(at least ‘round these parts)

So, remember this sweet little quilt I made?


Remember how I said the nice folks at AccuQuilt sent me a GO! Cutter to try out? Were you a *little* jealous?

Get over it, because now is your chance to win one of your very own! That’s right…a retail value of over $500!

Here’s what you can win, courtesy of AccuQuilt:

1 GO! Cutter (includes die that cuts 2.5” and 4.5” squares as well as 2” finished size triangles)


1 2.5” strip cutter (this sucker is AWESOME for cutting your binding strips)

2 other GO! Cutter dies of your choice

How do you enter?

I’m keeping it simple! Head on over to the AccuQuilt site and take a look at the dies (located here). Decide which 2 you’d pick. Come back to this post and leave one comment for each. For example, you’d comment once saying GO! Critters and then once more saying GO! Drunkard’s Path. That’s 2 entries per person.

Tell everyone you know! If they win, you can borrow it….right?

Giveaway will close Friday night at midnight MST.

In the mean time, stay tuned this week for a project courtesy of my GO! Tumbler die. And, it’s not a quilt!


FTC Disclosure. AccuQuilt provided me with a free GO! Cutter and dies. I received no monetary compensation. They are providing the GO! Cutter and dies to the winner of this giveaway.

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  1. Mikelle says:

    Go Critters

  2. Mikelle says:

    I love love love the Go Flowers too–they are all great!

  3. Carley, John, Cohen, kennedy says:

    Go! Critters

  4. Carley, John, Cohen, kennedy says:

    Go! Rose of Sharon

  5. Kara@ Creations by Kara says:

    What a totally awesome giveaway!! I think first off I would pick the Go! Circle dies. I make tons of yo-yo flowers, and they would make it sooo much easier!

  6. The Mommy Teacher says:

    I would pick go arabesque!

  7. Go, funky flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The Mommy Teacher says:

    I would pick Go! Circle 2" 3" & 5" Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  9. Go, Circle dies would be wonderful as well!

  10. Kara@ Creations by Kara says:

    Second choice- GO! Rag Square-8 1/2".

  11. Go! Critters

  12. Go! Funky flowers

  13. Go! Holiday Medley

  14. Corrine says:

    Go! Funky Flowers!

  15. Michelle says:

    I love the Go!Funky Flowers!

  16. Corrine says:

    GO! Star is so cute!

  17. Michelle says:

    And I would love to have the Go!Circle-2",3",&5"!

  18. Go! Alpha Baby

  19. Go! Baby baby

  20. go star!

  21. go funky flowers

  22. GO! Drunkard's Path … love love love this one!!

  23. GO! Blazing Star … gorgeous die cut …

  24. Heidi Dryden says:

    Go! Critters

  25. Go baby go

  26. Heidi Dryden says:

    Go! Round Flower

  27. Kathryn says:

    I love the GO! Critters set.

  28. Christie says:

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway!

    Go! Critters is my #1 choice.

  29. Go! Alpha Baby

  30. Christie says:

    Go! Round Flower is my #2. Awesome.

  31. Kathryn says:

    I also love the GO! Rose of Sharon set.

  32. Just Me says:

    Go Critters

  33. Just Me says:

    Go Funky Flowers

  34. Lea-Ann says:

    Go circles! Great giveaway!

  35. Lea-Ann says:

    Go fall medley!!! oodles of great stuff on their site!

  36. Mel O'Drama says:

    go! star

  37. go rag

  38. leannewitney says:

    GO! Die set Vol. 2

  39. GO! Blazing Star.

    what an awesome giveaway!

  40. leannewitney says:

    GO! Funky flowers

  41. GO! Circle-2", 3", 5"

    cause i'm boring like that. ;)

  42. Mel O'Drama says:

    go! hexagon

    this is THE BEST giveaway EVER!! thanks for the opportunity!

  43. I'm feeling simple here saying the go circles! I love simple!

  44. Toni @ That's Beeutiful says:

    Go! Funky Flowers

  45. I also love Go Triangles! :)

  46. Go! Circles

  47. This is awesome! Go Circles

  48. Laurie~Downriver Primitives says:

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

    My 1st choice is the GO! critters!

  49. Go Hearts!

  50. Vintage Creations says:

    I love a ton of them.. my 1st fav is def the circle cutter die.. i would use and abuse that thing for just the circles! :))))

    Heather @

  51. Go! Funky Flowers

  52. Laurie~Downriver Primitives says:

    2nd choice is GO! Alpha Baby.

  53. Hannah LaRue says:

    Go! Circle

  54. Hannah LaRue says:

    Go! Drunkard's Path

  55. Go! Circles

  56. Vintage Creations says:

    My second choice would be the GO! Alpha baby! :) I would love using that for monograms! :)))

    Great giveaway!
    Heather @

  57. Go! Round Flowers

    [email protected]

  58. Great giveaway!!! My first pick would be GO! Circle (2, 3, 5")

    [email protected]

  59. Rosalie says:

    Go! circles

  60. Go Funky Flowers – gotta have that one for my girls!

  61. Rosalie says:

    Go! Tumblers

  62. Second choice would be GO! Stars (2, 3, 5"). Boring yes, but would make my life sooo much easier!

    [email protected]

  63. Hi! Funky flowers Please!

  64. deserae says:

    I would love to have the GO! Hexagon-2", 3", 5"!

  65. go tumblers

  66. Love the GO! Chisel

  67. Also love the GO! Strip border–any size!

  68. GO! Lullaby

  69. go cricle

  70. deserae says:

    I would love to have the Star #1 (Jumbo)!

  71. GO! Funky Flowers

  72. Natalie says:

    OOo this is awesome.
    I love the GO!Hexagon

  73. Go! Critters

  74. Scrap'N'Play says:

    Go critters! They are so cute lol

  75. and Go! Funky Flowers

  76. 1st choice: GO! Applique Today Die Set
    Love that die cut alpha!

  77. Natalie says:

    I love the GO!Round Flower too. So fun!

  78. Families Are Like Fudge says:

    Go! Critters in applique

  79. I would love the GO Critters.

  80. Laura Major (Learning Is Child's Play) says:

    GO! Baby, Baby for me!

  81. I'd love the Apple Core!

  82. WOW. I will pick GO! Baby Baby.

  83. And GO Round Flower. Thanks for chance to win!

  84. Families Are Like Fudge says:

    Go! Holiday Medley in applique

  85. Scrap'N'Play says:

    Go Applique today set.

  86. You have know idea how handy the GO! Rag Square-8 1/2" would be… No idea… :)

  87. Melissa says:

    Go! Baby

  88. Laura Major (Learning Is Child's Play) says:

    and my second choice would be the GO! Circle-2", 3", 5" for making Yo-Yos!!

  89. as my last name means NUT Tree in german, and im a sucker for fall looks, id chose:

    GO! Fall Medley

  90. Melissa says:

    GO! Circles! **Fingers Crossed**

  91. Go! Funky Flowers!

  92. Holy crapola. I'd have me a good old fashioned heart attack if I got to play with one of these!
    Pick one:
    Go! Critters.

  93. Ohhh and GO! Critters!

  94. GO! critters

  95. Go Diamonds, so I can fulfill my dream of doing a Lone Star quilt!

  96. miranda says:

    I love the Go! Critters

  97. Pick one:
    Go! Circles 2", 3", 5". I'm a circle cutting failure. :)

  98. 2nd choice: GO! Arabesque #2
    Thanks for the chance to win such a great product!

  99. For choice number 2… it was a tough one… I want them ALL! But I'd totally settle for GO! Funky Flowers. ADORABLE!

  100. miranda says:

    I also love the Go! Baby

  101. I could use those strip cutters! Those would save this rookie so much time squaring off my edges.

  102. Sims Family says:

    Go! Rose of Sharon

  103. Go! Hexagons

  104. The Staker Family says:

    Go! Round Flower!

  105. Go! Tumblers

  106. GO! Rag squares

  107. GO! Apple Core

  108. Sims Family says:

    Go! Funky Flowers

    Thanks for this fun Giveaway! Wow!

  109. Im a sucker for easy triangles…

    GO! Quarter Square-4" Finished Triangle

  110. GO! Circle- I HATE cutting circles!

  111. Go! Funky Flowers

  112. Go! Critters! It's so cute!

  113. The Staker Family says:

    Go! Critters!

  114. GO! Rag..oh how much easier my sewing would be!

  115. GO! Strip cutter :)

  116. Its gotta be Go! Funky Flowers………

  117. I would pick the 2.5” strip cutter. I'd love that!

  118. GO! Critters

  119. GO! Cutter!!

  120. …….and Go! Applique Today Die Set!!

  121. Jerilee E. says:

    Go! Critters- so cute!

  122. Jerilee E. says:

    Go! Funky Flowers… I have lots of girls :).

  123. Amanda Joy says:

    Go! rag 8 1/2

  124. Lexie & Jeff says:

    Go! Circles! Imagine the possibilities!

  125. Lexie & Jeff says:

    Go! Circles! Imagine the possibilities!

  126. Paige Marie says:

    Go Double Wedding Ring #2 (5-Die Set) — Oh.. I would love to have that!! I might actually make a double wedding rign quilt!!

  127. Homemade Diva says:

    Oh. My. God! I've been making rag quilts like crazy and they have a die for that! It even cuts the ends so they'll fray!! Hallelujah!!

    GO! Raq Square 5 1/4" all the way!!!

  128. Paige Marie says:

    GO Rob Peter to Pay Paul (2-Die Set) (Jumbo)

  129. Amanda Joy says:

    The other one I would love is the circle or drunkard's path dies. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  130. Crafty Batches says:

    GO! Geometrics! ~Sam

  131. Go! Alpha Bay

  132. Go! Rose of Sharon

  133. Go! Funky Flowers

  134. Back Porch Blessings says:

    Go!Critters. This is awesome!

  135. Crafty Batches says:

    GO! Critters! Thank you!!! ~Sam

  136. Back Porch Blessings says:

    Go!Alpha baby. Thanks for this giveaway and introducing us to such a wonderfull site.

  137. Go Baby Go!

  138. And Go 4th of July set

  139. what an awesome giveaway!

    i love the:
    GO! Alpha Baby

    wendiwinn at wendiwinn dot com.

  140. -Veronica says:

    GO! Funky Flowers

    Bring on the Funk…

  141. Melissa says:

    Go! Alpha Baby
    misjinaz (at) gmail (dot) com

  142. McKenzie says:

    GO! Funky Flowers!

  143. McKenzie says:

    GO! Rose of Sharon


  144. Midwestern Gone Idahoan says:

    I also LOVE the Marshmallow 2" Lowercase Alphabet!! But I have a feeling that isn't one of them that are in the running to win:) But love me my ABC'S!!

    [email protected]

  145. liznitch says:

    Go!Critters – Need butterflies! Many much more butterflies!

  146. lovin' the:
    GO! Critters !

    thanks so much for a great giveaway!

    wendiwinn at wendiwinn dot com.

  147. -Veronica says:

    GO! Arabesque #2

    So cool…

  148. liznitch says:

    Go!Holiday Medley – Making a wedding quilt for our winter wedding this new year's and would LOVE the snowflake die. :)

  149. GO! Funky Flowers

  150. Señora H-B says:

    Go! Baby, Baby

  151. Señora H-B says:

    Go! Holiday Medley

  152. Just the basic circles would be a huge time saver!

  153. For the second one I can't decide between the hexagons and the circles!

  154. Brittany says:

    Go! Funky Flowers

  155. And the apple cores look fun!

  156. Brittany says:

    Go! Circles

  157. Haas & Co. says:

    GO! Quarter Square-4" Finished Triangle to make all of my little boys a quilt for Christmas.

  158. Haas & Co. says:

    GO! Quarter Square-4" Finished Triangle to make all of my little boys a quilt for Christmas.

  159. Go! Arabesque #3 is my favorite.

  160. mommieof4munchkins says:

    Funky Flowers

  161. I like the apple core too.

  162. Kim's Treasures says:

    GO! Half Square-4" Finished Triangle for me!

  163. Go! Squares!

  164. GO! Quarter Square-4" Finished Triangle

  165. Kim's Treasures says:

    Go circles, too!

  166. mommieof4munchkins says:

    And I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Go RAG! I would be tempted to buy one JUST for that. I have a rag quilt that isn't done because of the dang fringe :(

  167. Go! Round flower!

  168. The Wohlleb Family says:

    GO! Hexagon

    Oh lalala :)

  169. GO! Circle

  170. Deleted my first one, I got so excited that I read it too fast! I chose the 2 1/2" strip cutter but you already said we would get that if we win so I choose the 3 1/2" square cutter, I seem to cut a lot of those!

  171. GO! Baby GO! Die Set

  172. GO! Applique Today Die Set

  173. Go! Rectangle!

  174. Adventures in Petersonland says:

    such an awesome giveaway!
    i love the go! stars
    [email protected]

  175. The Wohlleb Family says:

    GO! Feathers

  176. Adventures in Petersonland says:

    i also love the go! rag squares! that would save me soooo much time…brillant idea.

  177. Go! Arabesque #2! OMG – If I win this…

  178. Go! Strip Cutter 3 1/2" – that would save me SO MUCH stinking time! Awesome :)

  179. Go! Rag Square-8-1/2"

  180. My second choice is the Go! Rose of Sharon! The scrapbookers have their Cricut and we quilters need our Go! Cutter!

  181. Haas & Co. says:

    GO! Strip Cutter-2 1/2" would be wonderful!

  182. Haas & Co. says:

    GO! Strip Cutter-2 1/2" would be wonderful!

  183. Go! Holiday Medley

  184. I would choose the GO! Flowers!

  185. Go! Round Flower

    (I feel like everyone is cheering for their favorite…Go! Fight! Win! ;) )

  186. Also the GO! Circles

  187. The Go! Hearts- 2" 3" 4"

  188. Go! Critters set

  189. Go! Funky Flowers….I love flowers!

  190. Awesome! I'd love the Go! Alpha Baby set.

  191. and the Go! Critters set.

  192. stephjacobson says:

    Go! Critters would be my first choice–too cute!

  193. Go! Holiday Medley…love that one, too!

  194. stephjacobson says:

    My second choice would be Go! Round Flower. What an awesome giveaway!

  195. Flowers #11

  196. BitnByAQuiltingBug says:

    Go! Tumblers!!!!

  197. Go! Funky flowers. Adorable and I love the skirt idea!

  198. Go! Critters. Adorable.

  199. BitnByAQuiltingBug says:

    Go! Funky Flowers! And…thanks for the opportunity to win the coolest thing out there!

  200. GO! Round Flower

  201. Amy Bates says:

    Go! Drunkard's Path….pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!!

  202. Woodruff Fam says:

    Go! Rose of Sharon!!! So cute!

  203. Woodruff Fam says:

    Go! Critters. These are great!!

  204. GO! Strip Cutters!

  205. the watson4 says:

    Go! Critters

  206. GO! Applique!

    thetottery at gmail dot com

  207. Love the Go! Fall Medley. Leaves are a pain to cut out!

  208. Amy Bates says:

    Go! Winding Ways 2!

  209. Go! Circle – I make yo yo's and how nice would it be to not have to hand cut all the circles!

  210. the watson4 says:

    Go! Circles

  211. ShellyStout says:

    GO! Critters!

  212. Also love the strip cutters. I would go (hehe) with the Go! Strip Cutter 2"

  213. ShellyStout says:

    Go! Appliques!

  214. Danny and Katherine says:

    GO! round flowers!!! what a great giveaway!

    [email protected]

  215. Go! Alpha Baby would be awesome! Oh the possibilities!

  216. Go Blazing Star!!!

  217. Danny and Katherine says:

    any of the GO! strip cutters. how easy is that?

    [email protected]

  218. jenmomtofour says:

    Go Critters

  219. Els Manning says:

    The holiday medly by Go! Love it!

  220. jenmomtofour says:

    Go Funky flowers

  221. Go 12" Finished Block Die Set!

  222. Els Manning says:

    Go strip cutter…for sure!

  223. Melissa C says:

    Go! Tumbler

  224. Melissa C says:

    Go! Drunkard's Path

  225. I think the Go! Funky Flowers would be my first choice.

  226. Lil' Miss Handy Pants says:

    I am all about charm squares so I would have to say five inch square. [email protected]

  227. Lil' Miss Handy Pants says:

    I also love a good rag quilt, so I would go for the rag 5 1/4 cutter. [email protected]

  228. Carla Hegeman Crim says:

    Go! Circles

  229. Carla Hegeman Crim says:

    Go! Critters

  230. Go! Critters would be my second choice.

  231. Go! Alpha Baby would be my first choice…

  232. christine says:

    Go! Star

  233. and the second would be Go! Circles 2", 3", 5"! great giveaway!!

  234. Go Funky Flowers!

  235. christine says:

    Go! Hexagon. I like em old school.

  236. Go! Funky Flowers!!

  237. Go! Critters!! So cute!!

  238. I love the Go! Funky flowers.

  239. Go! Rose of Sharon!

  240. Danielle says:

    I love the Funky Flowers die!

  241. Francheska says:

    Go Critters!

  242. I also love the Go circles! Too many choices…There are so many cute things! :)

  243. Go funky flowers.

  244. Francheska says:

    And I am lovin' the Funky Flowers!

  245. Go circle

  246. Danielle says:

    I think my second choice would have to be the Circles die. This would be perfect for making yo-yos.

  247. Go! Baby Go! – my best friend is pregnant with twins, so that would come in handy!! And it's cute as can be!!

  248. Go! Round Flower

  249. I love the Go! Round Flowers…very fun!!

  250. Go! Critters

  251. Go! Critters would be my first choice!

  252. Stephanie Brown says:

    Go Holiday Medley

  253. One of the other strip cutters would be my second choice… but I'd probably wind up buying all of them any way! Being able to cut strips that quickly would be a dream come true! :)

  254. Go! Alpha Baby!!!! What a great die!

  255. Stephanie Brown says:

    Go Funky Flowers

  256. Go! Drunkard's Path, because theya re so fun to make!

  257. go critters

  258. go round flowers.

  259. Jennifer says:

    Go Alpha Baby

  260. Jennifer says:

    And Go Critters

  261. Sassy Gal says:

    GO! Circle

  262. Sassy Gal says:

    And GO! Funky Flowers…perfect for what I do!

  263. Go! Feathers. I think they would make cute flower petals.

  264. Tammy and Brian Family says:

    Go Funky Flowers

  265. Tammy and Brian Family says:

    Go Critters!

  266. Go! Circles. Like some of your other followers it would make the yo-yo process much easier. Also, the centers to the "flower petals" from above.

  267. Real Life Reslers says:

    Go! Funky Flowers

  268. Real Life Reslers says:

    Go! Baby Go!

  269. Go! Circles

  270. Go! Stars

  271. I like Go! Critters.

  272. boogie beans says:

    Go! Critters is super cute.

  273. boogie beans says:

    Go! Funky Flowers is super fun too.

  274. Go! Alpha Baby

  275. Lenny and Amanda says:

    Go! Funky Flowers

  276. GO! Circle-2", 3", 5"

  277. Infertility Goddess says:

    Go! Fall! mmm fall, how I miss you.

  278. Go! Alpha Baby

  279. Infertility Goddess says:

    Go Critters!

  280. Go ! Arabesque!

  281. Go! Hexagon!

  282. Go! Circles is my favorite

  283. and Go! Funky flowers :)

  284. Molly P Mormon says:

    Go Critters is first choice.

  285. Molly P Mormon says:

    GO Funky Flowers.

  286. Awesome giveaway!! – I would pick Go! Rag square – 5 1/4"

  287. Kimberly says:

    Go Critters!

  288. Kimberly says:

    Go! Baby!

  289. 2nd I would also pick Go! Die Set Vol 2!

  290. Chase and McKell says:

    Go! Geometric
    so cute!

  291. Chase and McKell says:

    Go! Applique
    darling :)

  292. go circle! you are awesome!

    [email protected]

  293. MistySeptember says:

    Go! Alpha Baby is very cool!

  294. Liz @ LivingMySweetLife says:

    Go Critters!

  295. Liz @ LivingMySweetLife says:

    Go! Circles!

  296. Michelle says:

    GO Critters!

    [email protected]

  297. Michelle says:

    GO flowers

    [email protected]

  298. Go! Die Set Volume 2

  299. MistySeptember says:

    Go! Funky Flowers would so much fun!

  300. Go! Applique Today Set

  301. Sangeetha says:

    Go baby baby is awesome

  302. Sangeetha says:

    Go Feathers!

  303. Go! Critters is my favorite!

  304. Ooh, love the Go! Holiday set too

  305. GO! Star-2", 3", 4"

    [email protected]

  306. Go Critters

  307. GO! Alpha Baby for sure! I would so love this!

  308. CodynStacey says:

    WOW!!! SO excited about this! I pick…

    Go! Baby, Baby

  309. Toby and Laura says:

    Go Circles!

    PS… I want one of these sooo badly!

  310. CodynStacey says:

    Go! Round Flower!

  311. Go Round Flowers is also great.

  312. Go! Fall Medley

  313. I love the Go! Rag dies, I hate cutting the fringe!!

  314. Oh how fun! I love the Go! Circles as well.

  315. Go! Stars

  316. I love the Go! Alpha dies, it'd make monogrammed onsies sooo quick!

  317. Toby and Laura says:

    Go Tumbler!

  318. GO! Square-6 1/2"

    [email protected]

  319. Go circles! Great giveaway Thanks!

  320. Mary Katherine says:

    Go! Bountiful Baskets!!

  321. Mary Katherine says:

    Second choice would be Go! Hexagon.

  322. Jennifer says:

    Go!Alpha Baby

  323. Jenn @ WestSacHoney says:

    GO! Diamond in the Rough Die Set

  324. Jennifer says:

    2nd choice, Go!Circles
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  325. Jenn @ WestSacHoney says:

    GO! July 4th Die Set

  326. Go! Funky Flowers

  327. Go! Circles

  328. Go! Die Set Vol. 2

  329. Must have Go! Star! Want it, wait NEED it!!

  330. Also love Go!Alpha Baby!, Too cute!

  331. Go! Critters is super cute too!!

  332. seaschell says:

    I love the Go! Alpha Baby

  333. seaschell says:

    And I also love the Go! Circles…. lots you can do with that!

  334. erin, maker of chimes says:

    GO! Circle-2", 3", 5"

  335. erin, maker of chimes says:

    GO! Rag Square-5 1/4"

  336. Amanda K @ Every Crafty Endeavor says:

    I love the Go! Funky Flowers.

  337. I want the Go Baby Go–then maybe I could actually do something for my kidlet.

  338. Amanda K @ Every Crafty Endeavor says:

    and the Go! Star! Oh – the fun quilts I could make!!

  339. And of course the funky flowers…

  340. The Chisel says:

    I would get the Go! Chisels of course!

  341. The Chisel says:

    Go! Fall Medley

  342. GO! Round Flower

  343. GO! Critters

  344. Charlotte says:

    Go! Critters. So cute!

  345. Go! Critters

  346. Go! Round flowers!

  347. Charlotte says:

    Go! Rose of Sharon. Thanks!

  348. Go! Circles

  349. My daughter told me about this…so for her I would love Go! Holiday medly.

  350. Go! Rose of Sharon

  351. Also…Go! lullaby so I could make stuff for my 13 grandkids!

  352. Go! Rag….would make rag quilts SOOOOO much easier…no clipping!

  353. Landon and Kylie says:

    Go! Apple core.
    [email protected]

  354. Landon and Kylie says:

    And the Go!Critters set. So cute!
    [email protected]

  355. Kimberlee says:

    How awesome is this…Circles would be my first choice

  356. Kimberlee says:

    My second choice would be funky flowers.

  357. Go! Critters

  358. Go!Arabesque #2-great for polynesian applique quilting

  359. I would choose the Go! Funky Flower.

  360. I also like the Go! Round Flower

  361. American Girl says:

    Go Baby, Baby

  362. American Girl says:

    GO! Funky flowers

  363. Go Critters.

  364. Go Funky Flowers

  365. For my second entry–Go!Arabesque #3

  366. Vivian Frei says:

    Go Rag squares 5 1/4"

  367. Vivian Frei says:

    Go Circles

  368. Ed and Bel says:

    GO! Critters

  369. madebymegs says:

    I love the Go! Critters…so cute!

  370. madebymegs says:

    I also love the Go! Rose of Sharon…so simple but would look awesome on a quilt!

  371. Go! Critters

  372. Go! Hearts

  373. QueenMeadow says:

    Go circle, because I'm obsessed with circles :)

  374. QueenMeadow says:

    I'd go with either Go Critters or Go Stars, tough decision.

  375. I'm so glad I read Crap! (I cant believe I just wrote that :)
    I would choose the Go! Alpha Baby set as my first set. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  376. For my second set I would choose Go! Circles. Thanks!!

  377. slovelady says:

    I would choose GO Blazing Star!

  378. Hah! I want to see you count these entries :-)

    My first choice: GO! Hearts

  379. Ed and Bel says:

    I also need to say GO! Drunkard’s Path.

  380. slovelady says:

    for my second choice I would pick Go Bountiful Baskets

  381. Go! Alpha Baby

  382. Go! Funky Flowers

  383. The Kay Family says:

    Go! Circles – I hate cutting circles!!

  384. The Kay Family says:

    Go! Critters.

  385. Go! Alpha Baby !!!

  386. and Go! Critters!


  387. GO! Fall Medley :)

  388. Jan and Jillanne Ulep says:

    Go! critters is my first choice

  389. Jan and Jillanne Ulep says:

    I could start so many projects with the Go! fall medley die.

  390. Go! Critters

  391. GO! 4th of July

  392. GO! Baby, Baby

  393. GO! Holiday Medley!

  394. GO! Rag Square-8 1/2"

  395. GO! Rag Square 8 1/2" This machine looks so AWESOME! Thanks for the giveaway!

  396. The Robinsons says:

    Go Arabesque #2!

  397. The Gray Gang says:

    Go Critters…

  398. The Robinsons says:

    Go! Critters…SO cute!

  399. The Gray Gang says:

    and go Funky Flowers. (would be super cute in my lil gals room!) Awesome give away. I may make a new friend. *with whoever wins!

  400. Kelly Fox says:

    GO! Holiday Medley
    [email protected]

  401. Kelly Fox says:

    GO! Round Flower
    [email protected]

  402. GO! July 4th

  403. Poulsen Family says:

    I am so boring but GO! Circles. I hate cuting those.

  404. Poulsen Family says:

    This is just such a great give-away. GO! Squares

  405. Raye Marie says:

    Go! Holiday Medley! Thanks for the giveaway

  406. Raye Marie says:

    Go! Funky Flowers! Thanks for the fun

  407. Susie and Cody says:

    Go! feathers

  408. Susie and Cody says:

    Go! Critters!

  409. I'd love the Funky Flowers

  410. I'd also love the Go Critters

  411. Luv 2 Kreate says:

    GO Circles

  412. Luv 2 Kreate says:

    Go Funky Flowers

  413. indywriter says:

    GO! Alpha Baby for one…

  414. indywriter says:

    and GO! Rose of Sharon for the other!

  415. Becca and Colby says:

    Go! Strips

  416. Becca and Colby says:

    GO! Geometric

  417. Christina says:

    GO! Rag Square-8 1/2"

  418. Christina says:

    GO! Rose of Sharon

  419. AmberLou says:

    I love the GO round flower!

  420. AmberLou says:

    AND I love the GO Critters! So cute!

  421. These tools are so great! I'd definitely choose the Go! Circle and….

  422. n8'swife says:

    Go! Critters!

  423. n8'swife says:

    Go! Funky Flowers!!

  424. I'd also choose the Go! Critters. I hope I win because I'm already planning….

  425. I'm keeping it simple with GO! Circles

  426. Go! Blazing Star. Thanks!

  427. The Palmers says:

    Go! Star 2-3-4

  428. The Palmers says:

    G0! Critters

  429. greetingarts says:

    Go! Funky Flowers. Love it!

  430. Wow, what a giveaway!! I'd choose the Heart 2, 3 & 4" dies!

  431. And my second choice would be the critters – too cute!!

  432. greetingarts says:

    Go! Hexagons 2", 3", 5".

  433. vjrobbins says:

    GO! Triangle-6 1/2"

  434. I need the Go!Tumbler… i keep putting off that project because of all the cutting!

  435. vjrobbins says:

    GO! Circle-2", 3", 5"

  436. Pati @ A Crafty Escape says:

    #1 would be the Critters set.

  437. Pati @ A Crafty Escape says:

    #2 would be the strips.

  438. And who doesn't need perfect circles? I'd use the Go!Circles 2", 3" and 5" die too! A lot!!!

  439. arabesque. either one. love those

  440. And Go Circles, please!!!

  441. Wow!! My odds aren't the best with this one, but it'd sure be amazing to win!!! I would love the Go! Baby dies.

  442. And I would also choose the Go! Funky Flowers!

  443. Michelle says:


  444. Michelle says:

    Rag square 8 1/2

  445. Duzza Bear says:

    Go circles! Because they're impossible to cut!

  446. SOOOOOOOO cute!!!

    I LOVE the Go! Funky Flowers!

    sarah8914 at gmail dot com

  447. Oh and I'd LOVE Go! Circles!!! that would be so nice!

    sarah8914 at gmail dot com

  448. Duzza Bear says:

    Go! Rose of Sharon! Such cool shapes. Thanks for the chance.

  449. Go! Square 5"….keeping my fingers crossed, this win would cure some quilting headaches for me.

  450. I can't believe this giveaway!! Awesome.
    I would choose Go!Rose of Sharon.

    rimayfld at yahoo dot com

  451. Go! Blaxing Star….I could really rock this one!

  452. go funky flowers!

  453. I can't believe this giveaway!! Awesome!!
    I would choose Go!Feathers.
    I can picture a quilt for my master bedroom done with this die.

    rimayfld at yahoo dot com

  454. go drunkard's path!

  455. Very cool!

    I'd want the Go! Baby Go! Die set

  456. My second pick would be…

    Go! Drunkard's Path – very cute!!

  457. Charles And Kristen says:

    Go! Circles

  458. Go Holiday Medley!

  459. Ruth Thompson says:

    Ok, this is truly too good to possibly be true! Wowsers. My 1st favorite would probably be the 2", 3", and 5" Circles. That would be fun/useful for SO many things!

  460. Charles And Kristen says:

    GO! Alpha Baby

  461. Go! Half Square-4" Finished Triangle

  462. Ruth Thompson says:

    2nd fave would have to be the strip makers…that 2.5" one would be amazing for making binding!

  463. Go Heart!

  464. Go Round Flower!

  465. Lisa Trammell says:

    Go! Arabesque # 3!

  466. Lisa Trammell says:

    Also Go Round Flower!

  467. Sarah@VintageChic says:

    GO! Die Set Vol. 2

  468. TheValenti's says:

    I would LOVE the Go! Critters

  469. TheValenti's says:

    and.. the Go! Circles.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  470. Sarah@VintageChic says:

    GO! Critters

  471. GO! Tumbler!

  472. Samantha says:

    Go Critters!
    What a great giveaway!

  473. GO! Drunkard's Path!

  474. Samantha says:

    Go! Funky Flowers!

  475. GO! Round Flower

  476. GO! Star

  477. Laurie T says:

    Go! Square 5"

  478. Devan and Lexie says:

    Go! Circles!

  479. Devan and Lexie says:

    Go! Funky Flower

  480. Laurie T says:

    Go! Funky Flowers….I luv it!

  481. Go! Tumbler would be my first choice- I LOVE those tumbler quilts, but am waaaay too lazy to cut them all out! :)

  482. Go! Diamond in the rough is pretty awesome, too! Char this is the best giveaway EVER!

  483. Go!Tumbler

  484. Go!Circle

  485. Brockett's says:

    I would pick the GO! Rag Square-5 1/4"
    I love rag quilts but my hands don't love the cutting!!!

  486. Brockett's says:

    My second choice would be the GO! Rag Square-8 1/2"
    Awesome giveaway!!!

  487. Callie Callender says:

    Go Funky Flowers!

  488. Chips and Salsa with Beans says:

    Go! Rag Square

  489. frugalmom says:

    Go Hexagons

  490. Callie Callender says:

    Go! Round Flower

  491. Jennifer says:

    GO! Arabesque #3 Thanks for the opportunity to win!


  492. frugalmom says:

    Go Diamonds

  493. Chips and Salsa with Beans says:

    Go Critters!
    yay! Pick me!

  494. Angela C. says:

    I would pick the GO! Strip Die Set!

    accoupons at gmail dot com

  495. Jennifer says:

    And, I like the GO! Funky Flowers!!


  496. Angela C. says:

    Great Giveaway! I would pick GO! Round Flower for the 2nd one.

    accoupons at gmail dot com

  497. Natalie and Nathan says:

    I would definitely pick the GO! Applique, because up until now I've always been too scared to try applique…but if I had this…Well then obviously I would no longer be scared! : )

  498. Rebecca says:

    Go! Funky Flowers
    [email protected]

  499. Chelsea Haight says:

    Great Giveaway! Go! Circles and Go! Funky Flowers.

  500. Natalie and Nathan says:

    And you know, while I'm at it, I would pick the GO! Geometric as well.

  501. Rebecca says:

    Go! Fall medley.
    [email protected]

  502. Go! Critters SO CUTE!! And I love your quilt, too.

  503. Go! Arabesque #3 Love it!

  504. Dan McEwan says:

    for sure the Go Funky Flowers.

  505. Happy Mommy says:

    Go Fourth of July is great!
    [email protected]

  506. Go! Arabesque #3. That's my fav.

  507. Dan McEwan says:

    And the Bountiful Baskets..

  508. Go! Feathers…too much fun

  509. Happy Mommy says:

    i also love Go Circles!
    [email protected]

  510. Go! Critters

  511. Go! Circles,Oh the Simple life.

  512. Brie Herrera says:

    Go! Arabesque

  513. Brie Herrera says:

    Go! funky flowers

  514. Boy oh Boy oh Boy! says:

    GO! Alpha Baby would be my first pick! So adorable!

    mypatzer at yahoo dot com

  515. Boy oh Boy oh Boy! says:

    GO! Circle-2", 3", 5". This one would be a lot of fun too! Thanks for the chance!

    mypatzer at yahoo dot com

  516. Cristina says:

    I love the Go! Critters

  517. The 4 Hoggans says:

    GO! Round Flower

  518. Cristina says:

    And also the Go! Round Flowers. So stinkin' adorable :)

  519. What a fabulous giveaway! I would stay simple – probably Go! Square 6.5 inch.

  520. And the Go! Triangles 6.5. I am in love with patchwork quilts!

  521. Bethany says:

    go rose of sharon

  522. Bethany says:

    go alpha baby

  523. Jackman Clan says:

    Go Critters! would be so fun.

  524. Jackman Clan says:

    Go arabesque 2- is beautiful.

  525. GO! Rag Square-5 1/4"

    cheese_e_monkey at yahoo dot com

  526. GO! Rag Square-8 1/2"

    cheese_e_monkey at yahoo dot com

  527. Go! 4th of July is cute!

  528. Go!Critters is super awesome too!

  529. Go! Critters would be my first choice.

  530. And the Go! Funky Flowers is my second choice

  531. Kevin, Holly, Kari and Bryce says:

    Go! Drunkard's Path

  532. Natalie Fraser says:

    GO! Feathers

  533. Natalie Fraser says:

    GO! Circle-2", 3", 5"

  534. Kevin, Holly, Kari and Bryce says:

    Go! Funky Flowers has a TON of potential! Whoo whoo!

  535. Tracy Martin says:

    Go Funky Flowers

  536. Tracy Martin says:

    Go critters

  537. Cole's Corner says:

    Go Funky Flowers

  538. Cole's Corner says:

    and Go hearts

  539. Angela B says:

    Go! Rose of Sharon

  540. Angela B says:

    AndI think I could choose the Go! Baby Set. I've got one coming in October and that would be so fun!

  541. Go! Drunkard's Path!

  542. Go! Funky Flowers!

  543. the Lola Letters says:

    Go! Critters.
    (love this)
    [email protected]

  544. the Lola Letters says:

    Go! Circles
    [email protected]

  545. Jordan Sanders says:

    Go Circle

  546. Jordan Sanders says:

    Go Parallelogram (b/c I'm a math nerd)

  547. amber:) says:

    i know it's boring but Go! Square- 6 1/2 inch my squares are never the same size- hee hee

  548. Grandma Nell says:

    Go! Geometric Love it! I can't wait to be the winner! Never have been a blog winner before! Come on!

    LynnEl in Illinois!

  549. Grandma Nell says:

    Go! Critter This is a great give-away! Whoever wins (hopefully me) will be so excited!! :)

  550. amber:) says:

    and Go! Alpha Baby would be fun, too.

  551. GO! Strip Die Set

  552. 12" Finished Block Die Set

  553. Rich Angie says:

    GO! Holiday Medley

  554. Rich Angie says:

    GO! Critters. So cute!

  555. Amelia and Justin says:

    Go! Hexagon – I know, I'm boring :)

  556. RusticOkie says:

    GO! Critters. Love the dragonfly.

  557. RusticOkie says:

    GO! Circles. Since I can't make a circle to save me life. lol

  558. Amelia and Justin says:

    Go! Funky Flowers would be awesome and so cute!

  559. GO! Diamond in the Rough Die Set. Best giveaway everrrr!

  560. GO! Critters

  561. GO! Drunkard's Path. Yayyyy 2nd choice.

  562. GO! Funky Flowers

  563. Bobbie Mackey says:

    Go! Critters

  564. Bobbie Mackey says:

    Go! Baby Go!

    awesome giveaway! thanks.

  565. Carrie Dyck says:

    I would pick Go Holiday Medley!

  566. Carrie Dyck says:

    I would also choose Go Round Flower!!!!

  567. NillaWafer says:

    Go! Hexagon, i think this would make paper piecing so much easier.

  568. Lexie & Jeff says:

    Go! Round Flower

  569. Lexie & Jeff says:

    Go! Round Flower

  570. I love the go Critters! Awesome giveaway, thanks!

  571. I also love the go! funky flowers!

  572. More like....etc. says:

    Go! Rose of Sharon

  573. Anna Galvas says:

    Go! Arabesque #3. This is so cute!

  574. Anna Galvas says:

    Go! Rose of Sharon. I love this one!

  575. Go! Circles…

  576. …and Go! Hexagons…SO FUN!

  577. More like....etc. says:

    Go! Blazing Star

  578. Go!Die Set Vol2 and Go! app today Die Set You Go! Girl!

  579. MammaDucky says:

    Go Alpha Baby. Cuz letters rock

  580. MammaDucky says:

    AND, Go Critters, cuz my critters would love some quilted critters :)

  581. Crafty Christina says:

    Go! Funky Flowers!! Love this one.

  582. Crafty Christina says:

    Go! Critters is awesome too!

  583. #1: Go! Funky Flowers

  584. #2: Go! Round Flowers!

  585. Go Funky Flowers!
    What a fantastic giveaway!

  586. Go! Applique Collection-Spring!

  587. lily_bug_boutique says:

    Go! Critters

  588. lily_bug_boutique says:

    Go! Funky Flowers

  589. tresiarth says:

    Go! Baby set would help me catch up on the piles of baby quilts to be made!

  590. tresiarth says:

    GO! Arabesque #3

  591. Landon and Stephanie says:

    Go! Critters, these are so cute I have never heard about them before!

  592. Adrienne says:

    GO! Funky Flowers!

  593. Landon and Stephanie says:

    I also love the Go! Stars.

  594. Adrienne says:

    And GO! Hexagon-2", 3", 5" !

  595. Crystal says:

    GO! Strip Cutter-3 1/2" I love the idea for binding!

  596. Hollister says:

    I would pick Go! Critters too! Super cute!

  597. Hollister says:

    Also Go! Funky Flowers

  598. Crystal says:

    GO! Rag Square-8 1/2"

    I also love this one!

  599. sntbosch says:

    Go! Hexagon
    [email protected]

  600. sntbosch says:

    And GO! Critter
    [email protected]

  601. Forrest and Rebecca says:

    GO! Square-3 1/2".

  602. redheadtina says:

    Go! Critters is super cute.

  603. redheadtina says:

    And the Go! Funky Flowers. Cuz I'm funky, just like Marky Mark.

  604. Forrest and Rebecca says:

    I also like GO! Fall Medley (but it is so hard to choose my favorite two!).

  605. Go, dragonfly (large)

  606. And go, dog #2. Can't go wrong with animals!

  607. GO! Round Flower

  608. GO! Critters

  609. ellzabelle says:

    Go! circles. Ellen
    [email protected]

  610. ellzabelle says:

    Go! feathers. Ellen
    [email protected]

  611. motherhood unedited says:

    Go critters

  612. motherhood unedited says:

    GO! Alpha Baby

  613. bellafish says:

    Oh I love this machine. I loorve the tumbler dies. Would make a quilt out of those if I had one. Coz no way am I rotary cutting the little buggers!!

  614. shelley says:

    It has to be Go! hexagons

  615. GO! Square-3 1/2"

  616. GO! Hexagon-2", 3", 5"

  617. shelley says:

    2nd would have to be Go! Quarter square 4" finiched triangles.

  618. bellafish says:

    Yes me again. I also love those applique dies. The feather ones are so cute. Pick me mr 'random number generator'!!

  619. too many good ones! probably the go! circles

  620. I love the go! holiday ones too. what a fun giveaway!

  621. funky flowers

  622. and apple core!!!

  623. Go! Strip Cutters

  624. Go! Tumblers

  625. Jackie H says:

    Go! Funky flowers

  626. Jackie H says:

    Go! Holiday Medley

  627. Caitlyn says:


  628. Caitlyn says:

    and GO! circles!

  629. PiperandRowen says:

    Go! Critters.

  630. PiperandRowen says:

    and also Go! Drunkards Path.

  631. Go! Circles! (wow! thanks so much for the chance to win!!!)

  632. Go! Rose of Sharon

  633. Quiggle says:

    I would like the go Circle 2", 3", 5"

  634. I'm with a lot of the others! Go! Critters!!!

  635. Quiggle says:

    I would love to do a Custom Die. Can I pick that?

  636. Go! Funky Flowers!!!

  637. Erika Jean says:

    I like the "GO! Apple Core-6 1/4" So stinkin' cute!

  638. Erika Jean says:

    I really like he "GO! Feathers" one…. becuase I'd make it into a stem/leaf for the Apple Core one I liked too ;-D

  639. Jenni S says:

    GO! Funky Flowers. So cute!

  640. Jenni S says:

    GO! Circle-2", 3", 5". What a fun thing!!! :)

  641. Lovely Lizzy says:

    I would love the Go! Rag Quilt 8 1/2 inch. I think it would make quilting so easy.

  642. go funky flowers!

  643. go feathers!

  644. Lovely Lizzy says:

    And second I would love the GO! Apple Core.
    Thanks so much!

  645. #1 – 2 1/2" strip cutter.
    Sandy N
    [email protected]

  646. Go! Feathers.

  647. #2 – The "round flower" die. Thanks for the opportunity to win such an AWESOME prize!
    Sandy N
    [email protected]

  648. Go! Circles. I would have so much fun with precut circles.

  649. Go! Holiday medley

  650. Savannah O'Gwynn says:

    OMGoodness–thanks for this great giveaway:)

    I would DEF. pick–GO CRITTERS:)

  651. Go! Critters!!!

  652. Go! funky flowers!

  653. and the Go! holiday medley – so so cute!

  654. Savannah O'Gwynn says:

    Second pick would be GO LULLABY! THANKS again for the chance to win!

  655. Shirley says:

    Awesome giveaway! GO! Alpha Baby would be one I would get. I love the colors!

  656. Shirley says:

    GO! Rag Square-5 1/4" – I've always wanted to make a rag quilt and if I win, I could do it super easy! PLEASE PLEASE win! :)

  657. Awesome giveaway!!! GO! Funky Flowers [email protected]

  658. Go! Double Wedding Ring #2

  659. Johnson Family says:

    Go! Critters
    [email protected]

  660. Johnson Family says:

    Go! Funky Flowers
    [email protected]

  661. Go! Sunbonnet Sue.

  662. Go! Dragonfly (Large)

  663. Go! Butterfly #1 (Large)

  664. NillaWafer says:

    For my second choice I say Go! Blazing Star. I LOVE Mariner's Compass quilts. xx (crossing my fingers)

  665. Courtney says:

    Go! Hexagon! What an amazing tool!!!!

  666. Courtney says:

    Go Funky Flowers! (but I also like Go! 1/2 square). So many great choices.

  667. Becca Jo says:

    go critters!

  668. Becca Jo says:

    go funky flowers. Oh I hope I win!

  669. kharms80 says:

    GO! Arabesque #3 would be my first choice :)

  670. kharms80 says:

    GO! Round Flower would be another choice :)

  671. archmom says:

    Love the Go! Rose of Sharon.

  672. archmom says:

    Would love to try the Go! 8 1/2" Rag Square.

  673. Joe and Toni says:

    Go! Heart 2" 3" 4"!

  674. Joe and Toni says:

    Go! Blazing Star!

  675. Jocelyn says:

    I LOVE GO! Heart-2", 3", 4"!!

  676. WOAH!!!!! What an AMAZING & GENEROUS giveaway!!! :) First pick…Go! Rose of Sharon…. love it!

  677. Jocelyn says:

    Go! Funky Flowers! =D

  678. Second pick…Go! Funky Flowers. THANKS for the fun and chance to win!!! Would be turnin' cartwheels thrilled to win this!!!! :)

  679. scrapbookobsession says:

    Go! Circles and …

  680. Jane Jeffress Thomas says:

    Go Round Flowers is one of my choices.

  681. Jane Jeffress Thomas says:

    Go Funky Flowers is another of my choices!

  682. I would want to add the Go! circle die which will cut 2", 3" and 5" circles. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  683. So Bella says:

    I like the Rose of Sharon, would be great for making little flowers for clips :)

  684. scrapbookobsession says:

    … Go! Hexagon.


  685. So Bella says:

    I also like the English Paper Piecing #2 Hexagons!

  686. Go! Square 61/2".

  687. My second die choice would be the hexagons. Also the 5" square die and the 1 1/2" strip cutter are at the top of my list! mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  688. Go! Rose of Sharon. :) FuN!

  689. The Little Family says:

    Go Alpha Baby – LOVE IT!!

  690. The Little Family says:

    GO Funky Flowers – They look so fun!

  691. Go hearts

  692. GO! Drunkard's Path

  693. Go! Rose of Sharon!

  694. Go! Circle-2",3",5"!!! Crossing all my fingers!

  695. Vicki W says:

    Go! Drunkards Path

  696. Vicki W says:

    Go! Holiday Medley

  697. GO! Strip cutter 2"

  698. GO! Quarter Square-4" Finished Triangle

  699. Go! Rag Square-8 1/2" is helpful for those of us who lose interest quickly.

  700. Lisa Christine says:

    GO! Carefree 1 1/2" Uppercase Alphabet

  701. GO! Strip Cutter-1 1/2"

  702. Little Munchkins says:

    I love the GO! Critters one

  703. blue_05shopping says:

    Go Funky Flowers!

  704. Little Munchkins says:

    And also the GO!Alpha Baby dies

  705. Lisa Christine says:

    Go! Diamond (Large)

  706. Kirk Fam says:

    Go Strips to start…

  707. blue_05shopping says:

    Go Drunkards path, what an awesome giveaway!

  708. Kirk Fam says:

    then Go Geometric for fun…

  709. Go! Rose of Sharon

  710. Go! Arabesque

  711. Nancy's Couture says:

    GO! Critters

  712. GO! 12" Finished Block Die Set

  713. Nancy's Couture says:

    GO! Funky flowers

  714. GO! Hexagon-2", 3", 5"

  715. Nanners is Bananners says:

    Go Critters!

  716. Nanners is Bananners says:

    Go!rag square 5 1/4"

  717. whitney says:

    Love the Go! Drunkard's Path

  718. Go! Strip cutter 2 1/2 inch. Then I just might get all my quilts bound.

  719. whitney says:

    It's hard to pick just one more, but I'd have to go with Go! Diamonds

  720. Go! Tumbler

  721. deborah says:

    Go! Baby Alpha

  722. deborah says:

    Go!Circles What a great giveaway! Not a blogger, but an avid follower

  723. Courtney says:

    O want the Go Applique! It would make my quilting life SO much easier. Applique is by far my favorite!

  724. Courtney says:

    Geometrics can make yo-yos and I AM OBSESSED with Yo-yos like you are obsessed with making crafts on a budget!!! oh I hope I win!

  725. Broin's says:

    GO! Diamonds-4" x 4"

  726. Broin's says:

    GO! Square-6 1/2"

  727. eldonandlauren says:

    Go! Strip Cutter-3 1/2"

  728. eldonandlauren says:

    Go! Critters

  729. How could you not get the Go! Circle??

  730. The Go! Funky Flowers are awesome!

  731. GO! Circle-2", 3", 5"

  732. GO! Feathers

  733. Blake & Anya Young says:

    Go Critters.

  734. Blake & Anya Young says:

    Go Critters.

  735. GO! Fall Medley – I would love to make a cute fall runner for my table.

  736. GO! Holiday Medley – thinking stockings or mantel scarf. :)

  737. Molly @ Me and Madeline says:

    Go Circles!!

  738. stgraham says:

    Go! Feathers!!! Think of the possibilities.

  739. stgraham says:

    Go! Round Flower!!

    They are all so cool!

  740. Molly @ Me and Madeline says:

    GO! Round Flower.

    This is so awesome, Char! Thanks for the oppurtunity!

  741. Go! Funky Flowers

  742. Go! Rose of Sharon

  743. Jessica and Matt says:

    Go Circles

  744. Go Funky flowers!

  745. Go! Critters

  746. Go Rose of Sharon

  747. Go critters!

  748. Stacey @ Fun to Craft says:

    Go! Funky flowers

  749. Stacey @ Fun to Craft says:

    Go! Strip Cutter

  750. Courtney says:

    GO! Star 2,3,4"

  751. Courtney says:

    GO! Critters

  752. Go! Critters for sure!

  753. Go! Funky Flowers too!

  754. Laura and Kelly Allen says:

    Go! Critters

  755. Laura and Kelly Allen says:

    Go! Round Flowers

  756. cool giveaway!!! Go, funky flowers!!!

  757. go strip cutter!!!

  758. Go Holiday Medley

  759. Go Critters

  760. half pint honey says:

    Go! Funky FLowers :)

  761. Missy Bryner says:

    Go funky flowers! Definitely

  762. half pint honey says:

    and Go! Critters ya!!

  763. Missy Bryner says:

    Go Arabesque #2! I love this one:)

  764. The Alphabetix Team says:

    Go! Alpha Baby

  765. The Alphabetix Team says:

    Go! Critters

  766. Jessica and Matt says:

    and Go Funky Flowers

  767. Maureen says:

    Go Critters !!!!

  768. Maureen says:

    go funky flowers

  769. Go! Holiday Medley!

  770. Go! Critters!

  771. Go Strips 3 1/2!!! Love it!

  772. Go Rectangle!

  773. Katie Bishop says:

    I love the tumblers. I think they are the best! I would love to win!


  774. Go! Stars

  775. and Go! Circles. I can't cut round circles

  776. Cheaannette says:

    Go Holiday Medley!

  777. Cheaannette says:

    Go Feathers!!

  778. christycogburn says:

    Go! Alpha Baby – LOVE personalization!

  779. christycogburn says:

    Go! Fall Medley!

  780. Love the Go! Critters die! Too cute!

  781. The Go! Star die is pretty rad, too!

  782. gensluck says:

    Apple Core! So cute!

  783. SewCalGal says:

    GO! Funky Flowers


  784. SewCalGal says:

    GO! 1 1/2" Strip die


  785. Go! Hexagon

  786. gensluck says:

    Go! tumbler!

  787. Go!Funky Flowers

  788. Birdie3008 says:

    Go! Funky Flowers :)

  789. Birdie3008 says:

    Go Circles (perfect for making layered flowers!)

  790. twrightgirl says:

    Go! Funky Flowers 1st choice
    twrightgirl at

  791. twrightgirl says:

    Go! Round flower is my second choice.
    twrightgirl at

  792. Go Critters would be wonderful!!!

  793. And I love the Go Round Flower, I can see the possibilites already!!

  794. RebekahBridge says:

    GO! Rectangle-3 1/2" x 6 1/2"

  795. RebekahBridge says:

    GO! Strip Cutter-3 1/2"

  796. mabblab says:

    After I wiped the drool off my keyboard, I looked and decided I'd like the 5 inch square die….

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  797. mabblab says:

    And, I'd like the tumblers die. I've been wanting to try a tumblers quilt…

    Thanks for the (second) chance to enter!

  798. meanjean says:

    Go! Bountiful Baskets

  799. Kristin says:

    Go! Fourth of July Set!

  800. meanjean says:

    Go! Square-3 1/2

  801. Kristin says:

    Go! Strip Die Set!

  802. Go! Funky Flower! Those are so cute!

    I want it! ;o)

  803. Go Critters!!! Oh man~I really want one! Thannks for the giveaway!

  804. Sarah or someone like her says:

    Really? Really? I'm supposed to pick only 2? How?
    Um, I think I'd have to pick the GO! Funky Flowers.

  805. Go! Funky Flowers

  806. go blazing star!!

  807. Go! Circles

  808. go! tumbler!!

  809. Sarah or someone like her says:

    And GO! Critters!
    Pick me!

  810. GO! Strip Cutter-1 1/2 Thanks this system looks pretty cool.

  811. My second choice would be GO! Circle-2", 3", 5"

  812. Go! Alpha Baby

  813. Go! Circles

  814. MichelleB says:

    The one I could absolutely have to have is the GO! Strip Cutter-2 1/2". That sounds like heaven to me.

  815. MichelleB says:

    My second choice would be the GO! Hexagon-2", 3", 5". Dreamy!

  816. Go! Critters

  817. jenpetersen says:

    Go! Funky Flowers! Go! Jen! Win! Win! Win!

  818. jenpetersen says:

    Go! Circle! Go! Jen! Win! Win! Win!

  819. Go! Circles

  820. Oh my goodness, I love the GO! Tumbler. The quilt on the front of the GO! box sold me on it.

  821. I would also just have to have the GO! 5" squares . . . I love charm squares!

  822. Andy and Sara says:

    Awesome give away! I'd pick the Go! Funky Flowers.

  823. Go! Rag

  824. Go! Circles!!

  825. Mihills Family Blog says:

    I would so choose "Go Hearts"!!


    [email protected]

  826. Mihills Family Blog says:

    And then I would choose "Go Critters"!

    [email protected]

  827. Andy and Sara says:

    I'd also pick the GO! Circle-2", 3", 5"
    What a cool thing!

  828. GO! Square-5"

  829. GO! Circle-2", 3", 5"

  830. Mandy @ mintnclandycreate says:

    I would choose Go! Circles – perfect for so many things. Thanks for the great opportunity!

  831. Mandy @ mintnclandycreate says:

    I would also choose Go! Alpha Baby – assuming you couldn't go for the whole Go! Baby bundle! ;)

    This is amazing!

  832. Emily G. says:

    Go! Drunkard's Path

  833. Emily G. says:

    GO! Hexagon-2", 3", 5"

  834. taylor+sophie says:

    I love love go! Funky flowers!! Thanks for
    the chance! [email protected]

  835. taylor+sophie says:

    I love go! Critters!! What an awesome giveaway!
    [email protected]

  836. The Ramos Family says:

    Go! Funky Flowers – I might actually finish a quilt with this one!

  837. The Ramos Family says:

    Go! Fall Medley!

  838. momto2munkeys says:

    Go! Critters of course!!!!

  839. momto2munkeys says:

    Go! Round flowers….love 'em!!

  840. Go! Round flower

  841. Go! Critters

  842. Brianna, Landon, and Rory says:

    Go! Critters is the cutest!

  843. Brianna, Landon, and Rory says:

    Go! Funky Flowers would make the cutest quilt for my little one.

  844. Peachy & Pip says:

    I love the Go! Funky Flowers!

  845. Peachy & Pip says:

    I love the Go! Funky Flowers!

  846. Peachy & Pip says:

    Ooh, and the Go! Rose of Sharon!

  847. Peachy & Pip says:

    Ooh, and the Go! Rose of Sharon!

  848. I just put together my first quilt yesterday. Haven't finished the binding yet though.

    For the first, I would go with the GO! Critters:o)

  849. I also love the GO! Funky Flowers:o)

  850. maryandheff says:

    i want a Go! cutter :) I would pick Stars & Stripes and the stripes die cut kits…

  851. The Dummers says:

    Go! Apple Core!

  852. The Dummers says:

    Go! Rag square!

  853. CuteCupcakesAllTheTime says:

    I like the Go Holiday medley
    mychancetowin at gmail dot com

  854. CuteCupcakesAllTheTime says:

    I like the go rose of sharon
    mychancetowin at gmail dot com

  855. GO!Critters

  856. GO! Applique Today Die Set

  857. Tania on the Hill says:

    Go Critters is my number 1!!!

  858. Tania on the Hill says:

    Go triangales is my favorite too!!!

  859. go flowers!

  860. GO! Hexagon
    I've been dying to get my hex on!

  861. go circles!

  862. GO! Blazing Star… oh the possibilities

  863. GO! Circle-2", 3", 5"

  864. GO! Critters

  865. I love Go! Square 5"

  866. This would be an awesome contest to win!

    I love Go! Critters

  867. Salina Locke says:

    Go! Fall Medley! Crossing my fingers!

  868. Salina Locke says:

    Go! Critters! Crossing my fingers…again!

  869. GO! Critters

  870. And the GO! round flowers. Great giveaway!

  871. GO! Circle would be so useful.

  872. GO! Critters is very pretty :)

  873. GO! Arabesque #2

  874. GO! Round Flower

  875. Kristina says:

    Go! Critters is my favorite.

  876. Kristina says:

    Go! Rose of Sharon would be fun for appliqueing flowers.

  877. Carolina girl says:


  878. Carolina girl says:

    Go!Baby Go!

  879. GO! Critters

  880. GO! Funky flowers

  881. Go! Critters would be my first choice

  882. rose of sharon for my second Thanks

  883. The Reed's says:

    Go! Alpha Baby! GREAT GIVEAWAY!

  884. The Reed's says:

    Go Funky Flowers!

  885. Go Tumbler!

  886. Go Star!!

  887. Blake & Anya Young says:

    Go Funky Flowers!

  888. Blake & Anya Young says:

    Go Funky Flowers!

  889. Go! Critters!

  890. Go! Rose of Sharon!

  891. Sleepless In St. George says:

    Go rag square!

  892. Sleepless In St. George says:

    Go circles!

  893. Go critters! too cute

  894. go alpha baby!

  895. Kristen says:

    What an awesome tool. I like the GO! Strip die set.

  896. GO! Rag Square-5 1/4"

  897. Kristen says:

    Arabesque–both of them.

  898. GO! Tumbler-6 1/2"

  899. Love the giveaway! I like the Go! strip cutters (I know…boring, but I can't cut strips to save my life!)

  900. Oh, I do hope I win! I love the Go! Critters too!

  901. go circles :)

  902. go funky flowers

  903. I'd like Go! Blazing Star.

  904. Wowsers! I would crawl in a hole and seriously die if I won. I never win. So that's what I would do if I won something this **Fabulous**.

    I would chose the basics pack…boring but a goodie — think of all the time I'd save! :)

  905. And choice 2 is a hard one — I would probably go with the circles – I love me a circle quilt.

    The letters are a close 3rd!

  906. Lauren H says:

    Go! Alpha Baby!

    Great Giveaway!

  907. My first choice would be GO! Circle-2", 3", 5". There are just so many options!

  908. Lauren H says:

    Go! Holiday Medley!

  909. My second choice would be GO! Bountiful Baskets. I'm a sucker for baskets

  910. Yardgnomes says:

    Go! Round Flower..I'm on a flower kick lately ;)

  911. Go! Apple Core. I love it.

  912. Yardgnomes says:

    Go! Feathers…so hard to choose just two!

  913. Go Funky Flowers

  914. Go Critters!

  915. Melissa says:

    Go! Critters – Oh so cute!

  916. Melissa says:

    Go Funky Flowers – Love it!

  917. The Winkels says:

    Go! Alpha Baby

  918. The Winkels says:

    Go! Holiday Medley…such a joy

  919. GO! Circle-2", 3", 5" is a definite!!

  920. Kristin says:

    Go Critters would be one choice

  921. Kristin says:

    Go Circles would be second choice

  922. The Crew says:

    Go Critters!! Adorable!

  923. The Crew says:

    Go FuNkY FlOwErS!!

  924. I take that back…I ♥ fussy cuts, so the Square-5" (Clear Cuts) (Jumbo) would be fantabulous!!

  925. Michelle says:

    Go Funky Flowers! I LOVE that one!

  926. Michelle says:

    I also have a project in mind for the Go Hexagons!

  927. The Mangerchine's says:

    Go! Fall Medley

  928. Go! Funky Flowers…. I love them and totally want one!!!

  929. The Mangerchine's says:

    Go! Holiday Medely


  930. Go Critters… would love it! PICK ME!!!!

  931. juliesewgreen says:

    Love the go hearts!

  932. juliesewgreen says:

    Go holiday is awesome!

  933. QuiltyGoodness says:

    I would definitely go for the hexagon die–that would be the most useful for me.

  934. Mom on the Move! says:

    Go! Drunkard's Path – how easy to not have to worry about cutting your curves.

  935. My first choice would be Go! Feathers. Simply lovely.

  936. Mom on the Move! says:

    and the Go! Rag Square. Rag quilts are so cute but I have vowed never to make another one since I about killed myself cutting the edges on the first (and only) one I ever made. Thanks for the give away.

  937. And I love GO! Fall Medley!

  938. Johnny and Jenette says:

    Go! Alpha Baby

  939. Johnny and Jenette says:

    Go! Round Flowers

  940. Peaceful Piecer says:

    go circles

  941. Peaceful Piecer says:

    go tumblers

  942. Go! Hexagons
    What a wonderful giveaway!


  943. Go! Circles


  944. Daralyn says:

    Go! Round Flower

  945. Daralyn says:

    Go! Funky Flowers

  946. Janice Vandyk says:

    go rag!!

  947. Janice Vandyk says:

    go Die sets!!

  948. brett and stacey says:

    go! hearts
    [email protected]

  949. brett and stacey says:

    go! holiday. what a great giveway!
    [email protected]

  950. I like the GO! Applique Today Die Set

    [email protected]

  951. I like the GO! Arabesque #2

    tracy [email protected]

  952. Lori W. says:

    Go! Critters is SO cute!

  953. Lori W. says:

    and Go! Rag square 5 1/4' square. Never having to cut all those seems again would be amazing! =)

  954. Go! 2.5" strip cutter

  955. and Go! Finished Block Die Set… desperate for some good quilting supplies here in England!

  956. arabesque #3!!!!!!!!!! oh man i LOVE it!

  957. Oh my goodness!! What an awesome giveaway!! I would pick Go! Circles!! You can never cut a perfect-enough circle!

  958. And my second would have to be Go Funky Flowers!!!

  959. Go!chisels is pretty awesome too! i'd love to use that on my first quilt!

  960. Vicki @ DottyJane says:

    Go! Circles is my first choice!

  961. Vicki @ DottyJane says:

    Go! Blazing Star is my second choice:)

  962. Katie B. says:

    Awesome. I'd definitely get the circles.

  963. Katie B. says:

    And half square triangles

  964. schaars says:

    Go applique…. Go Alpha Baby oh man what I could accomplish with this AMAZING machine!!

  965. schaars says:

    Go strip cutters. Good Bye crooked cutting and hello straight and easy!!

  966. The Go! Round Flower is my other favorite.

  967. The Go! Rose of Sharon is my favorite so far.

  968. I would love the Go Funky Flowers

  969. And . . . the Go strip cutter!!!

  970. DixieJo says:

    And Rose of Sharon!

  971. DixieJo says:

    my first one did't go through… so here I try again! Go! Hexagons!

  972. Arabesque set 1 – Lovely!

  973. I love Arabesque set 2 too!

  974. SheilaC says:

    Great give away!

    I would get: GO! Strip Die Set


  975. SheilaC says:

    I would also get :

    GO! Star-2", 3", 4"


  976. Go Critters!

  977. And Go Hexagons!

  978. GO! Rectangle-3 1/2" x 6 1/2"

  979. Go!Critters!

  980. GO! Alpha Baby

  981. Go! Apple Core! Totally! :)

  982. Sew Lovins says:

    Go Critters!! xoxox

  983. I'd pick the tumbler and 2 1/2" strip cutter.

  984. Go! Rag. I'm making a rag quilt out of my grandfather's flannel shirts for each of my 8 cousins for Christmas this year….and this would make doing them SO quick!!!!

  985. Go! Fall Medley

  986. Oops. The 2 1/2 strip cutter would be my second.

  987. Sew Lovins says:

    Baby Letters!!! Yeah

  988. Go! rag die 8 1/2 inch

  989. Go! Funky Flowers :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  990. Go! Strip border!

  991. Go! Circles!

  992. TannaBanana says:

    Go! Arabesque #3- so cute!!

  993. TannaBanana says:

    Go! Funky flowers- They would make such a cute quilt!!

  994. I love the "GO! Diamond in the Rough"

  995. How fun would the "GO Rag Square 5 1/4" be?

  996. GO! Critters looks fun! [email protected]

  997. Pieced Together says:


  998. Pieced Together says:

    Go! Diamond in the rough! love that one

  999. Xeyedmary says:

    Go! Holiday Melody

  1000. Xeyedmary says:

    Go! Blazing Star

  1001. I would pick the Go! Circles, for all those projects where you have to cut out a bazillion circles (burned-edge flowers, felt wreaths, etc). Thanks1

  1002. I would also loooove the Go! Strip Cutter, I am awful at cutting straight lines! :)

  1003. Go! Critters would be my first choice! They're so cute!!

  1004. GO! Heart-2", 3", 4" are adorable too and I cannot cut an even heart to save my soul.

  1005. Mama Mama Quite Contrary says:

    Go! Round Flower

  1006. Mama Mama Quite Contrary says:

    Go! Critters

  1007. Go Tumblers!

  1008. Go! drunkards path!

  1009. I love them all. I did tell you that I could win this and take it home with me while I was there last week. No shipping involved. Now you are going to have to send it to me when I win!!

    I like the Go! Rag Now that would make things a lot easier.

  1010. My next favorite is the Go! Circle.

    When I first saw your give away, I thought it was for the quilt you already made, and I got pretty excited. I LOVE it, and think it would be very cute at my house.
    Too bad you didn't have the ABC, it would of come in handy with my banner!

  1011. Donita Porter says:

    Go! Funky Flowers

  1012. Donita Porter says:

    Go! Critters.

  1013. Go Circles!

  1014. Go Critters!

  1015. The Phillips Family says:

    Go! Round Flowers

  1016. The Phillips Family says:

    Go! Funky Flowers! Love them!

  1017. Amber H. says:

    Well, the first extra die set I'd like is the HEXAGONS!! I'm addicted to Hexagons, and I firmly believe more things need hexagons in this world.

  1018. Amber H. says:

    The second die set I would love to have is the Feathers die set. They would be versatile and useful for non feathered projects… raindrops anyone?

  1019. Go! Rag Squares 5 1/4

  1020. Go! Hexagon

  1021. Janice Twitchell says:

    Go! circle 2"3"5" so I can make tons of yo yo's!!

  1022. Janice Twitchell says:

    Go! funky flowers!! so cute!

  1023. I think Go!Strips would be my first choice. Like you said, this would be awesome cutting your binding strips with this.

  1024. My second choice would be the Go!Rag. I don't "do" rag quilts because of cutting the fringe. This would fix that problem!!

  1025. GO! Hexagon-2", 3", 5"
    Oh my gosh that would make cutting so easy!

    [email protected]

  1026. Go! Hexagon :)

  1027. Go! Stars would make the cutest quilt.

  1028. GO! Tumbler-6 1/2"
    I just read a blog post using this and I've been wanting to try it since!

    [email protected]

  1029. liz taylor says:

    GO! Half Square-4" Finished Triangle

  1030. liz taylor says:

    GO! Tumbler-6 1/2" What a great giveaway!

  1031. GO! Drunkard's Path (yay curves)!

  1032. Go! Arabesque (ooh so fancy)! Thanks for a chance to win!

  1033. Solomon and Lyndsie says:

    Yay! Go!Funky Flowers.

  1034. Solomon and Lyndsie says:

    Go! Critters. Way too cute!

  1035. I so want to win this. I like the go circles.
    [email protected]

  1036. I like the go critters.
    [email protected]

  1037. Amy @ Creativity Finder says:

    Wow! What a giveaway! I would pick the Go Critters. Thanks!

  1038. Amy @ Creativity Finder says:

    My second choice would be the funky flowers. Thanks again!

  1039. Ambler Fam says:


  1040. MagnoliaSplash says:

    Go! 2"squares

  1041. MagnoliaSplash says:

    and the apple cores.

  1042. What a great idea, Go Drunkards Path

  1043. mmmm next would be Go Tumblers

  1044. Beverly says:

    Decisions, decisions! Go!Hexagons

  1045. Beverly says:

    And then there's GO! 2-1/2" strips

  1046. Go critters, they are fab!!

  1047. Greta Adams says:

    Go! Critters

  1048. Greta Adams says:

    Go! Alpha Baby

    Thanks for a chance to win…i am new at quilting and enjoying the heck out of it so far. Quilt # 2 is underway

  1049. Jimmi&Kaley says:

    GO! Funky Flowers!!!! Love it!

  1050. Jimmi&Kaley says:

    GO! Funky Flowers!!!! Love it!

  1051. Jimmi&Kaley says:

    GO! Alpha Baby!!

  1052. Jimmi&Kaley says:

    GO! Alpha Baby!!

  1053. Tsosie and Peterson Bunch says:

    First I'd take Go! Critters

  1054. Tsosie and Peterson Bunch says:

    Second choice is sooooo hard – but I like the Go! Funky Flowers a lot.

  1055. Emma @ emmanemhandmade says:

    Ooh I love the lubbaby ones!

  1056. Emma @ emmanemhandmade says:

    Also love the arabesque – very classy.

  1057. Tumblers. Always wanted to make that pattern but never have. It be great to cut them out so quick!

  1058. And the hexagons, because they are fab, but I really don't think I'd ever cut them all out by hand!

  1059. Christy says:

    GO! Circle

  1060. Christy says:

    And let's not forget GO! Hexagon, mmmmmmmmkay?

  1061. mrspelly says:


  1062. mrspelly says:


  1063. Bettina says:

    Tada – my second choice:

  1064. Catherine says:

    Go! Fall Medley

  1065. Catherine says:

    Go! Funky Flowers! Cute cute!

  1066. lovinsanta says:

    Go! Critters

  1067. lovinsanta says:

    Go! Funky Flowers

  1068. johannamathews says:

    Love the Go! Arabesque :)

  1069. johannamathews says:

    Go! Funky Flowers are Adorable!

  1070. SewSweetStitches says:

    omg I NEED this cutter!! Ok, first I'd pick the Rose of Sharon…

    [email protected]

  1071. Go! Die Set Vol. 2
    Wow! What fun!!

  1072. SewSweetStitches says:

    And second I'd pick the Hexagons!

    [email protected]

  1073. Go! Applique Today die set.

  1074. Christina says:

    Go Critters

  1075. Christina says:

    And Go Funky flowers #2~

  1076. Gurgle Turtle says:

    Go! Rose of Sharon

  1077. Gurgle Turtle says:

    Go! Hexagons

  1078. Brittany says:

    Go! Critters

  1079. Brittany says:

    Go! Funky Flowers

  1080. Go! Square 3 & 1/2 would be great!

  1081. Patience says:

    Go!Quarter Square-4" Finished Triangle…please.

  1082. Caroline says:

    I love the GO! Funky Flowers .. they would make such cute things for my daughter !!

    mrserries at yahoo dot com

  1083. Patience says:

    Go!Feathers…pretty, please.

  1084. Caroline says:

    Also like the GO! Critters

    mrserries at yahoo dot com

  1085. Also the Go! Half Square 3" Finished Triangle. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  1086. I like to GO! Critters

  1087. and the GO!Funky Flowers

  1088. Go Rag!!

  1089. Go Geometric!!

  1090. Love it! So many uses.

  1091. Think Pink says:

    Would totally choose the critters….
    roeger {at} cox {dot} net

  1092. Think Pink says:

    …and the funky flowers!
    roeger {at} cox {dot} net

  1093. Too fun, i would love to try it! I think a strip cutter and the square cutter would be fantastic!
    [email protected]

  1094. Kaley Badger says:

    Go! Critters!

  1095. Kaley Badger says:

    Go! Strips. How easy would that be for bias tape!

  1096. PS I also like the hexagon cutter because those are so hard to make.
    Thanks again,
    [email protected]

  1097. The six of us! says:

    GO!Rag Square. Love it!!!

  1098. I love the go flowers!! So cute

    [email protected]

  1099. I also love the go applique! These are too cute!

    [email protected]

  1100. The six of us! says:

    GO!FUnky flowers!!! Love that one too!

  1101. Go! Round Flower

  1102. Go! Star

  1103. Go! Drunkards Path!

  1104. Go! Critters

  1105. Go! Flowers

  1106. Full Throttle Ad Specialties says:

    Go funky flowers, critters, holiday medley and stars!!!! Love it

  1107. William says:

    Go Holiday!

  1108. William says:

    And Critters. Go Critters!

  1109. Amber Lynn says:

    This would be awesome!

    Go! Fall Medley — it has an acorn!

  1110. Amber Lynn says:

    Go! Critters. I love the dragonfly!

  1111. Ramanda says:

    Ooo any of the applique dies!

  1112. Ramanda says:

    The go!rag would be a finger and a time saver fo sho!

  1113. Go! Critters

  1114. Go! Star

  1115. i love GO! Hexagons.
    awesome giveaway :D

  1116. CB Mauro says:

    GO! Strip Die Set…because who doesn't need that?

  1117. GO! Circles look great too.

  1118. CB Mauro says:

    Go! Die Set Volume 2…because it's got a little bit of everything!

  1119. I would want the GO Circle…imagine the tons of yo-yo's I could make!!!

  1120. I would also want the GO! Fall Medley because Fall is my favorite season…Oh the beautiful fall quilts I could create!!!

  1121. I would get the critters and stars I think… they're just too darn cute! Great giveaway!

  1122. Ms. Knitsalot says:

    Go! Critters! Love the butterflies…

  1123. Ms. Knitsalot says:

    Go! Funky Flowers! Way too cute…

  1124. Go! Geometrics

  1125. Go! Strip

  1126. Mechelle says:

    Go Geometric… just basics for me!

  1127. Mechelle says:

    Go Finished Block Set… I am new I need the easy stuff

  1128. Go Critters!

  1129. Go 4th of July!

  1130. Go strip die set!