Today you can find me

at seven thirty three.

(There’s a brand new tutorial involved, so GET OVER THERE!)

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  1. squeeeee~!!!!

  2. ificould says:

    Thanks for introducing me to seven thirty three – how had I never seen it before? So cute – thanks! I'm linking your tutorial:

  3. Kim @ seven thirty three says:

    Thanks for guest posting today! These skirts are so FAB-TABULOUS!

  4. Jeanette says:

    It made me smile when I saw your skirt….we have very similar tastes!!

  5. Can't wait to make the skirt for my 7 year-old! When I clicked over, I instantly recognized the fabric you used. I have the same paisley print for banding on my living room curtains. The stripe is on a noteboard in my kitchen. Small fabric world.

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