amen!?) I have a for-fun blog called (pink) elephant in my pocket, where I take the crafts I make from others’ ideas and tutorials and post pictures of my finished projects… along with the links that the idea originated from. I also post about my relationship with my best friend, I brag on my 2 beautiful babies, and I stand on my soap-box every now and again.
I really loved a lot of ideas, but had to consider – if an idea: 1) had to be accomplished outside, with windows opened, or during daylight, 2) needed power-tools, 3) or involved purchasing more than $20 of supplies… I just couldn’t swing it.
The second place runner up was the simple, but sure-to-please, magazine magnet phrases (Hi Adrianna! Yes, that’s you! I bought the supplies for a future gathering! Can’t wait!).
For the guys in our group, I figured it was best to stay with the simplest and least fru-fru idea… and believe it or not, I still got some groans!!! (One from my hubby – WHO GOT SMACKED afterwards!) So be prepared, if you want to try this in the future – boys will be boys – and will find a reason to… well, you know.
The winning idea is an art form that mimics Terry Border’s clever and pretty much AMAZING Bent Objects.
We had each couple bring random things from their homes
with no idea of what was to come. When they arrived
ready for the surprise of the evening, I dumped
contents on the floor including wire and
props. I also printed a few of Borders’
magnificent pieces of art as
examples. After everyone
finished giggling, we
all set to work to
create our own
bent objects!
It was pretty much pure awesomeness how clever some of the ideas were! Check them out…

here are the fantastic creators and some of my very best friends…
and here is the lovely birthday girl herself (hi em! don’t shoot me!)…

thank YOU crap i’ve made and crap-py readers for helping me out!

thank YOU Jen for your fabulous submission!! i hope you enjoy that camera strap!

and thank YOU Terry Border for your brilliant artwork! we had so much fun pretending we were half as clever as you are! (All you readers out there, do take a second to visit Terry’s site, look at his work, and maybe even pick up a copy of his book. Make sure you look really close because a lot his images contain some pretty funny, not-entirely-obvious messages.)

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  1. crafterhours says:

    Wow, thanks for the shout-out! Just want to mention that although I'd love to take credit, that Crafterhours idea came from Susan, not me (Adrianna). We're co-blog-authors.

  2. So Excited!!! I can finally take the camera strap off of my to-do list! Thank you! Now I have to try out the bent objects project myself!

  3. Angie Migliori says:

    Lindsey, way to go, for throwing a smashing party. Like I said before, guys will always whine about crafts but deap down I know they enjoy them. Also, way to go getting on Crap I've Made. I feel like you are famous now. ;)

  4. Some impressive work! Bravo!

    And thanks for the links and nice words from here at Crap I've Made. Much appreciated!

  5. Terra the Reuser says:

    Wow, you guys made some cool stuff! My favorite is the dum dum drunk driving message. Awesome!

  6. OMG – the bean! The bean is AWESOME! I want that as a print to hang on my wall. I don't know which wall, but the desire is there. Too cute.

    (I don't even LIKE beans!)

  7. Appleseed Gifts says:

    Hehe! Love the Dum Dum one…

    Just wanted to let you and your readers know about the Appleseed St. Patty's 20% off sale! Check it out! Talk to you soon!

    (click on the clover for details)

  8. So Excited!!! I can finally take the camera strap off of my to-do list! Thank you! Now I have to try out the bent objects project myself!
    bookmarking demon

  9. crafterhours says:

    A) I'm very happy you like my idea.
    B) You can give A credit for it, that's cool. I like her.
    C) The winning idea is pretty awesome. :)

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