Giveaway #5: Original Watercolor Painting – CLOSED

Hello everyone! I am Natalie, a painter/wedding invitation designer and I am so excited to offer all of you a chance to win one of my original framed watercolor paintings. I received a painting degree from Brigham Young University and I love painting about my family and my cute 1-year-old baby boy. I am especially fond of this painting that I am giving away, titled “Waking Baby up from a Nap.”
This painting was inspired by the daily routine of taking care of my family, and the little things that I do everyday that are special to me and make all the difference. The unique geometric design was inspired by the floor plan of my baby’s nursery room.
This painting is watercolor on Arches watercolor paper. This piece has been framed in a completely 100% archival quality. The frame is white painted birch wood, and the mat is 100% cotton museum board. This painting was hung in my solo exhibition this last April-May that was themed “Hearth and Home” — all paintings inspired by my home and family.
There is a scratch on the glass in the upper right hand corner, and even with that discounted, this painting is worth $125. The finished size is 16″x17″.
I am so excited to give this special painting away. You can all buy my paintings on my etsy shop, and follow my painting journey and win more of my art on my art blog. I’d love for you to stop by and say hi!
Click on over to Natalie’s Etsy shop. Come back and leave a comment ON THIS POST with which of her paintings is your favorite!
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  1. Ranae Broadhead says:

    i love her … doing the laundry painting. so talented!
    [email protected]

  2. The Dummers says:

    Really like the Purple Pea Pods! So talented!

  3. i love the cup study
    mychancetowin at gmail dot com

  4. allisonsbj3 says:

    I love the cup study painting!


  5. Elizabeth says:

    I love Patterned Leaves

  6. Karen Tapahe says:

    I like the "I Am Beautiful" painting. The ribbons of color are wonderful!

  7. "You and Me" is fabulous!

  8. I like the I am beautiful painting. You are very talented.

  9. Our Happy Family says:

    I had a hard time picking. Super talented. I love the "like grandam's house" painting.

  10. I like "Stool" and "Cup Study".

    [email protected]

  11. kyle * krystin says:

    I love the Apricot Tree… very talented and inspired!

  12. I liked the "Patterned Leaves" painting. Way to follow your dream of being a painter from home! [email protected]

  13. My favorite is "I am beautiful" awesome watercolor talent!

  14. Patterned Pear or Purple Pea Pods caught my eye first. Beautiful colors.

  15. Sarah @ 365 Glimpses of John Parker says:

    I really like the Apricot Tree.

  16. I love His side is always messy!
    Super neat!

  17. kelkayla says:

    Blue and Red on the Mind is my fave. Thanks!

  18. Ed and Bel says:

    I like the Apricot Tree!

  19. I like Building a Home.
    blessed.mama4 at yahoo dot com

  20. I love the apricot tree painting.

  21. I love the Today is the Day painting!

  22. movingmommy says:

    I love this painting! [email protected]

  23. I liked doing the laundry, probably because I like doing laundry!

  24. Lexi's Mommy says:

    I loved the Apricot Tree painting! It's so simple yet so lovely.

    [email protected]

  25. I think Patterned Leaves is beautiful!

    [email protected]

  26. I love the "Today is the Day" Watercolor. Beautiful work!

  27. Encaustic Painting – Feels Like Forever. love it!

  28. I love His Side is Always Messy AND You and Me. They are both so pretty.
    [email protected]

  29. I like the Pink Flower Pattern or Apricot Tree.

  30. I love the patterned pear!

  31. Jessica and Matt says:

    cup study and baths before bedtime are tied for my favorite. [email protected]

  32. I like the
    Original Painting – Patterned Leaves
    painting. It would look so cute in my little girls nursery!

  33. I like the patterned leaves painting and of course, the special prize listed.

  34. I love Apricot Tree! It will look great in my bedroom when it is repainted.

  35. My fave is the Original Encaustic Painting – Cup Study! Fantastic!!!

  36. Wow, what a generous giveaway! Your paintings are beautiful – my favourite is You & Me! xxx

  37. i love her paintings
    and realy love the Original Watercolor, You and Me

  38. I would love to have the Original Encaustic Painting – Cup Study.

  39. Says Angelle... says:

    LOVE the Patterned Leaves and the Apricot Tree paintings! Great work!

  40. Sangeetha says:

    Laundry painting

  41. Loving "blue and red on the mind"
    [email protected]

  42. Michelle says:

    The "apricot tree" is my very favorite.

  43. "Slips By So Fast" is beautiful!

  44. Kevin, Holly, Kari and Bryce says:

    Love the colors of "The Cup Study"

  45. "You and Me" is great!

  46. laura marie says:

    Patterned leaves is amazing. You are so talented, girl!

  47. My favorite is patterned leaves. Thanks for the chance to win a great piece of art!

  48. candicem says:

    I really love the apricot tree painting. The painting in the giveaway would look great in my son's new room.

  49. Wow, such amazing talent, beautiful paintings. I think " I am beautiful" is my favorite, love the colors and lines in that one.

  50. So many give aways…so little time!
    PS…I love them ALLL!!!

  51. APachuta says:

    i like purple pea pods. very cool artwork!!!
    [email protected]

  52. Oh the leaves and I am beautiful is just wonderful..beautiful work and such great talant…

  53. Michele P. says:

    my favorite is the teal grate.

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  54. My favorite painting is "Apricot Tree"!

    opfiend at live dot com

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