I really need to take a minute to thank all of you that commented and emailed me about my sweet Campbell and his SPD.

I’m reading and responding as I get the chance.  It’s slow going, though.  Just know that I appreciate it all greatly.

Although I was a little angry in my last post (that fabric store incident set me off, LOL!), I’m really OK with everything.  Finally having a name for it isn’t going to change my day to day life.  I’m insanely blessed and I recognize that every day.  Seriously…have you seen my kids?  Practically perfect.  ;)

And now the part where I ramble/answer some of the questions I got the most:

We HAVE seen a developmental pediatrician (not covered by insurance..yay).  She’s the one that gave us a referral for the OT evaluation.

We HAVE contacted the school district.  They said that since it’s not a speech issue, they can’t help.  Once we meet with the psychologist (in another month…he was booked like 3 months out, also not covered by insurance) and everything’s “official”, we’ll revisit that situation.

We HAVE had an OT evaluation.  They say he needs therapy, but they don’t have any openings.  After they get insurance approval, or maybe *if* they get insurance approval, we’ll go on a wait list.  The wait is generally in the 2 month range.

We DO have an appointment scheduled with a psychologist.  I guess that’s the standard procedure?  They also suspect anxiety (which given who his  mother and father are, I’d say “DUH!”).

He currently attends 3 year old preschool and does well (in fact, his teacher called me to tell me how fabulous he was in class).  He just loses it when he gets home.  The 2 hours of keeping it together is hard on him.

I’m wading through The Out of Sync Child, but it’s not keeping my attention, LOL!  And, let’s face it….there are A LOT of distractions around  here.

Anyway, thanks.  I appreciate all of you.

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  1. Hey you, I was at women's conference for two days so I missed all of your posts. Question: was that idiot woman at the fabric store over at Hancock? If so, I snapped at her one day because of her shenanigans.

  2. Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years says:

    My dear friend's son has SID too and I've seen her struggles and tried to help as much as I can.

    Know that I will say a prayer for your family, as I do for my friend.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. kirsten says:

    oh, good – I was meaning to go back and recommend the out of sync child – and it's partner 'the out of sync child has fun'.

    i'm going to have to email you. so much to say about OT, school help, etc.

  4. I'm not sure about your state, but most school districts have an OT who serves the children in that district, whether they are school age or preschool. I am an SLP who does both early intervention and early childhood speech for the state and a local school district, and our OT sees the children in the preschool program. I'd recommend finding out if they are indeed required to serve him. Most states have districts start serving the kids at age 3 who reside in their district, regardless of whether they go to public or private school.

  5. Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches says:

    When I've talked to a psychologist about this, I wasn't entirely pleased with the results. Just warning you :) There were a lot of light-bulb moments, but she also had "ideas" of how to "help" that I found remarkably… stupid, for lack of a better word. Mostly, I found her information very valuable to me to be able to integrate in my own way that I knew would be best for my child. Let's face it, she could study all she wanted, but she had no children. I don't know if it's fair to say that you don't really know something until you live it? We have to be able to integrate "theories" into real life.

    I'm a rambler, sorry!

  6. the Gardners says:

    I just sent you an email, but I guess I didn't catch all of this post! As far as the Out of Sync Child goes, I think wading through it is the only way to go. Just read the first few pages and decide which area(s) your child fall under the strongest and find some activities there.

    My son does the same freak out after preschool sometimes. I will do the burrito on him sometimes and that helps. And for him, a ball pit really seems to help at school, but we don't have one at home. I'm a little embarrased to admit this, but I will put him in a laundry basket and then pour all his little toys on him and cover his body up (legos, blocks, little men/people, etc) and maybe apply very little pressure to the pile if he wants it. (And just to note, I don't cover his head with the toys!) It seems to have the same affect on him as the ball pit at school and seems to help him organize and calm down. Crazy, right?!?! He will even ask for it sometimes!

    Also, when out in public (when my son seems to not be able to control himself the most) deep pressure seems to help him keep it together a little better. Just big hugs and squeezes. Some kids hate it and others crave it! I've found even just squeezing his hand helps at times.

    Keep us posted!

  7. Michelley! says:

    random story:

    i'm an OT student in TX, and we have a major end-of-the-year project due soon. i was researching pediatric group activities and stumbled upon an awesome website with TONS of great resources for SPD!
    immediately i thought of you and your son, and thought i'd pass the goodness your way!

    she has lots of activities, information, resources, etc.
    it is very thorough.

    keep us updated! hopefully the therapy will become available!

    God bless!

  8. marisa says:

    2 of our children have SID and one of them is also high functioning autistic. They had speech delays and well and that is why they have OT through school. Unfortunately OT is not a stand alone service here in CA. I know how you feel and believe me when you get a sensory diet for him and figure out his needs, it will ease up and he will be getting what he needs.

    The book you are reading is a very good book and so are support groups to help your family.

    Everyone tells us how our 9 year old seems so "normal". But what they don't realize is how hard it is for him to be "normal" in school and hold it together. At home they can be themselves and he feels safe. Our ped. said it's typical of SID kids.

    Hang in there! You are your son's advocate and his voice!

  9. Sounds like you are on top of it Char! Out of Sync Child has some great info, yes, but I found a lot fo it didn't pertain to my children. Of course with sensroy issues the causes and symptoms are boundless, every child is SO different, so that's par for the course. We did brushing and compressions, don't know if you've been introduced to that yet or not, but they seemed to be really effective with immediate results for calming and overstimulated child. (((hugs))) Always here for you!

  10. Brandy says:

    I've been a lurker of your blog for a long time. I wish you strength for the road ahead.

  11. JessieMomma says:

    My heart is swelling for you.I have been a blog-stalker of yours for several weeks and your upbeat, yet down to earth writing style makes me smile and believe I can do it all too! I know this has got to be a substantial trial of faith and confidence, but I want you to know that my prayers are with you and your family. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get a glimpse into your life, and for letting us support you with our thoughts. God bless you – you are amazing to me!

  12. dawgyah says:

    Oh boy, my son is 20 and I survived it…so far. You have a tough road ahead but just remember to be supportive and get support for yourself. As mine got older he dealt with anxiety and depression as he realized he was different and often felt overwhelmed and out of control. It is a long, tough, frustrating road. Try different things, all kids are different and what works for one will not work for others. Learn to choose your battles very carefully. I quickly learned to let some of the little things go…their stress level is so high as it is. Good luck….you are not alone.

  13. SongbirdSisters says:

    Both of my kids are in this boat as well. Specifically Auditory Processing Disorder and ADHD. We are fortunate to be in an ESD where they do a lot of early intervention and that helps. I would say keep pushing at the school district to get help! I'd also like to echo the comment about picking battles and just keep working at it until you find something that helps. Take care!

  14. Hey Char – I know I'm kinda late on this. But, I just wanted to give you virtual hugs and say: I have another friend that I know through a scrapbooking website who has a son with similar issues. I've asked her for some reading recommendations, and when I hear back from her, I'll send you an e-mail.

    Hang in there! Anyone with half a brain would be able to see what an amazing mom you are! :)

  15. trashywriter says:

    foprgive me if you've already heard this advice, I didnt read all of the comments and I was given a copy of the out of sync child and nvr could read it either. My dau was finally diagnosed w/aspergers, anxiety disorder at 10 after yrs of teachers knowing what was wrong, therapists as well but their hands were tied as far as doing beyond what the district allowed them. A 2nd psych eval was the ticket and that came about after I wrote the dr who was to perform the tests, telling him about my dau and what she needed.

    dont give up but know that schools have prescribed manners of doing stuff, protocol to follow that is unfortunately too paper oriented. when kate was finally accepted on an Ed plan instead of a 504, the whole room applauded including the gal from Sped who's hands were tied too. talk to a neuro psych thru your nearest childrens hosp about an eval and see if they cant give a more precise diagnosis. good luck!

  16. Kristine Robinson says:

    Love you and love Campbell and he is welcome to melt down at my house anytime – if you need a minute of solitude.

  17. bluekaeru says:

    Best of luck on your journey. Pack lots of good snacks because it will be a long one. Your son sounds a lot like my son. He's now in 3rd grade and we are revisiting all of the evaluations (yep, out of pocket as well- love insurance) because things that were once working are no longer working (at school, I could handle it when it was at home). It is a journey, but he's worth it.

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