Giveaway #27: Words & Wisdom Vinyl – CLOSED

Vinyl Signs are all the rage right now! It’s such an easy and CUTE way to decorate your home. The best part is even if you don’t own your home you can still use vinyl to make those boring white walls in your rented house or apartment look more personal and more like you! It can be applied to most surfaces and is easy to remove if you get tired of it (but why would you?) or have to move.

Here’s just a sampling of some of my latest works:

My boys are addicted to Star Wars and they were so jealous when they found out that this sign was not for their bedroom.

Cute little boy’s nursery.

One of my all time personal favorites! The picture doesn’t show it very well but the word bloom is done in purple. This one looks so great in real life!

And then a new favorite, Paper Airplanes! How fun would it be to have this room for your little boys?

Also I have to brag a bit, but Char, was my very first non-family client! And because of her great vinyl choices, I have been able to make SEVERAL No Soliciting signs. Most of which are exactly like hers.

Now for the fun part, the giveaway! One lucky reader of Char’s blog will receive a $50.00 gift certificate to my store for you to create the vinyl sign (or signs) of your choice! How awesome is that???

Here’s how to enter:

1. Check out my blog Words & Wisdom Custom Vinyl Lettering & Signs browse around and look at all of my fun creations. Come back here and either leave a comment about which of my works is your favorite or tell me what you would like your sign to say that I would create for you if you were to win.

2. Become a follower of my blog (right hand side of my blog, click on the “follow” button) then come back here and leave a comment stating that you did so.

3. Become a Fan of my NEWLY CREATED Facebook page! I just created this fan page for this giveaway. I’ve actually been meaning to this just gave me motivation!

You have three (3) chances to win! But you must leave an individual comment for each of the three ways to enter.

Want to place an order? Just email me at [email protected] and put in the subject line: Crap I’ve Made Giveaway and you’ll receive 10% off your purchase!

Giveaway closes whenever Char says it’s done! :)
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  1. Liz @ LivingMySweetLife says:

    Oh, I really would like a family quote, i was browsing thru all the quote son your page and there were a few I thought were cute!

  2. Liz @ LivingMySweetLife says:

    …I am also a new follower!

  3. I liked WofW on FB.
    [email protected]

  4. I've been looking for the vinyl quote "all because two people fell in love". So glad to see you have it. I just started a picture wall of my twins and want to use this quote there. Hope I win!
    [email protected]

  5. Karen Tapahe says:

    It's hard to pick a favorite out of everything you have! I would probably have you do a custom one for me that says "Walk in beauty." It's a traditional Navajo saying (my hubby is Navajo).

  6. I agree that it's hard to choose a favorite! I like the "count your many blessings" one.

  7. I became a fan on facebook.

  8. I love the Welcome signs for a front door!

  9. Oooh pick me! I think I want something big and cute for my blah kitchen, like something about family and whatnot. I am having the hardest time choosing, although your kid stuff is absolutely darling! Wait, no, probably a no-soliciting sign now that I am at home and getting bombarded by salespeople!

  10. Oh and I follow you on facebook.

  11. And I'm an 'official' follower of your blog now, although I check it regularly through MOT's anyways…

  12. If I won I would love to work out something star wars. I am redoing my sons room and it would be a huge hit in there!

  13. Liked the FB page, I am tammy Licht Stumbo

  14. Mechelle says:

    Love the paper airplanes! My son would love these on his walls

  15. Just started "following" you as well.

  16. cortney mae says:

    I am a follower

  17. cortney mae says:

    Wall sayings with the family name and year est are my fav.. I also love the splish splash signs

  18. So many favorites! I think I like the "•We don't remember days, we remember moments" one the best. Such a hard decision! Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. I really need a "No Soliciting" sign!

    All of your signs are just wonderful! I would love to win a "Family" sign for my photo wall!

    shelly at flottfamily dot com

  20. I just became a follower of your blog!

    shelly at flottfamily dot com

  21. I "liked" you on facebook!

    shelly at flottfamily dot com

  22. Check! I just followed your blog. (Becky R.) You have made some awesome creations lately! Great job at keeping your business fresh and always creative.

  23. Check! I followed your page on Facebook!

  24. I think it would be fun to put some vinyl in my family room, but I need some creative ideas. I was thinking about putting some of this poem down there to remind Koy and I to be parents first!

    The cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow,
    For children grow up, as I've learned to my sorrow.
    So quiet down, cobwebs. Dust go to sleep.
    I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

  25. Luv 2 Kreate says:

    Follow on FB

  26. Luv 2 Kreate says:

    Follow your blog!

  27. Love the paper airplanes! The "Cinderella" quote is fun too1

  28. Michelle says:

    I love the No Soliciting for the window, the Wahs, Brush, Floss, Flush, for the bathroom and many others.

  29. Luv 2 Kreate says:

    I love the "HOME is where your story begins"

  30. Candy (Mama Lion) says:

    I love the home is where your story begins saying. i am also now a follower of ur blog as well as on fb! love ur site! very creative and fun stuff :)

  31. I'd really love a NO more monkey's jumpin' on the bed for above my little monkey's bed!

  32. I'm a FOLLOWER!

  33. FB Follower!

  34. We just moved our boys to bunk beds, and I would love to do their names like you did…maybe with robots instead of birds!
    Thank you!

  35. Too hard to decide! I do like the airplanes though!

  36. My son adores the paper airplanes and the Jedi sign. I'm on the lookout for something for my craft room, though. Not sure quite what yet, it would be great to win this giveaway and get your ideas!!

  37. brown paper packages says:

    I love the girls in bloom quote, and those paper airplanes are darling!

  38. I like your stuff a lot! I think I would have you make a vinyl tree for our little girl's nursery.

  39. I'm following you! But not in a creepy way. :)

  40. Lexi's Mommy says:

    Ohh I love vinyl. I think I's want a big fancy letter D for my wall above our bed. It's kinda empty right now

  41. Gotta love Facebook pages. I am a fan of yours!

  42. I'm a follower of your blog!

  43. I like you on facebook!

  44. I LOVE the "Wash, Brush, Floss, and Flush" one! Boy that is one I need for my 5 year old! I've also always wanted one that says " I made a wish adn you came true" to put under my children's pictures.

  45. Jeff, Catina & the Kids says:

    So hard to pick one favorite! One of my favorites is the name plaque :)

  46. Jeff, Catina & the Kids says:

    So hard to pick one favorite! One of my favorites is the name plaque :)

  47. Ranae Broadhead says:

    i would love the saying "always kiss me goodnight"

    [email protected]

  48. Ranae Broadhead says:

    i am a follower of your blog!

  49. Ranae Broadhead says:

    im a fan on fb!

  50. following your blog!

  51. liked you on fb!

  52. I could really go for a no soliciting sign.

  53. Landon and Kylie says:

    I'm with everyone else…it's hard to choose! I was excited to see the Hawaiian welcome sign you did though, I would love that! I also think your "no soliciting" signs are great, and I can think of several ideas for my kitchen!
    [email protected]

  54. Landon and Kylie says:

    I'm a new follower!
    [email protected]

  55. Amanda Joy says:

    So many of the kid and family quotes that I can't decide!!!

  56. Holly @ Domestic Dork says:

    I love the no soliciting sign. But we don't get solicitors in our downtown apartment. I also LURVE the paper airplanes! LURVE LURVE LURVE!

  57. I would have our family name in some fancy-pants font and "established 2004" (the year we were married) to put below. Cool giveaway!!! [email protected]

  58. I love so much of your stuff. I would do a no soliciting sign and something to make my mailbox all purdy. I also like the paper airplanes. They would be so much fin in my boys room.

  59. I follow on FB

  60. I follow your blog!

  61. Christina says:

    I became a follower of the blog

  62. I love the LOVE quotes and any one them would look so great in our bedroom!

  63. Christina says:

    I love the wash, brush, floss, and flush sign!

  64. Emily J. says:

    I love the Count Your Many Blessings – the corner for the frame is an especially nice touch! I also love the "Families Are Forever" with the family name – always wanted one like that!

  65. The Dummers says:

    I love all of the bathroom sayings! I've been looking for something cute for my bathroom!

  66. Emily J. says:

    I am a follower of your blog!!

  67. The Dummers says:

    Following the blog

  68. Emily J. says:

    I liked the facebook page!!

  69. The Dummers says:

    Fan on Facebook

  70. I love the family quote you have on your blog. I think I'd make something to go with some photos I have. I have a friend who had a picture of each child with their name and birthdate below them.

  71. I'm following your blog.

  72. I "liked" you on FB.

  73. I would love: No Soliciting. Then maybe they would stop at the street :)

  74. So many cute things! I like the Bon Appetit above the oven. And you can't go wrong with a classic name plaque.
    ilovepaulduersch at gmail dot com

  75. I can't become a follower as I have a sordid history with vinyl wall clings. But, I have to say, those paper airplanes are mighty cute! I have clients that would love so many of your offerings!

  76. KnitterBug Creations says:

    I love the
    "Family: we may not have it all together, but together we have it all" quote!!

    I sooooooo want that for my living room wall!

    [email protected]

  77. We just combined two boys into one room. I would love to put "Two Jedi's Sleep Here" on their door and put their names above their beds like I saw on your site. So cute!

  78. KnitterBug Creations says:

    Like you on facebook!
    [email protected]

  79. Leigh Anne says:

    I'd like a cute growth chart for my kids. I'd put it on a board so I could move it, etc…. ;)

  80. Ed and Bel says:

    I follow your blog and on FB.

  81. Leigh Anne says:

    i'm a follower

  82. Ed and Bel says:

    Too many choices…if I win I guess I will need to make a decision. =)

  83. I LOVE the "Dragonfly Kisses and Ladybug Hugs" project. It would look so cute in my baby's room.

  84. I'm a follower on your blog. So many cute projects!

  85. I am a follower!!!
    Ashley @

  86. I am totally in need of a no soliciting sign, but I wouldn't mind having my favorite quote by Newton over our double bookshelf, or the 4 hallmarks of a happy home in my front room….

  87. I would love the one about being a daughter of God, a Princess (I don't remember exactly how it goes) and would love to hang it in my girls' room to remind them that they are Princesses!
    Ashley @

  88. I have "liked" your facebook page.

  89. I just became a follower…great vinyl ideas!

  90. This is the cutest vinyl stuff I've seen…but you had me at the 'paper' airplanes. My oldest son's room is getting a transportation theme and those planes would be awesome!

  91. I think I would go custom if I won – I'd get all 6 of our names in 4 inch letters to put on the backs of our chairs around the dinner table! My kids are 1-3-5-7 & it's a constant battle of who sits where!

    [email protected]

  92. Jonathan and Raechel says:

    Oh the possibilities! I love the custom gifts you made! I would love to give something like that for my sister's wedding. Crossing my fingers!

  93. Jonathan and Raechel says:

    ps my email is [email protected]

  94. LAST NAME” (your family names through the middle)
    I'd email you specifics if we won :)

  95. 2Ksmommy says:

    love the preschool crayons! so cute!

  96. 2Ksmommy says:

    following your blog :)

  97. 2Ksmommy says:

    Liked your FB page

  98. - HowJoyful - says:

    I love the family together wall graphic! I think I will like something similar to keep pictures of our families, since mine is is Chile this would make it very special.

  99. - HowJoyful - says:

    I am a follower too!

  100. I'm a follower of your Words & Wisdom blog :)

  101. I would definately want something in the love category for my bedrom!

  102. I 'like' you on Facebook :)

  103. I'm a follower now :D

  104. What would I have you make… I love all your stuff but think I'd have to go with A house is not a home without a dog or some other doggy saying

  105. Hey there–I "like" your facebook page as well!

  106. Pretty sure I need one of those No Soliciting signs.

  107. benjaminsmama says:

    I really need a family (established) sign for my house

  108. I'd like a "No Soliciting" vinyl for my door…But i also love the "bath 5 cents" lettering too!

  109. I'd like one of those signs that say FOREVER in the background, and my family name in front.

    I also really liked all of the ones to do with Primary. I just got called as my ward's Primary chorister, so I'm really leaning towards the "All I need to know, I learned in Primary"

  110. I went and liked your facebook page, does that count as being a fan?

  111. Danielle says:

    I would definitely get something with my daughter's name because it's unique and not found on anything ready made!

  112. Christina says:

    It's too hard to pick- there are so many great ideas!

  113. The Gunter Family says:

    I'd love to get my son's name in the lounge bait font. We are moving to a new house and it would be great for his new room!

  114. I love the airplanes, and the welcome sign on the door. So many great ideas. I think I'd love a welcome sign for my door.

  115. Oh, and I became a follower of your blog. It has so many great ideas.

  116. I love the welcome signs.

  117. I am a blog follower.

  118. JillybeansMommy says:

    I love the bathroom ideas… I'd have to narrow it down but I love the Wash, Brush, Floss & Flush! With a baby girl turning 1 soon, what a great reminder in her bathroom of what to do! :)

  119. JillybeansMommy says:

    Following the blog now!

  120. JillybeansMommy says:

    Liked on Facebook! Thanks!

  121. Jacob and Cami says:

    I want to put "And every heart is whispering home, home at last" in our family room.

    [email protected]

  122. Definitely the No Soliciting Sign!

  123. I'm a follower.

  124. momof2Boys says:

    I love the paper airplanes that is too cute.

  125. momof2Boys says:

    I am a follower!!

  126. Danielle says:

    There are so many quote vinyl proects on your blog. I would probably pick one of the family quotes or the 'every champion was once a rookie'.

  127. I really like the photo collage wall quote.

  128. I'm a new follower!

  129. Michelle says:

    I really like "Bless All Who Enter" or I'd love Hebrews 11:1 in our living room. "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."
    [email protected]

  130. Michelle says:

    I just became a follower of your blog!
    [email protected]

  131. I'm a fan!

  132. …and I follow ♥

  133. I love the 'these are a few of my favorite things' magnet board!

  134. I love them all…The welcome signs are some of my favorites.

  135. I am following you.

  136. I just signed up to follow you! Love the vinyl lettering.

  137. I think my favorite lettering is the step down on the sliding glass doors. that looks great!

  138. The paper airplanes are my favorite, but I also like the sweet treats candy jar.

  139. Love the one you did for your friend's girls' room with their names by their bunk bed. That would look great in my girls' room.

  140. I follow your blog

  141. I'm a fan on Facebook.

  142. I follow your blog.

  143. I'm a follower of Words & Wisdom :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  144. I just painted my front door (five years later!) and I would LOVE a new Welcome sign! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  145. Michelle says:

    I like the personalized name plaques. I would want mine to say Johnson Est.2006.

  146. The Sewing Dork says:

    No Junk Mail would be nice, but I agree with a reader above – No More Monkeys Jumping On the Bed would be much more FUN!
    [email protected]

  147. I would love the phrase "Love is spoken here" on my huge living room mirror. :)

  148. Connie Babe says:

    there are so many i want now…but my heart just banged the hardest for the jedi one, because i have two nephews who share a room who would LOVE THAT on their door!

  149. allisonsbj3 says:

    I love the collage photos.


  150. allisonsbj3 says:

    Facebook fan


  151. allisonsbj3 says:

    Blog follower


  152. Amanda K @ Every Crafty Endeavor says:

    $50!! Choose me!! I could totally use this in a heart beat!

  153. Amanda K @ Every Crafty Endeavor says:

    I'm a follower!

  154. Jessica and Matt says:

    I love the welcome signs for the front door

  155. SewCalGal says:

    Wow are you a busy lady. I love your new blog and business. Way cool. And I love all the creations you have made. You are now the Vinyl Queen!

    I'd actually like a nautical quote made in a small'ish font, or some swirls.


  156. SewCalGal says:

    I follow your blog with great delight!


  157. SewCalGal says:

    I am now a fan. Very excited to follow and see more photos shared.


  158. I like the No Soliciting except children sign!
    [email protected]

  159. carlisle clan conversation... says:

    I would love our family named layered on top of a 'C' and then Established 1999 to put on my front door.

  160. carlisle clan conversation... says:

    Blog Follower

  161. carlisle clan conversation... says:

    FB fan

  162. The Mang Family says:

    I think I would have you make something for my cupcake inspired kitchen. =)

  163. The Mang Family says:

    New follower too!

  164. The Mang Family says:

    Liking you on FB!

  165. SunnySusan says:

    Oh so many to choose from….I love the No soliciting and the Bath 5 cents…is way cute.

  166. SunnySusan says:

    I liked you on FB

  167. stephjacobson says:

    I want something for my new craft room. "Stop thinking and start doing" would be appropriate for me!

  168. sjf_1979 says:

    How can I pick just one when your website has a million zillion great quotes as example!? :)

    I do love the count your many blessing with the corner florish you have listed in this giveaway.

    Gorgeous work!

  169. This is such a wonderful idea…I really like the personalized name plates and the no soliciting sign….very kool…

  170. And I am an official follower of your blog. There are just too many sayings to decide..

  171. iheartfootloose says:

    i like the bon appetit for the kitchen… and the names on the wall for my little girl's nursery

  172. iheartfootloose says:

    new follower as well!

  173. I want a sign that says, "My house is clean enough to be healthy, but dirty enough to be happy."

  174. I'm following your blog!

  175. I like your glass blocks, and the "Few of My Favorite Things" photo holder, and the option of choosing a verse for my walls… So much to enjoy!

  176. Tyler and Becky Rider says:

    I would love something that would be able to give to my sister for her upcoming wedding. Maybe their initial or the date

  177. Tyler and Becky Rider says:

    I am a follower of your blog

  178. Tyler and Becky Rider says:

    Facebook Fan

  179. I think I'd want Jeremiah 29:11 for my son's room.

  180. I would love Gordon B. Hinckley's quote, "Be true to who you are and the family name you bear".

  181. I like the two jedi sleep here sign…but i might have to do two pirates sleep here, because the rest of their room is decorated in pirate decor. or have their names. love it!

  182. fan on facebook :)
    [email protected]

  183. following her blog
    [email protected]

  184. i would love a simple welcome on my new door.

  185. melissaballard says:

    My fav. is the "horsie, horsie" nursery! Adorable. I'm not sure what I'd have you make for my home yet…
    [email protected]

  186. Jane Jeffress Thomas says:

    Be All You Can Be is my favorite one.

  187. I love the paper airplanes. They would go perfectly on the wall above my son's crib in the pink room he has to share with his sister.

  188. There are so many I couldnt choose! I want several!!!!!

  189. A Different Drum says:

    I like the quote "You can't do everything for everyone…" I haven't heard it before – cute sign!

  190. Michele P. says:

    I would love to have something done up in Spanish, like welcome in Spanish or another quote for our wall…

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  191. Michele P. says:

    now following on Facebook too Michele Pineda

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  192. Love the paper airplanes!

  193. I Love the cute crayons on the wall!!

  194. I'm a liker on facebook!!

  195. CuteCupcakesAllTheTime says:

    I love the paper airplanes. so cute!!
    mychancetowin at gmail dot com

  196. I've been searching for a set of coffee flavors for my kitchen soffit… you know– java, macchiato, mocha, etc. Definitely what I'll choose if I'm lucky enough to win!

  197. I Facebook like Words and Wisdom!

  198. Words and Wisdom follower!

  199. I love "cherish today"

  200. I'm a follower

  201. I'm a fan!

  202. Our Happy Family says:

    I think the paper airplanes would be super cute in our office. Thanks for the great give away!

  203. Smullin Family says:

    I would probably get one of my favorite scriptures in vinyl or a quote from Pres Monson.

    BTW-I love my No Soliciting sign.

  204. Smullin Family says:

    I now follow.

  205. Smullin Family says:

    I am now a fb fan.

  206. Carolina girl says:

    You have tons of awesome stuff on your blog, but I would like for you to make the vinyl for a FHE board for me!

  207. movingmommy says:

    I like the baby one about blown from the hands of god! [email protected]

  208. The Brownings says:

    Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see.

    Love this one!

  209. The Brownings says:

    Following you!

  210. The Brownings says:

    Facebook liked you!

  211. The Bronson Bunch says:

    I love the no soliciting except under 12! What a cute idea!

  212. The Bronson Bunch says:

    I follow the blog!!

  213. The Bronson Bunch says:

    I'm a fan on facebook! :D

  214. Jenalyn and Mike says:

    I really need the "No Soliciting". I also love the Child's Name, I am a Child of God.

  215. sweet luci's says:

    I "like" Words & Wisdom on Facebook.

  216. sweet luci's says:

    I am following Words & Wisdom's blog.

  217. sweet luci's says:

    I would love the win the "Grandma's Brag Wall". Thanks for the giveaway.

  218. I like you on FB!
    [email protected]

  219. I follow your blog, because being a follower is "in".
    [email protected]

  220. I'd like this one for my classroom: Be yourself, it is the one thing you can do better than anyone else

  221. "Wash, Brush, Floss & Flush!"

  222. I liked you on fb!

  223. Lani and Aaron says:

    I would like a sign saying "like pixie dust on butterfly wings, little girls are made of magical things" for my daughters room. =)

  224. I like the paper airplanes…or I might go with a custom "Tamlin's Trucks" writing for above my son's box o' trucks in his bedroom :-)

  225. I am getting ready to do a room for my girls. I love the quote

    Little girls are precious gifts wrapped in love serene, their dresses tied with sashes, their futures tied with dreams

    I would choose that one or their names. Thanks!

  226. Fun! I've been wanting a sign for my laundry room, but I can't decide on a quote. Maybe "laundry gathers here". If I win, I'd have to make a decision.

  227. I would want a count your blessings one, I def need a reminder of that every once and a while. :)

  228. Bobbie Mackey says:

    its hard to choose, but i really like the happy birthday

    bobbie @

  229. I would like a fancy looking M to put on my cookie jar.

    [email protected]

  230. The girls room is the exact color of my daughter's room! And the name with the bird is ADORABLE…I would like mine to say Amelia Claire with an owl on top if possible instead of a bird…a cute owl…like your bird…which if you can't do an owl is just as cute!

  231. YourOwnLilStar says:

    i loved the no solisiting or door flyers unless you are seven and selling cookies :) i don't know if its because we live in a low income area, but we get a new flyer on our door at least once a week. right now i just refuse to take them in, and have quite a pile on my doorstep :)

  232. If I won I would want something about family for my hall wall. I would want to put some pictures around the saying.

  233. You have so many cute creations! I like the no soliciting, welcome, and bon appetit! very cute!!

    [email protected]

  234. I am a blog follower!

    [email protected]

  235. Wow, you have tons of cute stuff! I love the welcome door signs. But I would probably get you to help me with something for my sons train room that we are working at putting together!! Like some tracks or something! Thanks!

  236. I follow your blog!

  237. Oh, I am so a follower now!

    and i don't usually follow anyone so you must be good!

  238. And my favorite..
    The laundry room, drop your drawers & one of the religious quotes, probably have to think about that one for awhile.

  239. I love the girl's names. So cute above the beds.

  240. I became a follower!

  241. I need a new no soliciting sign!!!

  242. handmadehappiness says:

    either !!! home is where the cookie's are or

  243. handmadehappiness says:

    home is where our story begin's!!! i am now a facebook liker!!!!

  244. Twins Squared says:

    Oooh, how do I choose? I was thinking something cute for the kids' rooms. I also like the Welcom signs on the front door. I love, love, love, the one that says Family We may not have it all together… but together we have it all. That is so us!

  245. I think I would like my quote to be….

    I can do all things in He who strenghtens me.

  246. Love the paper airplanes. So cute!

  247. My boys are HUGE fans of Star Wars at the moment. I'd love something like that.

  248. Maybe "Life began in a Garden"

  249. I think i would do "Gentalmen, start your engines!" for our boys' racing bedroom
    [email protected]

  250. I am looking to put a welcome sign on the front dorr.

  251. New follower

  252. Powers to be says:

    Follower on FB!

  253. Powers to be says:

    Following your BLOG too!!!

  254. I love so much of the things that you have on your website. I love the paper airplanes and so do my boys.

  255. I especially love the count your many blessings quote and scroll. I would like something with sports maybe some ball cutouts. I also would liek to do a family collage in our hallway.

  256. "Leaning and scrubbing can wait 'til tomorrow, For babies grow up we've learned to our sorrow, So quiet down cobwebs and dust go to sleep, I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep "
    My great aunt made a stitching thing that said this when I was a baby and it reminds me of her, but I also love "Always kiss me goodnight" those are cute qoutes I also liked your girls room nursery "butterfly kisses and ladybug hugs sleep tight tonight like a bug in a rug" hard choices

  257. I like you on facebook

  258. I became a follower :)

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