One Day Giveaway: Punkin’s Posies!

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Meet Keri from Punkin’s Posies. She’s new to the bloggy world. She makes and sells all sorts of cuteness for girls of all ages (yourself included).

Need something to complete your little girl’s outfit? Check out her hair posies. My favorites are the Halloween ones.




She also makes clothing posies and fabric necklace posies to dress up any outfit.


Even your diaper bag can get it on the act!


Keri’s giving one lucky Crap I’ve Made reader a tutu (fits up to size 2T) and hair posie (love the eyeballs), just in time for Halloween. This giveaway will close at midnight MST TONIGHT, so you can receive your prize in time to get lots of wear out of it.

halloween tutu bow


Click on over to Punkin’s Posies and take a look around. Come back and leave a comment ON THIS POST with what your favorite Punkin’s Posies item is.


Follow the Punkin’s Posies blog and then come back and leave a separate comment on this post saying that you did/are.

Display the Punkin’s Posies button on your blog and then come back and leave a comment on this post saying that you did.

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  1. The Grissoms' Page says:

    I love those little crocheted beanies for babies!!

  2. The Grissoms' Page says:

    I am a new follower of Punkin's Posies — Thanks!! What a great giveaway!

  3. The Grissoms' Page says:

    I added Punkins Posies button to the sidebar on my blog here:

  4. ahcastillo says:

    I like the black, green, and cream clothing posies

  5. ahcastillo says:

    I'm a follower of Pumkin's Posies Blog.

  6. I love the Brown, Cream and Blue clothing posies! :)

  7. Doris Sturm says:

    I just wanted to stop by and say that your website has a very catchy name – that's why I'm here – it makes me smile and think of the crap I make ;-)

    I love your posies and I will come back to read more. Have a great day and enjoy your crafting. You are one busy lady!

  8. Oh my gosh, sooo cute. I love the posies with the necklaces the best, although I love them all!

  9. GoddessMychele says:

    I love the spider web posie- so darn cute!!!

  10. GoddessMychele says:

    I'm following Punkin's Posies.

  11. There's a lot of cute things there. I like the skull Posie.

  12. I am following Punkin's Posies.

  13. The Dummers says:

    Since I have a boy, and my husband won't let me put bows in his hair, I'm going to have to say I like the diaper bag posies! I can still look girly even if I can't make my son look girly.

  14. The Dummers says:

    following the blog

  15. This sounds silly but I really want some crotched headbands… I cant seem to make them and NEED them for my daughter

  16. The DeGiulio's says:

    My favorite pumpkin posie item are the hair things. The polka dot posies are my favorite. Both blogs are added to my blog list but my blog is private but I am a follower :)

  17. The DeGiulio's says:

    Just added them as a "follower"

  18. following her blog!

  19. I like the black houndstooth clothing posie. Cute stuff over there. [email protected]

  20. I LOVE the pink Halloween posie!

  21. I am a new follower, and will certainly be a customer by the end of the day!!

  22. The Halloween posies rock!!! (Especially with the tutu.)

  23. I like the tutu & Halloween posies!

  24. I like the Brown Polka Dot Posie for the hair. Super cute!

  25. I am a new follower of Punkin's Posies.


  26. I love the Fabric Necklace Posies.


  27. I love the blue fabric necklaces, but of course my favorite is the tutu and flower I'd love to win! ;)

  28. Ranae Broadhead says:

    i love the fabric posies!

    [email protected]

  29. Ranae Broadhead says:

    i follow the blog!

    [email protected]

  30. Midwestern Gone Idahoan says:

    I really like the Hair Posie – and that I can make a custom order!

    [email protected]

  31. Ranae Broadhead says:

    added their button to my blog.

  32. Midwestern Gone Idahoan says:

    I follow the blog!

    [email protected]

  33. The black houndstooth flower with pink and purple is sure cute!!
    [email protected]

  34. So cute. I love the posies for the necklaces!

  35. I am a follower of the blog.

  36. I put up a link on my blog.

  37. So Cute!!! I love the brown polka dot posie and the Ghost posie.

  38. I love the Polka Dot Posie
    [email protected]

  39. I am a follower of the blog
    [email protected]

  40. brown cream and blue clothing posie

    [email protected]

  41. I like the crocheted headbands a lot, and I'm sure any of the posies would be super cute with them.

  42. I love the yellow hair posy she is keeping…she put it on her daughters diaper bag…

  43. As Halloween is my favorite holiday, mostly cause it's the closest one right now, I love the Halloween hair posies, specially that second one, which I can't tell if it's purple and black or pink and black. Either way, LOVE IT!

  44. Chad and Amy says:

    I love all of the fabric posies! SO CUTE!!!

  45. Chad and Amy says:

    I am now a follower!

  46. Jon and Reans says:

    i like the
    Fabric Necklace Posies

  47. Jon and Reans says:

    following both!

  48. I love the brown polka dot hair posie! It would be adorable on my baby girl!

    elsteinmann at

  49. Love the Brown Polka Dot Posie

  50. Heidi@TheCraftMonkey says:

    is it bad that I'm 31 years old and want that spiderweb bow for myself?? :)

  51. Ed and Bel says:

    I like the hair bows or maybe on for the diaper bag.

  52. Loving the tutu.

  53. Kristi Rowley says:

    I love the Fabric Necklace Posies.

  54. Twins Squared says:

    I love the fabric posies!

  55. KnitterBug Creations says:

    The Halloween Skulls headband is my favorite! so cute!! Love the shop name too!

    [email protected]

  56. Mrs. Patrick says:

    Pink and Brown Argyle Posie is my favorite! too cute!!!

  57. Love the fabric posies!
    [email protected]

  58. I'm with you, I love the Halloween posies, especially the spiderweb posie.

  59. I follow her blog

  60. I love all the hair posies and the spider web one is super cute!

  61. I follow her.

  62. -Veronica says:

    Pink and Brown Argyle Posie is too cute!!!

  63. Love the halloween skull posie! So cute for this time of year.

  64. ninjadesigns says:

    i really love the hair posies, but especially the purple one!

  65. love the green necklace posie!

  66. Love the Diaper bag posie…

  67. I am now following Punkin posies

  68. Summer Lee says:

    I love the Fabric Necklace Posies!! So cute!

  69. Landon and Kylie says:

    I love the Halloween ones the most.
    [email protected]

  70. Summer Lee says:

    I follow Punkin's Posies!

  71. The fuzzy crochet beanies are cute! Cute babies too!!

    I also like the bunny wall decor.

  72. redheadtina says:

    I think all the items are great, but I love the Halloween stuff the best. The skull posie is the cutest! Wait, no, the ghost one.

  73. redheadtina says:

    I'm a follower at Punkin's Posies. Woot!

  74. My favorite is the Boutique Bow Posie

  75. I follow Punkin's Posies

  76. My favorite is the custom posie with the sparkles…so cute!!

    [email protected]

  77. I'd love to accessorize the crocheted headbands with many of the Posies.

  78. kandie_mcd says:

    I love the necklaces! I've always wondered though, how the get the flower to stay on the side…doesn't it pull the necklace around until the flower is on bottom?

  79. LeslieFreeman says:

    I LOVE the hair posies!! I would really like to win this one as my niece would look SUPER adorable in that tutu outfit with an adorable hair posie!!

  80. LeslieFreeman says:

    I have just added Punkin Posies blog as one of the blogs I followed!

  81. The purple and black custom posy is very cute.

  82. LeslieFreeman says:

    Added the button to my blog!

  83. My favorite is the clothing black, green, and cream posie!

  84. Lisa and Jamie says:

    My fav is the brown polka dot hair posie! Too Cute!!!

  85. I am now a follower of punkin posies!

  86. I have added their button to my blog!

  87. Karen Tapahe says:

    I love the clothing posies, especially the black houndstooth with light pink and purple flower.
    ktapahe at gmail dot com

  88. I love the girl bunny wall posie.
    heidikittelson at gmail dot com

  89. I follow her blog.
    heidikittelson at gmail dot com

  90. I love the pink polka dot hair posie

    cochina1414 at yahoo dot com

  91. I follow her blog

    cochina1414 at yahoo dot com

  92. I just love the brown polka dot posie!

  93. I absolutley ADORE the polka dot hair posies… cute!!

  94. cupcake hair posie

  95. Clint, Brielle, Molly and Maggie says:

    I think all the hair posies are so cute, but love the Halloween ones especially right now:)

  96. Love the pink polka dot posie! Cute!

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