Giveaway #7: Just Sew Sassy – CLOSED

Woohoo, it’s giveaway time! Isn’t Char awesome! I’m super stoked to have an opportunity to post on one of my favorite blogs of all time:) I’m Staci from Just Sew Sassy. I’m a busy married lady with three crazy adorable kiddos five and under. Crafty things make me happy and keep me sane. I’m still pretty new to the whole craft blogging concept, but I’m sooo hooked. I’m so happy to be hanging out with all you super cool Crap I’ve Made followers today:)

So normally my projects include fabric, thread, a sewing machine, batting… You get the picture. But lately I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone to try other fun crafty projects. I just discovered that I’m completely addicted to chiffon ruffled flowers. And I think they look amazing attached to a headband.

So that’s what I’m giving away today! You’re choice of a chiffon ruffled flower headband.

or Blush

I would LOVE for you to come stop by my blog for some more fun tutorials and recipes. Or do a little shopping in my Etsy shop!!

Thanks again Char, for having me today!!!

Want to win? Leave a comment!


  1. I love the headbands! I think I like the blush color.
    blessed.mama4 at yahoo dot com

  2. Helena (XOXO Parisky) says:
  3. I'm not sure I'm cool enough for big flower headbands, but I certainly have a little girl who is and who needs something fancy in black/charcoal. Maybe we could share! Thanks for the chance to win! I just found your blog last week so I feel like I am cheating but I'm going to try anyway. jadelovesbrynn {at} yahoo {dot} com.

  4. The headbands are adorable! It would be a perfect headpiece for my daughter's flower girl dress!

  5. Shannon Rodriguez says:

    Awesome…my girls would love these…they do not have pink so that would be cool!

  6. Wow, those headbands are adorable! Thanks for the chance to win!

    shelly at flottfamily dot com

  7. Super cute headbands! My daughter would love the blush one!

    charcoal.drawings at gmail dot com

  8. Bobbie Mackey says:


    bobbie @

  9. Love the headbands. so pretty!

  10. Ed and Bel says:

    The Buttermilk headband is perfect for my daughter! belrom3(at)yahoo(dot)com

  11. I love these headbands. I would get charcoal.

  12. Those are really cute. I really like the black one. I will check out her blog.


  13. My daughter is very girly, girly. She'd LOVE these headbands! Getting ready to head over and check out her blog. . .

  14. I love the headbands. (would love one for my niece!) And your blog is great too!

  15. those headbands rock! Thanks for the chance!

  16. I love the blush headband!

    deserae (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. Misty Mac says:

    How cutie patootie!! Thanks for doing this!

  18. MandyMoo76 says:

    Love love love it all! I think I'd go with the charcoal…and I'd love to tell you that it's for my darling almost 9 year old daughter but, let's just be honest…I'd totally steal it from her!!! So I'll be on my best behavior and let her borrow it when she'd like! ;o) tee hee hee Love your blog Stacie! Thanks for sharing her today, Char! ([email protected])

  19. Love the charcoal one!!

  20. I love the charcoal one. Super cute giveaway!

  21. Love the headbands! What a fun giveaway.

  22. love those headbands!! going to check out your shop now!

  23. Love the ruby headband!
    I'm off to check out Staci's blog now

  24. these are so cute! i think i like the blush best.
    mandydow at gmail

  25. Love your blog, I am now a follower.

  26. Love the charcol and blush! I have been wanting to try headbands on my little one, but haven't yet gotten around to it.

  27. The flowers are all darling. I love the buttermilk. You have great stuff!

  28. Lexi's Mommy says:
  29. Ranae Broadhead says:
  30. allisonsbj3 says:

    I love the blush. It's so fun and bright!


  31. Ohhh! I have the perfect dress to wear with the black one! Love them, thanks for the giveaway!

    cscraps at hotmail dot com

  32. those headbands are so pretty, Thanks for the chance to win!

    rachel williams

  33. Elliott Mom says:

    How fun! My 4 yr old has decided she no longer wants me to fix her hair, so headbands are our new BFFs!

  34. Pamela and Austin Matthews (and Family) says:

    Oooh! Love the blush one!!!

  35. Those headbands are so darling! I love them all.

  36. Cute headbands! I'd love to see if my little girl will keep a headband in her hair yet!

  37. Landon and Kylie says:
  38. Oh So pretty. I love the black one!!
    mychancetowin at gmail dot com

  39. The Dummers says:

    So stinking adorable!!

  40. Those headbands are to die for! I want!

  41. I would LOVE a headband!!! Buttermilk is my fav :-)

  42. I like the buttermilk one. Very classy. ilovepaulduersch at gmail dot com

  43. Fun!
    brianneandfam at yahoo dot com

  44. oh, the charcoal is lovely!

  45. Geezees Custom Canvas Art says:

    Love those headbands…great job!!

  46. Jenalyn and Mike says:

    So cute! I'd love the charcoal one.

  47. [email protected] says:

    I love the headband! I want to win!

  48. those headbands are great!

  49. I love the charcoal headband & I'm thinking it would look pretty darn cute on my cutie little girl!

  50. The blush headband is super cute!! For my daughters or myself– I haven't decided yet :)

  51. Karen Tapahe says:

    Those headbands are wonderful! You're right about the chiffon flowers. Choosing a color is difficult because I like them all.

  52. Our Happy Family says:

    THe headbands are super cute. You do some great work.

  53. Wow! so cute and I love you blog! so much fun!

  54. momto2munkeys says:

    I would love to see one of her headbands on my lil monkey!!


  55. Sweet!!

  56. Cute, I would love this for my daughter!

  57. Katie and Howard says:

    I must have that headband…so stinkin cute!!! I'm going to check out the Etsy shop now. ;)

  58. Love the headbands! Very cute!

  59. Britney Jean says:

    love love LOVE the headbands! buttermilk would be my favorite!

  60. Amanda Joy says:

    It is so hard to choose between the buttermilk and charcoal, they are so gorgeous!

  61. Such cute headbands!!!

  62. The Kac's says:

    Love the Ruby headband!

  63. Jenn @ WestSacHoney says:
  64. Jessica and Matt says:
  65. Kelly, Carrie, Kylie and Zachary says:
  66. Sarah @ 365 Glimpses of John Parker says:

    So cute! I love the charcoal one!

  67. Michelle says:

    I love the buttermilk headband!

  68. looneymom says:

    Sooo cute!

  69. So fun and cute! I like the buttermilk one.

  70. Ryan & Kim Pease says:
  71. Ryan & Kim Pease says:
  72. jenpetersen says:

    I like all of them!

  73. oh, i've been wanting to get a headband like that ever since i got my haircut this summer! now…to go visit your etsy shop :)

  74. adorable headbands and child.

  75. Mechelle says:

    I would love this! I am growing out my hair and need cute bands.

  76. Mechelle says:
  77. Emma @ emmanemhandmade says:

    So pretty! Love the ruby one. Very dramatic!

    emmanemhandmade at gmail dot com

  78. Lovely Lizzy says:
  79. Wow! Those flower headbands are so cute. Love them all.

  80. These are all so cute! It would be so hard to choose which one!

  81. So cute! Thanks for doing the giveaway for us.

  82. These are so pretty! My daughter and I might have to take turns… the charcoal looks very chic!

  83. Twins Squared says:

    I love the charcoal! Thanks for the chance to win!

  84. Those headbands are sooo cute! Love them!

  85. Pick me. The buttermilk headband is so cute.

  86. Anna Galvas says:

    Love the blush headband.

  87. GG With A Twist of Lime says:

    Super cute headbands

  88. Beautiful headbands!! My daughter would LOVE the blush one!!

    peanut2princess at gmail dot com

  89. The headbands are super cute. My niece loves all things girly!

  90. I love the charcoal chiffon ruffled flower headband. SO CUTE!

  91. I love the buttermilk the best :)

  92. Oh how sweet! My daughter would love this. Maybe she will be nice enough to share!

  93. Lani and Aaron says:

    Love the headbands!!

  94. movingmommy says:
  95. What cute ideas on your blog. Can't wait to have time to sit down and really go through it. Already see several things to go back for. :) Your headbands are adorable.

  96. I love the charcoal headband! so cute!

  97. kimberlykikki says:

    the headbands are adorable! :)
    kimberlydklatt (at) yahoo (dot) com

  98. Any one of these delightful headbands would put a huge smile on my face.

  99. quilting granny says:

    Can you send the strawberry dessert and the charcoal band at the same time..mmmmm.

  100. Says Angelle... says:

    Loving those headbands! Perfect for my girls going back to school!

  101. Love the headbands!!

  102. Sangeetha says:

    Do I have to pick?? they are all awesome

  103. Really cute! I love the Buttermilk or the Ruby headbands.

  104. Michelle says:

    Beautiful!! I would love the Buttermilk headband!

  105. krmccord says:
  106. BEAUTIFUL handbands! Love them!!!

  107. sjf_1979 says:

    The headbands are heavenly….buttermilk is my favorite!

  108. Jan and Jillanne Ulep says:

    I love the buttermilk headband. :)

  109. Hard to pick one. I love them all! I think buttermilk is the winner (for today!). Hope I win!

  110. beautiful!

  111. Black one is my favorite!

  112. I adore! Pick me, pick me!

  113. The chiffon headbands are so pretty.

  114. Ruby… definitely can see it on my little granddaughter!

  115. very cute headbands!

  116. Jacob and Cami says:
  117. super cute! my daughter would look awesome with one of those headbands!

  118. i would definitely go for charcoal—i have a whole section of my closet dedicated to gray and black!

  119. Amanda Brantley says:

    def the black/charcoal!

  120. laura marie says:

    The buttermilk is gorgeous, but I have been really into charcoal lately. It would be a tossup!

  121. Love the headbands!

  122. candicem says:

    Lovin' the black headband… too cute!

  123. Beautiful headbands!! I can't decide which i love the most. :)

  124. LaLa Brat says:

    They are really adorable!

  125. I would love the buttermilk headband – they are gorgeous!

  126. The Fergy Bunch says:

    Really cute headbands!

  127. I LOVE STACI!! She gave me my 1st blog award! I love the RUBY headband! :)

  128. These are lovely!

  129. *MICHELLE CAUDLE* says:

    I LOVE the Charcoal headband!!
    bingoblue at hotmail dot com

  130. The buttermilk is my favorite. So pretty!

  131. Wow, the headbands are beautiful! I would love to *pretend* that I can wear one of these! (I don't think I am cool enough, but I can pretend!)

  132. APachuta says:
  133. The headbands are to die for! Love them all.

  134. Love all of them, but REALLY love the charcoal one!

  135. very cute – my daughters would love the headbands

  136. super cute stuff! love headbands for my little girl!

  137. Michele P. says:

    mmm, that dessert looks delicious! I would love the charcoal one :)

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  138. I love the buttermilk headband! So cute!

    opfiend at live dot com

  139. Kimberlee says:

    Love the headbands – so cute.

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