Name that Pyrex!

Yesterday during preschool I decided to skip Bennett’s nap and hit some thrift stores with only one kid in tow. It was mostly a good idea until I got stuck in traffic.


(Did anyone used to watch Ally McBeal?)

What was my point?

Oh yeah! The Pyrex. I enjoy vintage Pyrex. I’m not nearly as obsessed as my neighbor Jami (of The Smelly Barn Adventure™ fame), but I MUST look for it any time I’m at a thrift store.


Yesterday was a good day.

I’ve never seen the one on the left before.

Any ideas what it’s called?

Here’s a closer look:


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  1. Weatherbee ;) says:

    Don't know the name, but what a great find! I have none! Pretty disappointed with myself about that. But soon…very soon…I'll get some! :)

  2. Josh and Anna says:

    I love vintage pyrex too, but I've never seen or heard of that one either. Look it up on ebay! lol!

  3. Karen Tapahe says:

    It's called Terra Cotta Rose. Here's a guide to Pyrex patterns:
    The funny thing is that before your post about the Pyrex patterns, I hadn't really noticed there were different ones than what my mom had :-)

  4. I also LOVE vintage pyrex!!

  5. My mom still has her pyrex that she got when she ,arried my dad in 1983. She has two different sets, one with sketchy/ vintage blooms, and the others with fun mushrooms. I have always wanted my own set. I need to hit the thrift stores for them too:)

  6. I love love love pyrex. That one on the left is awesome!

  7. what? they have names?

    • das stimmt allerdings, das cover ist ja eine autopersiflage. erinnert mich an das flaircover mit hund drauf und dem header &q;ohuösterreicts neues gesicht" ;)

  8. I must find some good thrift stores in this new city of mine. Of course, my husband my throw a fit if I bring home anything else to this overloaded house of ours – especially a new collection. and by throw a fit, I mean raise his eyebrows or maybe make a joke about it or something. but you know he's serious if he mentions it at all.

  9. I have the gold pattern that you show, in both sizes. I have probably had them (and used them!) for over 30 years and they are still going strong, and look as good as the day I bought them. Love my pyrex!

  10. I like the Terra Cotta Rose pattern, I have not bought any vintage pyrex, but I love Casserole dishes, and mixing bowls… I always want more of them, maybe I could start getting them, my husband may not like it though…

  11. Those are so pretty! Great finds!

  12. Jenn @ WestSacHoney says:

    Oh amazing! I LOVE Pyrex!

  13. My mom has the orange one on the right! Memories :-)

  14. GG With A Twist of Lime says:

    Okay you hurt my feelings! Vintage! I have the little brown/gold one on the right that I use everyday. It came in a set of three, with that one being the smallest of the set. I received this set as a wedding gift 35 years ago. They matched my gold Corelle dishes that I too am still using everyday. They don't make stuff now like they used to.

  15. I'd never seen that pattern! Did you give it to Jami or keep it for yourself?

  16. The vintage Pyrex is lovely. I am partial to the glass pyrex today, but now that I am seeing these beautiful pieces I might need to head to the Goodwill on Sunday :)

  17. I love, love, love vintage Pyrex…when I find it cheap!! Don't know what that print is though!

  18. love it! love the orangey one!

  19. Jessica Radick says:

    you've won an award over at

    Go check it out! Thanks

  20. Sioux Roslawski says:

    Do I know what it's called? It's a medium-sized casserole/mixing bowl. Just kidding.

  21. I have collected vintage pyrex ever since I was lucky enough to get my grandmothers set. I believe that pattern is the Terra cotta rose.

  22. I love vintage pyrex! It reminds me of my childhood! :)

  23. keight dukes says:

    wasn;t even aware this stuff existed. thanks a lot. aaaaand there goes what little disposable income we had.

  24. I like the blue one especially.

  25. Don't hate me….

    I just scored a brand spanking new in the box set of 4 Butterprint mixing bowls (aqua freakin' blue baby!) Like these…

    Aren't they purdy?! I wish I wasn't in love with them, pretty sure I could make some serious coin. Oh yea and did I mention they were free90free?

  26. my mom has the orange-y set on the right, haha.

  27. Tami (Pixeltrash) says:

    I love your score. I like Pyrex too, but I'm not a collector. I have 3 of the snowflake pattern casserole dishes and I think they are so nicely made. There is a reason they are still around. They are awesome.

  28. Wow, I love that blue bowl. I have a big collection too but only a couple solids. Loving your blog!

  29. mushbelly says:

    That is a beautiful Pyrex piece! I've never seen that pattern before either. I never find pyrex at thrift stores. I find it all the time at antique stores – but they are always expensive there.

    I just now today bookmarked your blog lol. I love it but for some reason I have never bookmarked it so I can never find it. I won't have that problem anymore!


  30. seiko ガランテ

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