Dry Erase Letter to Santa


Do your kids change their minds approximately 8754 times before Christmas? Mine do. And that was precisely the reason I came up with this project.

It’s SUPER SIMPLE, so I didn’t photograph all the steps. I know you can figure out it.


Decorative Paper
Vinyl lettering (I cut mine with my Silhouette) –or- you could run the decorative paper through your printer or write it by hand


I chose these lightweight IKEA frames because I originally wanted to put magnets on the back and stick them on the fridge. I still might do that…

Give your kids a dry erase marker and have them make their lists.


Laugh for 20 minutes when your four year old asks for fake teeth.

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  1. snippetsandyarns says:

    Super Cute!!
    That is such a great idea, that can be applied in so many ways! I think I might do this just for a general note board in my kitchen/dining room. You make some of the greatest stuff!

    ~ Meagan

  2. so cute and would be great on a fridge.

    however i do not want to encourage the list changing! i'm already done shopping! ;)

  3. Char! What a great idea! Very cute! BTW, did you see the contest on my blog? I was thinking about you and wondered if your kids would like a visit from St. Nick or would it freak them out?

  4. House of Smiths says:

    Ooo! How creative are YOU!?
    I love this idea :)
    SO cute.
    ~Shelley Smith

  5. Genius. Pure, flat out genius.

  6. Camilla Jones (CioCo Photography) says:

    What a great idea! So simple and awesome! I was going to say like you…but I'm not sure 'simple' would be complimentary. Awesome, yes. :)

  7. My four just turned five loves the green fake teeth he got on Halloween at the trunk or treat! He forgot about the candy! Great idea! :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Kari @ Ucreate says:


  9. connorandmaddiesmom says:

    adorable idea! I so need to get to Ikea, thanks for the inspiration,

  10. brown paper packages says:


  11. Very cute.


  12. Really cute. And actually, fake teeth are on my husband's list! 7 years ago he got his front two knocked out playing football on thanksgiving (yes that was one great holiday!). Now they're finally ready to fall out (again) too bad they're probably more expensive than the ones your four year old wants!

  13. I LOVE THIS!!!!

  14. What a cute idea!! Hey will you do a guest post with this project on my blog sometime before the 30th for my Holiday Gift Guide? I would love to link to you and have you explain this as it is very easy and anyone can do it quickly. Just let me know. I hope that is not too forward to ask.

  15. So, I had a dream that we were hanging out and I told you that I liked this idea. You were all, "Well, thanks for not commenting." So, hey, Char, I like this idea. Now, when are we hanging out? Tonight's karaoke…

  16. That is so cute!! Although I don't think Kelly is EVER going to change her requests of "gray paper guitar and Tech Deck skateboard set" (yes, she's a girl, people). She asks for it several times/day since about October 1st. But those are seriously adorable! They'd also make really cute gifts for someone with several kids.

  17. Oh my heavens, this is so perfect.

  18. redheadtina says:

    Fake teeth? Awesome.

    Oh, and the idea is awesome too. I think even *I* can do that!

  19. That is hysterical about the teeth! Your kids sound as fun as you!

  20. Kristine Robinson says:

    I am so making these this weekend – just watch me!!

  21. Cute, festive, and useful! Awesome! I love what kids come up with for their Christmas Wishlists. When I was 4 all I asked for was a pink whistle, haha!

  22. Brilliant. Should have had this when my kids were little…but I DO have 3 grandkids….

  23. Laurel @ Ducks in a Row says:

    Genius – and fun – and super cute – and easy – ane inexpensive! What a winning combination!

  24. Love it! Fake teeth! And that magazine holder (another post) is SO AWESOME. I am jealous!

  25. Love, love , love this! Such a great idea.

  26. I love this so much I made some for my kids. They are going to use them to write a letter to Santa on Cmas eve too, to leave by the cookies.

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