Here’s the deal: Based on the fact that I’m in charge of girls camp for church this week and I might lose my mind before it’s over and the fact that when I click on “email me” on people’s profiles nothing happens, I’ve made a decision.

The winners of ALL the giveaways will be posted here.

I’ll add winners as the giveaways close. You’ll need to come back and check this post.


Follow me on Twitter (@CrapIveMade) or “Like” me on Facebook, because I’ll post winners there, too.



Email me at [email protected].

Put the item you won and giveaway number IN THE SUBJECT LINE.

Include your mailing address.

I’ll forward your information to the giver and we’ll all live happily after!



We’ll pick a new winner.

Giveaway #1: Tidy Trays

#51 aka Randi @ Dukes and Duchesses

Giveaway #2: A Vision To Remember

#98 aka Lyndee from Henrichsen Heroes

#2 aka Kara @ Creations by Kara

Giveaway #3: Willow Baby

#115 aka Trisha/TheWrightStuff

Giveaway #4: Lady Cupcake’s Corner

#102 aka icitea/Clare from Teacup of Whimsy

Giveaway #5: Original Watercolor

#18 aka Ed and Bel

Giveaway #6: Funky PolkaDot Giraffe

#173 aka Amber / [email protected]

Giveaway #7: Just Sew Sassy

#112 aka quilting granny

Giveaway #8: Embroidered Dishtowel

#21 aka Ashlee from Giggled Pink

Giveaway #9: Tempest Ahoy

#28 aka Linda from a little Leary

Giveaway #10: Whisper Blossom

#86 aka Kaylan from What more can I say….

Giveaway #11: JJ & JOJO

#102 aka Kelly

Giveaway #12: Mini Quilt & Book

#27 aka handmadehappiness

#8 aka Heleen

Giveaway #13: Hippos & Dinosaurs

#48 aka Brandy from You Don’t Know…

Giveaway #14: Kiss My Style

#37 aka kimberlykikki from Kikki’s Designs

Giveaway #15: Stari Designs

#10 aka kimberlykikki from Kikki’s Designs

Giveaway #16: Morsbags

#91 aka Jess from Funny Thing About Autism

Giveaway #17: Green Gracie Home

#61 aka Carol from Keeping Up With The Crowleys

Giveaway #18: Stitchin’ Kitchen

#100 aka Melissa

Giveaway #19: Norah James Designs

#25 aka Handmade Mama

Giveaway #20: Family Stitchery from Every Crafty Endeavor

#87 aka Shirley

Giveaway #21: Leafy Treetop Spot

#21 aka Landon and Kylie

# 46 aka Dawn

Giveaway #22: Handmade Tote Bag

#60 aka Shana from Blaze ‘n’ Crochet

Giveaway #23: Little Blue Prints

#124 aka Sarah

Giveaway #24: Camera Wrist Strap

#78 aka Luz from Peloosh Creations

Giveaway #25: Charm Packs

#268 aka Amy Culp from Increasingly Domestic

#169 aka Kaylan from What more can I say….(Again! Lucky!)

#68 aka Amy from A New Song

#52 aka Brooke from Learning As I Go

Giveaway #26: Scientific Seamstress Patterns

#102 aka Jane Jeffress Thomas from Knock Three Times

Giveaway #27: Words & Wisdom Vinyl

#59 aka Amy from Adventures of Shawn and Alex

Giveaway #28: Creations by Kara

#15 aka Sarah from Sarah’s Digi Scraps

Giveaway #29: Good Egg Interiors

#16 aka The Mang Family from Mang World

Giveaway #30: Accessorie by Lindsey

#8 aka sjf_1979

Giveaway #31: Singed Flowers

#119 aka CodynStacey

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  1. Thanks for taking charge of all of the giveaways and best of luck at girl's camp.

  2. How exciting! I think this is an effective way to handle all that giveaway action! Happy camping.

  3. Michelle@Somedaycrafts says:

    Good luck with Girls Camp! I hope you have a ton of jokes planned!

  4. Good luck with girls camp! The email me link in profiles is meant to open up your email client, so if you don't have one installed/set up, nothing will happen. You can just right click on the link and select copy email address and then paste that into your email message. But posting all the winners is perfectly acceptable as well, and definitely saves you a lot of work, so I say stick with that. :)

  5. Wow congratulations to all the winners……

  6. Ooh I just saw that I won something YAY!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Tonya's Sewing Room says:

    darn, looked again for my sweet little ole' name and still didn't see it……thanks for all your hard work

  8. Thanks for posting this! I'm not sure how I missed it the first time around, but I won something!! YAY!

  9. No email address on a Bloggers profile makes me sad!

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