The one where I have no shame

I got this email from The Lean Remodeler about a contest she’s having with Wilsonart International. You can go here to enter for yourself. HURRY, though, because it ends TODAY.

My basement family/theater room is a disaster. I probably should have picked up before taking these pics, but I figured the worse it looked, the better my chances. No one call Niecy Nash on me, please.

You see…I never go down there. I don’t really like movies. And, it’s cold. Plus, the mess. OH THE MESS!

Exhibit A:

In theory the DVD storage case was a good idea. Same with the IKEA tins up top. In reality? Not so much. And why must BC “store” his exercise ball there?

Exhibit B:

That popcorn machine? Never been used. I’m afraid I’ll start a fire. And the stack of crap on top? Art that I bought and never hung. There are 3 frames in the garage, too. The massage chair (although comfy) is a nightmare. And there’s the exercise ball again. See the stack of blankets and pillows behind the chair? Told you it’s cold down there.

Exhibit C:

See that Rock Band paraphernalia? I want to chuck all of it. And apparently no one that lives here actually knows how to shut a recliner. I don’t enjoy the wall speakers just out weird like that either.

Exhibit D:

Aside from the stray toy, our speakers and electronics are a mess…cords everywhere. And that base unit has been pulled out at an angle like that for at least 6 months. Lovely, ey?

Exhibit E:

The wires! OH THE WIRES!

Please, Lean Remodeler and the nice people at Wilsonart International…HELP!

I just want a spot where we can spend time together and not trip over things and maybe have some snacks! Is that too much to ask?

Told you I have no shame.

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  1. Jenn Murray says:

    I do love me some Niecy.

  2. Katie Bishop says:

    I have that same popcorn machine and we use it all the time. Never started a fire yet and makes the best popcorn ever!

  3. I love your reason for not using the popcorn machine and having a family like yours, also have the random stuff and organizers that do not actually organize. Good luck!

  4. The OCD in me is cringing at that DVD case. Can I come over and sort them for you? PLease. I'll be quiet while I do it.

  5. ROFL!! I love it! I'd still the exercise ball for you, but it adds so much, um, color to the decor! :P And I have the same ocd about movies. Mine are alpha order by genre. :P Just don't check out the jumble of toys on the floor next to the case. :D

  6. Me and Madeline says:

    Everybody has a room like that. Or maybe it's just me and you.

    Also, love the friends tribute in your post title.

  7. Mama Thompson says:

    Oh girl…I feel your pain on that wire situation…drives me MAD.

  8. I've got an answer to your DVD problem…J can help BC put them all onto a computer media something-or-other. Then you just use the remote and choose the movies via the tv screen. No more DVD boxes or discs! It's changed my life. No, really. It has. He can probably help w/all the wires, too. Come to think of it, maybe I SHOULD just have him come out to Utah with me…he can spend the weekend doing nerd things with BC whilst we have fun doing cool stuff.

  9. Kristine Robinson says:

    I love you, Char!

    Let me know what you end up doing – I have a very similar situation. Yikes! I, too, rarely visit the basement. Out of sight, out of mind.

  10. Hmmmmm, seems to me like we have WAY more in common than crafting… collecting crap we don't use! Good luck in the contest! (But, I still hope I win :)

  11. cynthia says:

    i rarely watch movies either. we have a room with no windows that is supposed to be a theatre room. yea, well guess who is going to add windows as soon as she has the dinero? movie rooms stink.

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