Weekend Giveaway: Pink Poseys Bowtique

Meet Amie from Pink Poseys Bowtique.


Amie makes all kinds of hair accessories. Her store has everything from traditional bows


to zipper flowers


and ALL kinds of stuff in between.

Love Disney?


Need something to match a Thanksgiving outfit?



What about Christmas?




What’s in it for you?

Amie is giving one lucky Crap I’ve Made reader a $10 gift certificate to her shop.


Another lucky reader will win this zipper flower:



Click on over to Pink Poseys Bowtique on Etsy. Come back and leave a comment ON THIS POST stating what your favorite item in her shop is.


“Like” Pink Poseys Bowtique on Facebook. Come back and leave a comment ON THIS POST saying that you did.

Giveaway closes at 10:00 pm MST on Sunday, November 7th.

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  1. Oh my little girl NEEDS those pumpkin pie clippies!

  2. I "Liked" Pink Poseys Bowtique.

  3. Another who loved the pumpkin pie clips, not sure I could bare give them to anyone though!

  4. And I liked the facebook page :)

  5. Helena (XOXO Parisky) says:

    Beautiful vintage red and green zipper hair flower clip … is just amazing!

  6. The Kac's says:

    I love the reindeer and turkey clips! My daughter is always wearing bows…this would be great!

  7. Families Are Like Fudge says:

    WOW! These are amazing! I love the holly beanie but the little fish are precious. I will be shopping for my grand Sophie.

  8. Families Are Like Fudge says:

    Like on Facebook :)

  9. The zipper bows are SO cool!! And I love the holiday ones! Ooooh, and the fishy one! How did she do that one?? SO cute!! I love them all, lol!!

  10. I "like" pink poseys on FB!

  11. Kristin PG says:

    I like the Christmas PomPom minis! Super cute

  12. I like the peppermint candy hair clips – I'd give them to my 5 year old neice! Kimberly (via Jake's google account =) ) – berly02(at)hotmail(dot)com

  13. I love the vintage red and green zipper clip!

  14. And I "like" Pink Posey's on FB!

  15. The Kale Patch says:

    Oh my GOSH! This site is ADORABLE! I hope you pick me. I LOVE BOWS! My daughter has had one in her hair since birth:) I love all of the holiday clips.
    [email protected]

  16. Megan Haan says:

    Those Crisp Red and Green Apples are sooooo cute!

    [email protected]

  17. Megan Haan says:

    and I liked on FB.

  18. i love the Pink Beanie with double layer bow

    [email protected]

  19. i liked on fb!

    [email protected]

  20. LeslieFreeman says:

    I love anything disney so I would probably spend my gift certificate on that!

  21. LeslieFreeman says:

    I "liked" Pink Posey's on Facebook!

  22. I love all of the zipper flowers. They are my fav!

  23. Beth @ Sand To Pearl says:

    Like the pink vintage rose hair clips.

  24. I have to say the zipper flowers are my favorite!

  25. BriBedell says:

    Brown Miss Kitty hair clip :) too cute!

  26. Sims Family says:

    I like the peppermint candy hairclip, but really they are all so cute!

    sims.whitney at gmail.com

  27. I absolutely love all the zipper clips! LOVE.

  28. I also like it on fb

  29. Nancy's Couture says:

    So many cute clips! I really like the ballet shoe and the christmas wreath.

  30. johannamathews says:

    I love all of the vintage zipper flowers.

  31. johannamathews says:

    I also "like"d her on FB :)

  32. Birdie3008 says:

    Adorable store! My favorite item are the Pink vintage rose hair clips. :)

  33. Birdie3008 says:

    I like her on FB (and hearted her shop)!

  34. I liked her on FB. She really has a lot of stuff! I like the green wreath and I love the zippered ones and I didn't see those on her actual website. [email protected]

  35. Twins Squared says:

    I like the Pink Posey's Hair Clippy with button accent. Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. My favorite is definitely the Swim Upstream clippies… too cute!

  37. Ramona Burke says:

    I like the holly hair clip, and the kitty ones… but really, i like them all!

  38. I like the tulip clipies.

  39. I follow on FB

  40. Sarah Mathews says:

    I absolutely LOVE the pretty yellow crochet flower clip! I can't wait until my little 5 month old's hair is long enough to put them in!

  41. Our Happy Family says:

    Super cute stuff! I love the cutie pie hair clipies. Thanks for the giveaway.

  42. Sarah Mathews says:

    I follow on Facebook! I think I will have to buy some clippies for my nieces for Christmas!

  43. I love the peppermint candy, so cute!

  44. I "like" Pink Poseys Bowtique on FB.

  45. I love the pumpkin pie clips. Those are too cute!

  46. I still love the zipper flowers the best! So many cute items!

  47. I "like" Pink Poseys Bowtique on FB!

  48. I love the Crisp red or green apple hair clips, so cute!!

    [email protected]

  49. I also like on FB.

    [email protected]

  50. SarainAkko says:

    We're a clip-a-day household and my little one would go gaga over the brown miss kitties. Adorable.

  51. I really liked the "Black beanie hat, cinnamon flower clip topped with a double layered black bow.", but I liked it all!! :)

  52. I like "pink poseys" on fb!

  53. Holly @ Domestic Dork says:

    OK, I love the wreath and I love the apple but the peppermint candy is just TOO ADORABLE TO STAND IT!

  54. Briana Weir says:

    I love the brown and red fabric flowers! So cute! [email protected]

  55. Gosh its so hard to pick just one!!! I love the Frosty Snowman hair clip!! And the apple and the butterfly…I could go on and on…lol.

  56. Ok I also did a Facebook "like"!! By the way the Christmas trees and Minnie Mouse clips are adorable too!

  57. i really like the Apple clip. So cute!
    mychancetowin at gmail dot com

  58. Ranae Broadhead says:

    i love the Swim upstream yellow and pink hair clippies. so creative!

    [email protected]

  59. Ranae Broadhead says:

    i like on fb!

    [email protected]

  60. I like her zipper flowers a lot

  61. While I have always enjoyed the ribbon art clips, you had me at "zipper flowers" love, Love, LOVE them!

  62. Wow, lots of unique hair bobbies! So many cute ones… I like the zipper flowers, the peppermint clip, the "pink posey" hair clip, and the little crochet kitties-I think they're really well done!

    Here's hoping! :)

  63. I love the red zipper flower and the fishy clips.

  64. I love the Festive Christmas wreath hair clip

  65. I liked on FB

    [email protected]

  66. I love the Pink Posey's starter gift set for newborns and toddlers. Perfect for my baby due the end of this month.

  67. I like all of the unique items she makes by shaping ribbon! But, my fave is either the holly or the peppermint. Hmmm… I'll go with peppermint. I love the fabric "wrapper" on it!

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  68. I like the set of 7 itty bitty bows!

    elsteinmann at gmail dot com

  69. Mike and Tiffanee says:

    I "like" pink poseys on FB!

  70. Mike and Tiffanee says:

    I love the zipper bows they are so cute!
    [email protected]

  71. Wow, that woman can do amazing things with ribbon. My favorite were the Minnie Mouse hair bows. [email protected]

  72. Melissa (Books and Things) says:

    I so love those zipper flowers, but if I was to chose another it would be the apple clips. :)

    books (dot) things (at) yahoo (dot) com

  73. Jessica and Matt says:

    I love the Festive Christmas Wreath Hairclip–so cute and clever!

  74. Cutie pie set is darling!

  75. just liked on FB!

  76. I loved the reindeer hair clippies!

  77. Just "liked" on fb!

  78. I love the Swimming Up Stream clippies!

  79. I like her on facebook, too!

  80. Orange is my favorite color :) I love the brown waffle hat with the green & brown bows. Soooooooo cute!!

  81. These are so cute!! Even for me they would be cute, and I"m 14! I love the zipper flower hair bow!

  82. Carol in E TN says:

    Everything is just adorable, but I really like the Antique shabby pink/brown hair clips.

  83. Carol in E TN says:

    I "like" at Pink Poseys FB page!

  84. Ed and Bel says:

    I am liking The Cutie Pie set. Brown and two pink felt flower set.

  85. Her stuff is amazing! I love the Chocolate brown waffle weave headband with blue polka dot bow and detachable lady bug with ribbon.

  86. I "like Pink Posey's FB page. Even posted to let her know how I found her site.

  87. Kat @ Black Kats Design says:

    I love the zipper flowers!

  88. I like the itty bitty baby hair bows for every holiday

  89. I "like" Pink Poseys on FB

  90. Lori Beth says:

    So many cute bows! I really liked the minnie mouse ears, so unique! Love the christmas bows too.. :-)

  91. Lori Beth says:

    "Liked" on Facebook too

  92. love, love, LOVE those peppermint candy hair clips!!!

  93. …also I hit "like" on FB, but really I LOVE it!

  94. kellye and matt says:

    i love the brown fabric flower with bling center clip, but i love anything with the word in bling in it…

  95. craigandstacy says:

    I love the Antique shabby chic rose hair clips but there are so many cute clips!

  96. How do you choose a favorite?! I love the Tan Beanie with the Pink Posie!!! I only have one neice……and she would rock this!

  97. I'm also a "liker" on facebook!

  98. Goates Gang says:

    So many cute ones to choose from!!! I love the idea of the apple clippies….. so cute!

  99. Goates Gang says:

    I "like" it on FB….But really I "love" It!

  100. I "liked" on facebook.

  101. I couldn't believe how much there was to choose from. Of course, I loved the zippered flower, but also the white crochet beanie with multi-layered ribbon.

  102. Full Throttle Ad Specialties says:

    Love love love the pumpkin pie, the zipper flowers, all of the christmas clippies. AMAZING!!!

  103. I went to the etsy site and love love love the little reindeer clippies! I also liked her on etsy. Super cute stuff! Hope I win..hehe

  104. Full Throttle Ad Specialties says:

    I had to go back and look at them all again. I dont know how I missed the ballet clippies and the turkey clippies and all the beanies. So stinkin' cute!!!!

  105. Love the zipper clippies, but must have the Minnie Mouse for my neice

  106. Had to go to facebook and like this shop so I can see whatelse she comes up with

  107. lisaswendsen says:

    I like the 'itty bitty ponytail bows'. They would look perfect in my daughters hair!!!

  108. That Peppermint Candy hair clip is soooooo cute. It would be so fun to have for Christmas. I really want one!

  109. I LOVE the pumpkin pie clippies!! So stinkin' cute!! Thanks for the giveaway — and I love your blog!!

    [email protected]

  110. How can you choose just one?? I love the Christmas tree hair clip – but there are so many more that I'd pick if I had the chance! Thanks, Char, for the giveaway!

  111. awww those thanksgiving bows are sooo cute! thanks!

    [email protected]

  112. The Stevens Family says:

    The pumpkin pie clips made me giggle, but I have to say the zipper rose clips are my fave! Such cute stuff. Thanks!
    krista 519 at AOL dot com

  113. The Stevens Family says:

    I like pink poseys bowtique on Facebook! :)
    krista 519 at AOL dot com

  114. I love the Adorable set of pink and brown hair clips.

    stkavdiel AT gmail DOT com

  115. My favorite is the Beautiful vintage red and green zipper hair flower clip!

  116. Christina says:

    I love so many of her clips! They are adorable!! While it would be hard to choose, I wouldn't be able to pass up those pumpkin pie clips. Way too cute!

  117. Christina says:

    I "like" Pink Posey's Bowtique on Facebook.

  118. maya scape says:

    I don't dare let my daughter see these clips; she will buy the shop out! I'm loving the vintage red and green myself. Looks like I now have some stocking stuffer items to purchase!

  119. maya scape says:

    And I'm a facebook fan of her site as well.

  120. The Cookie Mama says:

    I love the Christmas hair clippies! They are so adorable!

  121. The Cookie Mama says:

    I also "like" Pink Posey's Bowtique on FB!!

  122. Spookey Spider is very cute!

  123. Liked Pink Posey on FB too.

  124. They are all so cute but i think the gingerbread man hairclips are my favorite :)

  125. They are all so cute! The zipper one is wonderful and I love the Minnie Mouse ear clips!

  126. Liked on Facebook

  127. I love the zipper clips and all the holiday clips too. These are tooooo cute!!

  128. I am a follower!

  129. Wonder Mom says:

    Love the Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep gift set!

  130. Wonder Mom says:

    I'm a follower on FB!

  131. Oh I love everything. I love the peppermint clip you featured but I also love the vintage red and green zipper hair flower clip.

  132. I liked on Facebook!!

  133. I'm loving the peppermint clip, the beary bear clip, and LOVE the school cheerleader clip!! I would love to get that for my niece in royal blue and white!!

  134. My favorites are the Christmas Holiday clips, such as the wreath, tree, and peppermint clips. Thanks for this giveaway. alt email mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  135. I absolutely LOVE the big sister little sister set! I would love that for my girls. And also the It's my Birthday Beanie for my christmas girl!

  136. Liked it on FB!

  137. Kristi Rowley says:

    I love the waffle beanie hat!

  138. Mindy Hales says:

    I love that zipper bow. How creative! I also loved the Christmas wreath.

  139. ed and kelli says:

    i like them on FB now.

  140. ed and kelli says:

    i'm in love…Creamy colored Beanie with cinnamon hair flower, cream bow center

  141. jenpetersen says:

    I like the Christmas clips.

  142. redheadtina says:

    Okay seriously, those pumpkin pie hair clips are the freaking coolest thing I've ever seen!

  143. redheadtina says:

    Oh, and I "like" on Facebook. :)

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