The Claire Witch Project*

Did you see the super cute witch hat applique pattern over on UCreate last week?

I did.


And my niece Claire is rocking it. (Tangent: I swear she suddenly has WAY more hair than when I saw her 3 weeks ago.) She also has ruffles on the bum. The skirt is just a bunch of strips sewed side to side with a little waistband and then I hemmed it with bias tape.

Has anybody else tried the applique pattern? What other Halloween wear have you made?

*Totally ripped off the title from an email my SIL sent me.

And I’m adding another pic of the ruffles because they KILL me!



  1. That is adorable!!!

  2. Jen and Marty says:

    char, do you ever sleep?? just checkin'. ;) And this IS sooo cute (SHE is so cute too!) Love your blog, you're so talented. As I was looking at the eyeball wreath I was thinking HOW IN THE WORLD????does she come up with this stuff? painting ivy black…you inspire me to be more crafty! Have a great day! I think I'm going back to bed!

  3. A Quilter Awakens says:

    So adorable. What other title could you have possibly thought of that would have been better? None?! Correct! Karmen

  4. In answer to your question…No, I have not tried the appliqué pattern. No. Sorry. Nope. Not yet.

  5. Blake & Anya Young says:

    I am so in love with this outfit she may have worn it two days in a row…I can't get enough of it!

  6. Blake & Anya Young says:

    I am so in love with this outfit she may have worn it two days in a row…I can't get enough of it!

  7. Ruffles on the bum?
    I love that and I am 30!!!
    She is super cute!!

  8. I LOVE it! And I LOVE her.

  9. I made the shirt this morning. I love it and it was great practice for me. I've had a lot of difficulties trying to figure out a good way to applique on my machine. I liked it today but it still needs a little tweaking to get the settings just right.

  10. Sew cute! I am going to bookmark this as a new grandchild will be wearing this next year. Thanks.

  11. Beth @ Sand To Pearl says:

    That is super adorable. Cute little niece!

  12. adorable. really.

  13. brown paper packages says:

    This almost makes me want to have another baby.


  14. way cute ruffle bum!
    i've made the 2 children young enough to wear them halloween tees…a ghost for one and the other has spider fabric w/ his initial in the middle.
    i love holiday clothes.

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