Weekend Giveaway: Three Scoops of Love


I’d like you to meet Jamie from Three Scoops of Love and introduce you to her handmade jewelry. I own one of her pieces, and I love it.

See? That’s my anniversary and initials.

She offers a number of personalized options, like this Eternity Necklace:


And some really unique pieces, too. I love this modern locket.


Are you a sports fan? (Or, do you need to do some Christmas shopping for someone that is? Winking smile)



Want a unique way to show your school spirit? This graduation necklace would be perfect.


And if I hadn’t retired from my guitar playing career (after only 4 lessons), I’m pretty sure I’d need one of these:

(Thank your lucky stars I quit. I’d probably have gotten so good I’d be touring the country instead of writing this blog…ha!)

So, what’s in it for you?

Jamie is giving one lucky Crap I’ve Made reader their choice of *any* item in her shop!


Click on over to Three Scoops of Love and have a look around. Come back and leave a comment ON THIS POST (on the blog, not on Facebook or in reply to your email subscription) saying which item in Jamie’s shop you’d choose if you won.


Leave a separate comment telling me what is your favorite food at Thanksgiving dinner.

***Giveaway closes Sunday, November 14th at 10pm MST. Disclosure: I was given a necklace to review prior to this giveaway.***


  1. Circles of Love is my favourite. I'd put my godchildren's names on it.

  2. Hello – I like the modern lockets

  3. The Eternity Necklace is my favorite!

  4. My favorite Thanksgiving food is the stuffing…yummmmm….I can smelll it now!

  5. I love the Eternity Necklace!

  6. I would get then Surround My Heart necklace with my children's names on it

  7. my favorite thanksgiving food is deep fried turkey.

  8. Rugrats & Royalty says:

    I think my mom would love the Family Tree Sterling Silver Necklace & I would love to win it for her for Christmas!

  9. Rugrats & Royalty says:

    I think my mom would love the Family Tree Sterling Silver Necklace & I would love to win it for her for Christmas!

  10. Rugrats & Royalty says:

    My favourite Thanksgiving food has GOT to be the stuffing! I could eat the whole bowl & forget about the turkey! LOL!

  11. Rugrats & Royalty says:

    My favourite Thanksgiving food has GOT to be the stuffing! I could eat the whole bowl & forget about the turkey! LOL!

  12. Rachelle and Brian says:
  13. Rachelle and Brian says:
  14. Oh, that modern family tree necklace is just gorgeous. I'd probably pick that! Or maybe one of the circles with a horseshoe charm for my sister-in-law, personalized with the names of her babies (err, I mean horses)…

  15. Tara @ Tara Being Tara says:

    I was just looking at her shop last night! I'm torn – I love the modern locket, but I also love the Latitude necklace… such a cool way to remember where you're from!

  16. Tara @ Tara Being Tara says:

    Favorite Thanksgiving food? Mashed potatoes of course!!

  17. And my favorite thanksgiving food – hands down – pumpkin pie – it's no competition (sorry stuffing and turkey).

  18. Thanksgiving food- I made a apple sweet potato mash last year that was awesome!

  19. I love the circles of love!

  20. The make a difference necklace is beautiful in it's simplicity.

  21. Maddie Lumpkin says:

    Oh my gosh! I love it all. The Modern Locket or Just the Two of Us.

  22. I love the Mama's Nest Necklace…I love all the fun sites and shops you have introduced me to. Thanks!!

  23. Maddie Lumpkin says:

    Stuffing,I can still picture my grandmother at the counter making it. I always think of her when I make stuffing.

  24. Fried Snickers…LOL! We fry a turkey for Thanksgiving and we always fry snickers before we put the bird in the oil! Actually the fried turkey is prob my all time favorite. Not a fan of the oven turkey so much, unless it is coered with gravy.

  25. My favorite food – believe it or not – is brussel sprouts roasted with pecans.

  26. Becca and Colby says:

    I love the modern locket!

  27. Becca and Colby says:

    Candied yams with marshmallows on top is my favorite! Or stuffing with apples and cranberries added in!

  28. i really love the circle of love necklaces

  29. hmmm favorite T-Giving food would have to be the turkey since i haven't had Turkey since 1st of the year i am ready for TURKEY!!!

  30. Queen Elizabeth says:

    Layers of love and modern locket are fabulous – along with every thing else.

  31. Queen Elizabeth says:

    Stuffing. Always a hands down winner although my aunt's homemade pecan rolls gave it a race for its money last year.

  32. I love the family tree necklace. But everything is GREAT!

  33. Just the two of us is so cute!
    I love your blog btw.

    And my favorite Turkey Day Dish are the beets and stuffin!

  34. In my family we call then napkin rolls but most people call them crescent rolls. Bread is the basis of EVERY meal!

  35. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the "Large Modern Locket"…lots of great stuff on that site!!

  36. I love the "best day ever" necklace!

  37. I LOVE mashed potatoes. If the meal was only that, I think I would be content.

  38. melissaballard says:

    I'm really loving the "mama's nest" necklace. Such cute things!

  39. melissaballard says:

    I love EVERY food at Thanksgiving, but my favorite is the turkey. We fry turkeys here in the south – do ya'll do that in Utah? Actually we fry everything…

  40. I am loving the "soar" and the "keys to my heart" but I can see my sister-in-law loving one of the sports ones. Ok. Must. Pick. One. I pick "Soar". Final Answer.

  41. My favorite Thanksgiving food are my Grandma's deviled eggs.

  42. stephjacobson says:

    My favorite–Love Tags/Custom Sterling Silver Necklace.

  43. I absolutely love the Just the Two of Us / Personalized Necklace!

  44. I love the Circles of Love and the Modern Locket–it would be a hard choice. Thanks for the chance to win! I just found your blog and I adore it!!

  45. Favorite Thanksgiving food is pumpkin pie with mounds of whip cream :o)

  46. My favorite thanksgiving food is broccoli casserole–yum!

  47. stephjacobson says:

    I love the entire Thanksgiving dinner! My favorites are corn casserole and the jellied cranberry (from a can, or course) that goes on the turkey.

  48. My favorite is Just the two of us! Love them all. Bookmarked the shop :)

  49. Favorite food on Thanksgiving…. fried turkey of course

  50. I liked the "Surround My Heart / Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace" – I'd put my daughters' names on it. Too cute!

  51. Circle of Love is my favorite!!!

  52. My favorite Thanksgiving food is my mom's apple stuffing. Yummy!

  53. Homemade stuffing and gravy is my favorite food on thanksgiving!!

  54. I love the modern locket. Just my style for sure.

  55. I love the Daddy keychain. My husband would love it!

  56. Hmm. Thanksgiving dinner. Honestly not really a fan. Maybe the rolls!

  57. Custom photo pendant

  58. Face turkey day food has to be turkey

  59. I would love to have a Mama's Nest necklace, but I'm also partial to the Colts jewelry…decisions, decisions!

  60. My favorite Thanksgiving food is my grandma's cornbread dressing. Yum!

  61. I am in love with the modern locket! That is seriously awesome!!

  62. gotta say my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is the turkey!! ha ha I am weird though and love to dip it in ketchup!

  63. The family Tree would be crazy awesome! Have always wanted one!

  64. My favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is the SWEET POTATOES! Brown sugar & mini marshmallows – all the way!

  65. I have seen these before and already had it bookmarked to send to someone to get me one. They are INCREDIBLE!!! I love the "Surround My Heart" or the "Circle of Love" one and would do my children's name on them.

  66. My favourite part of Thanksgiving dinner is pumpkin pie :)

  67. The Dummers says:

    Not gunna lie, the guitar pic is pretty stinking cool! (But hello! The nest! Wow! She's talented!)

  68. The Dummers says:

    Favorite part of Thanksgiving, the pie. In all varieties. *drool*

  69. Hard to choose just one . . . my two favorites are the Tiny Love Drops and Just the Two of Us.

  70. We have turkey for Thanksgiving but not a lot of the other traditional foods. My favorite has to be the mashed potatoes and homemade noodles that my grandma taught me how to make!!

  71. Where My Heart Is / Latitude and Longitude Necklace is an awesome necklace!

  72. My favorite Thanksgiving food is stuffing. But not homemade stuffing. The stuff that comes right out of a box. I could eat an entire box myself.

  73. The Gunter Family says:

    I'd get my husband several of those guitar picks! He'd love them!

  74. I love Large Modern Locket.

  75. I love all of her jewelery! My favorite would have to be the circle of love.

  76. The Gunter Family says:

    MMM I don't know if I could pick one favorite food! I love mashed potatoes and gravy…sweet potato suffle, dressing, pumpkin cheese cake…the list goes on and on!

  77. My favorite thanksgiving food the dressing…or maybe the rolls…or the pie…I love it all.

  78. The Bradshaw Gang says:

    I absolutely love the Aluminum Circles of Love. I would love to have one with my three girls names on them….

  79. I can't believe you would make me pick just one Thanksgiving yum–but I think I would choose the smashed sweet potatoes with apples.

  80. The Bradshaw Gang says:

    My favorite dish at Thanksgiving would have to be Sweet Potato Casserole

  81. I love Circles of Love or the Eternity Necklace! They are all so beautiful!

  82. corvustristis says:

    I think I'm leaning towards the Large Eternity necklace, particularly if it could fit a couple of lines from my favorite poem on it.


  83. corvustristis says:

    Oh, and I'm a mashed potato fiend!

  84. bandgeek_22 says:

    I would choose the "Full Heart / Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace". It's beautiful!

  85. I love the modern locket. so cute

  86. bandgeek_22 says:

    My favorite food at Thanksgiving is mashed potatoes and gravy!

  87. stuffing is the best

  88. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    Every piece in the shop is so clever and well-made; my favorite is the locket.

  89. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    There are so many things I love about Thanksgiving dinner, but I am most partial to Pepperidge Farm stuffing, embellished with onions, celery and chicken broth. Yum!

  90. I'm really digging the circles of love!

  91. My favorite Thanksgiving food is the stuffing!

  92. Heather Ruiz says:

    I love the "Where my heart is" necklace!

  93. Heather Ruiz says:

    …and my very favorite thanksgiving food is my Momma's sweet potatoes–they're heavenly.

  94. I love the modern locket!

  95. Does pumpkin pie count?

  96. The modern locket is AWESOME!!!

  97. Kirsten & Aaron says:

    How can I choose a favorite? I love Where My Heart Is and the Circle of Love! I want to win the Large Circle of Love to give to my MIL (8 kids!) for Christmas!

  98. Kirsten & Aaron says:

    How can I choose a favorite? I love Where My Heart Is and the Circle of Love! I want to win the Large Circle of Love to give to my MIL (8 kids!) for Christmas!

  99. STUFFING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. I think the Mama;s nest is my favorite today. :)

  101. My favorite food is/are super buttery mashed potatoes.

  102. Kirsten & Aaron says:

    My favorite Thankgiving food is my grandma's homemade dressing. So good!

  103. Kirsten & Aaron says:

    My favorite Thankgiving food is my grandma's homemade dressing. So good!

  104. I like the modern locket. wkpanter at yahoo dot com

  105. I love the leftovers sandwiches of Thanksgiving more than anything! wkpanter at yahoo dot com

  106. I love the large, modern locket. It would make a beautiful gift.

  107. I love the family tree necklace. So beautiful!!

  108. I need the eternity necklace. Love it!!!

  109. My favorite Thanksgiving food is Strawberry Pretzel Salad. Yum yum yum!!

  110. I made this marvelous stuffing that has wild rice and cornbread, sausage, cranberries, walnuts and loads of other things in it. It started with my mother's recipe and I've tweaked it over the years. I always make a big batch, and it gets eaten up as leftovers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Getting hungry just thinking about it!

    Thanks for your giveaway!

  111. My favorite thanksgiving food isn't at thanksgiving dinner. It is an open-faced turkey sandwich smothered in gravy. I eat it for about 3 days for every meal after thanksgiving. YUMMM!

  112. I love the large modern locket. It is perfect!

  113. My favorite Thanksgiving food has to be the stuffing, as long as it is done right and is perfectly moist!

  114. My favorite food is Pie, lots and lots of Pie.

  115. I love the eternity necklace.

  116. Thanks for sharing this beautiful site. I definitely would choose the eternity necklace. It's beautiful.

  117. Thanksgiving is sometimes my birthday…not this year, but it was last year. Every since I was a little girl, I have loved the entire meal. I love the turkey, the stuffing, the cranberries, the yams, the pie…the family gathered around the table, and the LEFTOVERS!

  118. The modern locket is so cute!

  119. PIE of course!

  120. that sports fan jersey is so unique and fun. i'd definitely get it for my favorite hockey/lax mom.

  121. I love the a full heart necklace. :)

  122. I love the best day ever necklace!

  123. And the mashed potatoes are my definite favorite.

  124. I love pie for Thanksgiving!

  125. I love the heartstrings sterling silver necklace with the pearls.

  126. …and my favorite item at Thanksgiving is definitely Grandma's stuffing!!

  127. I love this jewelry so much! Hand stamped stuff is so neat, I wish I could do it. I really like the Soar / Hand Stamped Copper Butterfly Necklace.

  128. My favorite food at Thanksgiving dinner is my Mom's pumpkin bread! I'm so excited

  129. I like the modern locket! I've seen nothing like it. Very cool!

  130. Um…the sweet potato casserole I make is probably my fav. (You know my problem with my computer keys? I just typed 'asserole'…the c just won't work properly!)

  131. My favorite is the "blessed" necklace, but I think I would choose to have it personalized in some way which I don't know how yet.

  132. Favorite Thanksgiving food? Hmmmm….it's a toss up between Harvest potatoes and cranberry sauce.

  133. I love the modern locket, but I also love the heart strings one.

  134. My favorite thanksgiving food would have to be my dad's mashed potatoes. They're still my favorite kind of mashed potatoes.

  135. Edie Schmidt says:

    The Keys to my heart has to be my fav. I think mainly due to the skeleton key. I just love those. The effect of them all together just makes a statement to me.

  136. I love the "Heartstrings" necklace.

  137. …and my favorite Thanksgiving food is a perfectly moist turkey :) Not too dry, not too undercooked.

  138. My fave is the love tags

  139. The modern locket is awesome!

  140. I really like the "a full heart" necklace, would put my little girl's name on it!

  141. I love the guitar pick. It would make a perfect gift for the many musicians in my life!

  142. The mashed potatoes. Hands down.

  143. I think my fave thanksgiving food is the homemade Mac and cheese that my mom makes and for dessert….my aunts chocolate pie!!

  144. Edie Schmidt says:

    Now My fav. bit of eatable goodness on Thanks Giving must be my sweat potato dish created with sweet potatoes and sugar and cream with nuts and cranberries topped with a streusel topping I can't get enough!!!:))

  145. Els Manning says:

    Thanksgiving…. ha… the turkey… the smell hours before, while it is in the oven…! oh and the rolls! BTW i own a Char too…! Go figure. Good name.

  146. Els Manning says:

    The locket. So darn cute!

  147. Edie Schmidt says:

    Rat Tails my comment on the lovely jewelery did not post so here it is again! (If I have screwed up and posted twice forgive me) My favorite bit is the Keys to my heart with skeleton key . I love skeleton keys!

  148. I love the locket.

  149. My favorite Thanksgiving food is pumpkin pie!

  150. I love the modern locket, so gorgeous!!

  151. Homemade rolls are the best. Better than Turkey or anything else. Yummmmmm. Great, now I"m hungry. ;)

  152. I am loving the Eternity Necklace, or Circles of Love – can't decide! :)

    Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  153. My favorite Thanksgiving food is this cranberry jello that my mom makes. Probably sounds icky, but it's really delicious!!

  154. The Celebrated Author says:

    Ooh, the custom guitar pick, definitely! I come from a family of musicians.


  155. The Celebrated Author says:

    Not gonna lie, I am most looking forward to the pie (especially pumpkin and pecan).

  156. WOW…so much to choose from! FABULOUS jewelry!!!
    Thinking either – A Full Heart, Keys to my Heart, Best Day Ever, or Family Tree!


  157. My favorite is the Best Day Ever / Custom Calendar Necklace.

  158. We don't celebrate thanksgiving here, but all the food looks amazing, I never tasted it though…

  159. My friend would LOVE the jersey necklace with Troy Aikman's name on the back. She'd flip out!

    I think I just solved a Christmas present puzzle! :)

  160. I LOVE stuffing. My favorite food of thanksgiving!

  161. I love the Best Day Ever necklace.. I'd get it with my anniversary date. :)

  162. i'd love to get the custom guitar pick for my rocker hubby
    mychancetowin at gmail dot com

  163. My favorite Thanksgiving food is sweet potato casserole, yum!!

  164. I'd love to get the Imagine, Create, Inspire / Hand Stamped Necklace.

    lee_donna6802 at yahoo dot com

  165. So many great foods, do I have to choose just one? :) I make these very fattening mashed potatoes just for Thanksgiving and that is my favorite. :)

    lee_donna6802 at yahoo dot com

  166. i love the modern locket or the keys to my heart. such beautiful work!

  167. my favorite thanksgiving food is the green bean casserole – from scratch – not the canned soup stuff!

  168. Crafty Christina says:

    Circle of Love is my favorite!!

  169. I love the modern locket. I am asking for that for Christmas! Cbrit.

  170. Crafty Christina says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving food is Garlic Cheddar mashed potatoes. Yum!!!

  171. Love the Large Modern Locket! Such cute stuff!

  172. Thanksgiving… definitely mashed potatoes. YUM cbrit

  173. My moms Coconut Cream Pie is by far the best Thanksgiving Dinner Food!!!!

  174. I would have to have the locket! Love it!!!

  175. Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving without sweet potato casserole!!

  176. I absolutely LOVE the Large Modern Locket – gorgeous.

  177. My mom's porcini mushroom dressing is by far my very favorite Thanksgiving dish – wish I could have it all year!

  178. I am drawn to circular pendants, so probably circles of love or the eternity pendant you pictured! great stuff, thanks for the giveaway!!!

  179. that was me char (do you know any other leis?), sorry signed into the wrong google account.

  180. Blake & Anya Young says:

    The modern locket is adorable.

  181. Blake & Anya Young says:

    The modern locket is adorable.

  182. Blake & Anya Young says:

    Thanksgiving is all about the stuffing!

  183. Blake & Anya Young says:

    Thanksgiving is all about the stuffing!

  184. Cookie Soup says:

    Just the Two of Us / Personalized Necklace is my FAV!

  185. BeAuTiFuL! All of it please, but really, the guitar pick for my son that plays is going on the Christmas list. Trying to do a meaningful, not-so-commercialized Christmas. This will be perfect.

  186. Cookie Soup says:

    On Thanksgiving, my favorite is the warm bisquits & butter!!!! YUM!

  187. Nothing beats homemade rolls, regular and the orange glazed ones too! It's 1 of the 2 days I refuse to diet!

  188. Dustin and Kelsey says:

    everything is gorgeous! but i'm totally loving the heartstrings necklace.

  189. i would love an anniversary necklace or that modern locket. so cute and clever

  190. my favorite thanksgiving food is banana cream pie

  191. the love tags are just darling!!! really!

    crossing my fingers…

  192. The Love Tag necklace is my favorite. Thanks for the chance!

  193. I have to choose just one favorite? That's hardly fair! I choose pumpkin pie with extra Cool Whip.

  194. Our Happily Ever After says:

    I love the heartstrings necklace. Very unique!
    arodriguez522 at gmail

  195. I love the Family Tree.

  196. Our Happily Ever After says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish is my Nannie's cornbread dressing. No one will ever be able to make it as quite as good as she did. :)
    arodriguez522 at gmail

  197. Mashed Potatoes and Gravy. I guess technically it's two things but always my favorite.

  198. My favorite (among so many wonderful pieces) is "She Believed She Could, So She Did." They are all lovely.

  199. Wow — another hard choice. It's the meal I look forward to all year. It wouldn't be a family dinner, however, without Mom's pumpkin pie.

  200. I love that modern locket, too! It's beautiful!
    julieduke86 at gmail dot com

  201. Mmm favorite food at Thanksgiving – I love gravy. It goes with (almost) anything, and really just makes things delicious.

  202. Favorite food? That's hard! I think the dressing would be my fave … not exactly something I think to make other times of the year.

  203. I love the Modern Locket – so unique! And I bet it makes a lovely sound, too :)

  204. I love the "Heartstrings". Simple and beautiful.

  205. And my all-time favorite Thanksgiving dinner food: My mom's potato rolls with lots of butter, mmmm!

  206. Matt and Chelsea says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! this would be great for my mom for Christmas.

  207. The Believe necklace is my favourite

  208. Matt and Chelsea says:

    during thanksgiving I eat most of the chile and cheese. yummm!

  209. My favorite item is the Rock On/Guitar necklace..

    tiffisbill21 at yahoo dot com

  210. My favorite Thanksgiving food is this cheesy cabbage dish my grandpa used to make before he passed away. He only made it at Thanksgiving and Christmas, I would look forward to those dinners every yar!

  211. I love the best day ever charms, but I would pick the mamma's nest!
    hollydonahue at hotmail dot com

  212. My my favorite food would be the fresh homemade sourdough rolls.
    hollydonahue at hotmail dot com

  213. Oh, Thanksgiving dinner!!! My favorite would have to be sweet potato pie.


  214. I'd pick the Large Eternity Necklace for my Mom.
    sis_celiadawn at yahoo dot com

  215. I have always been a lover of mashed potatoes and gravy… I eat all the leftovers!! And I'm excited for this year!
    sis_celiadawn at yahoo dot com

  216. GinnaG's Paper Fun says:

    Very cool site. Both yours and 3 scoops of love. Could find a few things to pick from her site. Thanks for having her on your blog. I like to check out the "crap you've made".

  217. Gorgeous! I just love the modern locket!

  218. Gosh how could I choose just one.

    I love "Heartstings" and "A Full Heart"
    If I won one, I'd have to buy the other!

  219. Connie Babe says:

    the mama's nest necklace with 3 freshwater pearl eggs.

  220. Connie Babe says:

    just one? can't…i love my stuffing and the sugar cream pie…the brined turkey is a must…i pretty much love it all which is why i'm in charge of cooking! ;)

  221. I love the Aluminum Circles of Love / Hand Stamped Necklace.

  222. My favorite Thanksgiving food is the stuffing!!

  223. Pamela and Austin Matthews (and Family) says:

    I really like the Family Tree– beautiful!

  224. Pamela and Austin Matthews (and Family) says:

    And I love the stuffing and the sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving! : )

  225. I would totally buy the Circles of Love / Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace!

  226. My fav thing to eat at Thanksgiving is my mom's pecan pie!

  227. I love the guitar pick..Phil would be over the moon if I got one for him

  228. shoutingforha says:

    I love the custom photo pendant.

  229. Oh and my favorite thing for Thanksgiving Dinner? Homemade Raspberry pie..yes raspberry–NOT razzleberry or any other such fake pie.

  230. I love, love, love the creative idea of the small/large modern locket!

  231. I like the tower of love necklace. The guitar pick is pretty cool, if only I played the guitar. I have an idea of who I could give one to, though.

  232. My favorite food at Thanksgiving… pumpkin pie!

  233. I love the large eternity necklace. Great with all the kids names.

  234. My favorite food at Thanksgiving would have to be my mom's dressing!

  235. I love the "Just the Two of Us", it is oh so adorable!

  236. My favorite Thanksgiving food is for sure mashed potatos and gravy! Yum.

  237. i love the modern locket.

  238. my fav thanksgiving food is the cheeseball my aunt makes. delish!!!

  239. ed and kelli says:

    Just the Two of Us / Personalized Necklace….it's great.. or the modern locket.

  240. ed and kelli says:

    i love love love cheesy potatoes for thanksgiving:)

  241. I love that modern locket. I have added it to my favorites on etsy and hopefully, will receive it for Christmas.

  242. My favorite food at Thanksgiving is dressing.

  243. My favorite is the "Just the Two of Us"…love the idea of having my anniversary around my neck. <3 I also like the modern locket…I would just have a hard time deciding what to put inside.

    lindley25 at charter dot net.

  244. I have so many favorite thanksgiving foods as it's my favorite holiday. I love my mom's homemade dressing with homegrown dried sage in it. I also love her sweet potatoes and of course some pumpkin pie (with cinnamon cool whip on top!).

    lindley25 at charter dot net.

  245. blueskygirl says:

    I love the family tree necklace.

  246. McMemories says:

    I LOVE the best day ever keychain with our anniversary date ♥

  247. McMemories says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving food is my mother in laws homemade rolls and cranberry sauce!

  248. Love tags!! [email protected]

  249. STUFFING!! [email protected]

  250. "She believed she could so she did" necklace would be a wonderful reminder to my daughter who often doubts herself. Merry Xmas to her!

  251. busy little bee says:

    I like the locket.

  252. busy little bee says:

    Mashed Potatoes are my favorite thanksgiving food!

  253. I really like the eternity necklace!

  254. My grandmother's cornbread stuffing is my favorite Thanksgiving food. It always reminds me of her, and my grandparents farm.

  255. TheDixiePixie says:
  256. TheDixiePixie says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving food is pumpkin pie with extra whip cream…yum!

  257. I love the Modern Locket. Never seen anything like it!

  258. I love the sandwich made with leftovers. That is my whole reason for eating the main meal.

  259. Holly Days Closet says:
  260. Quilting_Chris says:

    I love, love, love the She Believed stamped necklace

  261. Holly Days Closet says:
  262. Quilting_Chris says:

    Ummm, thanksgiving…dressing aka stuffing is my favorite part. The complex texture and flavors…ooops is that druel on my keyboard.

  263. So many beatiful things, but I have to go with the modern locket.

  264. For thanksgiving, I look forward to the SWEET POTATO CASSEROLE!!

  265. I have six children–it has to be the large eternity necklace. It's the one big enough for all the names, not to mention absolutely gorgeous!

  266. Holly @ Domestic Dork says:

    I think I'd choose the custom calendar necklace, or maybe the key chain for my hubby.

  267. I loved that modern locket but then the Colts necklace grabbed me! Colts? Really? Awesome! {Then I went to her shop and saw she is in Indy ~ and has a BUNCH of Colts necklaces…hooray!} I really love the starfish necklace too, but I bet I'd end up picking a Colts necklace. :)

  268. Michelle S says:
  269. Michelle S says:
  270. I really like the best day ever calender necklace–it's beautiful and would be perfect for my upcoming anniversary.

  271. james and bess says:

    i LOVE that modern locket!!

    bess :)

  272. james and bess says:

    for thanksgiving, i must have really good mashed potatoes – preferably with sour cream or cream cheese mixed in – delish!

    bess :)

  273. I love the simple yet elegant design of the "Circles of Love" necklace!

  274. At Thanksgiving, mashed potatoes & gravy are my favorite!

  275. Briana Weir says:
  276. Briana Weir says:

    Also, i like sweet potatoes. We never ate them growing up, but in my adulthood i have discovered and loved them.

  277. Oh wow! There are a bunch I'd like. I think I'd probably go with the Mama's Nest in Sterling Silver, but I also love the Custom Photo Pendant, the Make a Difference Star necklace (that star fish story is one I use all the time), and the "She Believed" necklace.

  278. Turkey is my favorite food at Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, I'm easy to please. :-)
    Ourgoatrodeo at gmail dot com

  279. I love the family tree necklace

  280. I think mashed potatoes and corn (yes, mixed together..) is the best food at thanksgiving.

  281. I love the large locket, can I put 4 kids in there?

  282. and of course the sweet potato casserole

  283. Melissa (Books and Things) says:

    My fave is puppy love, but when I see that Colts one… well, I'd change it to Broncos and that is also a fave of mine!

    books (dot) things (at) yahoo (dot) com

  284. Melissa (Books and Things) says:

    Fave food? Banana pudding! Yum!

    books (dot) things (at) yahoo (dot) com

  285. The Heskew Happenings says:

    I would pick the Surround My Heart necklace with my kiddos names on it! Too cool!

  286. The Heskew Happenings says:

    And my favorite thanksgiving food is… Green Bean Casserole which is strange because I don't like green beans!

  287. oh my gosh, the large modern locket is to DIE for!

    catiejoy (at) gmail (dot) com

  288. my favorite thanksgiving dish is the sweet potatoes…YUM!

    catiejoy (at) gmail (dot) com

  289. Whitney Drew says:

    If I won, I'd definitely pick the Eternity Necklace – so pretty!

  290. Whitney Drew says:

    My absolute favorite Thanksgiving dish is my Momma's broccoli casserole. No other broccoli casserole will do!

  291. Mindy Hales says:

    That modern locket is my favorite.

  292. Mindy Hales says:

    I love the sweet potatoes…oh and the pie.

  293. AMessWorthMaking says:

    My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the stuffing. I'm crazy for stuffing. Yum.

  294. My favorite Thanksgiving dish is: Pumpkin Pie

  295. AMessWorthMaking says:

    I have no idea what I'd choose. I love the Keys to my heart and the small modern locket, but I also love the one you got with your anniversary. Tough, they're all beautiful.

  296. I love the locket. That's what I would pick. Can she do 5 kids? lol.

  297. And I love smoked turkey for Thanksgiving. And pecan pie. And mashed potatoes. Yummmmmm

  298. I love, love the family tree necklace. My husband and 3 kids are so important to me. It would be so wonderful to wear.

  299. My favorite Thanksgiving food is Brookville cream corn. So very yummy!

  300. Jacob and Cami says:
  301. Jacob and Cami says:

    Before I was married I would have said mashed potatoes, but since I married the world's best pie maker/baker, I really look forward to the pies. I love his bluberry and raspberry pies. They're the best!

  302. I think the Best Day Ever is so cute and creative!

  303. sara and gailon says:

    The Modern Locket is beautiful!

  304. I love the locket. Such a cute and simple way to keep my kids close to me at all times.

  305. Modern Locket. Awesome! I love it!

  306. Yams. With plain butter and salt. Marshmallows and brown sugar make me gag.

  307. I would pick the Mama's Nest necklace.
    heidikittelson at gmail dot com

  308. My favorite Thanksgiving food is probably pumpkin pie.
    heidikittelson at gmail dot com

  309. I looked at the site, love them all but the modern locket has me Intrigued. I think it is super cool. :) I may ask for one for Christmas!

  310. Brooke aka "B" says:

    So many amazing it is hard to pick! I loved She Believed for the season that I am in. I FINALLY graduated from college in May at 35 years old. It seems like it is perfect because I never thought I would return to college let along graduate. I am now on a mission to get healthy.

    As far as my favorite Thanksgiving meal, I just love green bean casserole with the French's on top.

    Thank YOU! God bless

  311. Thanksgiving dinner. My favorite food item is, well, all of it. :) But most of all I love being with family!!!! I have to work this thanksgiving, nursing never ends, and neither does family.

  312. johannamathews says:

    The heartstrings necklace is beautiful!

  313. johannamathews says:

    I love homemade pecan pie :)

  314. Laura aka Lolo says:

    I lOvE Modern Locket toooo! It is really different than anything I have seen. Lots of cuteness :)

  315. Laura aka Lolo says:

    Thanksgiving dinner hmmm I have 2 favorites one turkeycranberriesmashedpotatoewwithgravystuffinggreenbeancasseroleyamsohyeahandrolls and two pumpkin pie

  316. I love the eternity necklace. I could fit all my kids one it!

  317. and I also love Thanksgiving leftovers! :)

  318. Those calendar ones are pretty cute.

  319. And I love gravy best, because it goes over 80% of the other foods (turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing…) And I love that your bonus comments are fun to do (to do, to do…)!

  320. I love so many of these pieces. I really like the love drops necklace and the love tags necklaces. Tough choice though.

  321. Pumpkin pie definitely – the only reason to buy pumpkins at Halloween is for making pie!

  322. Love them all, but the one I like best is the Aluminum Circles. Would love to give it to my daughter! My favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal — a sweet potato casserole I make that is to die for! No dumb marshmallows for us!!

  323. OOPs –misread that. This is a REpost of my fav — the ALuminum Circles!

  324. Ceeu N Uila says:

    Head over heels in love with her version of the modern locket….love,Love,LOVE IT!!! lol

  325. Ceeu N Uila says:

    HHhhhmmmmm My favorite food at thanksgiving dinner….garsh, what DON'T I love would be easier to name since I'll eat just about anything… LMBO!!! seriously tho, my fav dish would have to be pumpkin pie….I'm drooling alll over my comp just thinking about it…hehe j/k…Love ur blog! keep up the good work!

  326. Sharesa Larsen says:

    I like the love tags!

  327. Sharesa Larsen says:

    My favorite food at Thanksgiving is the rolls/warm bread, oh so yummy!

  328. I love the Family Tree necklace.

  329. My hands down favorite food at Thanksgiving is the stuffing.

  330. I really like the eternity necklace and the modern locket. I would have to say my favorite dish is broccoli cheese casserole. It was my fav as a kid and still is!
    bennekal at msn dot com

  331. My favorite Thanksgiving food has got to be the dressing with cranberry sauce. YUM!

  332. hairdoozie says:

    I love the modern locket! I'd give it to my daughter who's first babe is coming ANY minute!
    dafitch at gmail dot com

  333. hairdoozie says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish is stuffing -yum!

  334. I love the Circle of Love necklace!

  335. My favorite Thanksgiving food is a tie between my mom's homemade rolls or the pumpkin pie.

  336. The Bronson Bunch says:

    I love the modern locket! It's so neat :)

  337. The Bronson Bunch says:

    My favorite at Thanksgiving is the mashed potatoes and gravy! Boring I know. Still my favorite.

  338. I am gaga over the keys to my heart necklace!!! I also absouletely love the peas in a pod necklace.

  339. Unlock My Heart! It is so cute! I love all of their work! My favorite food at the thanksgiving table is my grandmas mashed potatoes!

  340. My favorite food at Thanksgiving….I love real mash potatoes and stuffing, but the stuffing that's good, not just straight from the box.

  341. I love the family tree necklace, very unique!

  342. My favorite thanksgiving food is my mother in law's stuffing, or sweet potatoes! Yummy!

  343. What beautiful things! I like the "Mama's Nest" necklace and the heart necklaces. Thanks for the opportunity to see "Three Scoops of Love…"


  344. My favorite Thanksgiving food is broccoli casserole.

  345. I love the family tree necklace!

  346. My favorite Thanksgiving food is plain old mashed potatoes – my mom makes the best!

  347. handmadehappiness says:

    love the large modern locket…. really is lovely I was surprised to see I was not following you but was Like-ing you on facebook!!! I have resolved this !!! thanx for hosting!!

  348. deannadeiters says:

    I love the Large Modern Locket! It's so unique.
    deannadeiters at yahoo dot com

  349. Full Throttle Ad Specialties says:

    Copper butterfly that says Soar. That is so pretty. Nice stuff!

  350. Full Throttle Ad Specialties says:

    Favorite Thanksgiving day food….hmmm does it all count???

    Ok if I had to narrow it down to one thing I would probably have to say the sweet potatoes with the tasty marshmallows. So yummy

  351. Gosh, so diffiuclt to choose from! If I have to it would the Family Tree Necklace. Beuatiful!

  352. As we don't do Thanksgiving here in the UK, I guess I'll just tell you about my favorite Christmas food, home made christmas pudding from my gret aunts recipe! Mmmm yummy!

  353. QueenMeadow says:

    I love the vintage skeleton key necklace. Love!

  354. QueenMeadow says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving food is the mashed potatoes with my dad's homemade gravy, yum!

  355. I would want the "just the two of us" necklace! Love!!

  356. shalise . . . says:

    I like the keys to my heart/vintage skeleton key necklace.

  357. shalise . . . says:

    My favorite food at Thanksgiving is mashed potatoes and gravy. As well as the pie (but not pumpkin.)

  358. ham. seriously.

  359. I like the mom's nest necklace.

  360. And my favorite food at Thanksgiving is mashed potatoes!

  361. The Mang Family says:

    It's a toss up between the Modern Locket and the Peas in a Pod necklace!

  362. The Mang Family says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving food?? Gotta go with mashed potatoes and gravy! Yum!

  363. Holy crap, there are so many gorgeous things. I love the lockets, and the keys to my heart necklace, and gosh, so many others!!

    princess dot erica at sbcglobal dot net

  364. Favorite T-day food.. Mashed potatoes and gravy? Or… the turkey.. or, the rolls.. Hmm.. I love it all. lol.

  365. I love "a full heart!"

  366. My favorite thing at Thanksgiving dinner has to be the turkey. Yummy!

  367. James and Talai Macfarlane says:
  368. James and Talai Macfarlane says:

    Stuffing – can't eat enough of it.

  369. momto2munkeys says:

    oh….I love the guitar pick!!! My 11 year-old desperatly needs one, him and his friends are constantly fighting over whose picks are whose!!!!

  370. momto2munkeys says:

    fave turkey day food…..all of it!!!! For 3 years in a row we were in the hospital for different lovely holiday mishaps(don't even ask!!!) and we missed dinner!!!! We are staying home this year and making the whole big'ol spread!!!! yummmmm-O!!!!!

  371. My favorite thanksgiving dinner side is stuffing!!

  372. sara and gailon says:

    Favorite Thanksgiving food…hands down…my sweetie pies sweet potato pecan pie! yummers!

  373. I think my favorite is the Where My Heart Is necklace. So unique and beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

    jessdepew at yahoo dot com

  374. kellye and matt says:

    i absolutely love the large modern locket, how stunning and original!!

  375. kellye and matt says:

    without a doubt my favorite thanksgiving food is jellied cranberry sauce straight from a can. every thanksgiving since i was a child, i have been given my own can. and i eat it all. cause it's delicious.

  376. The keys to my heart custom key chain…something the husband could appreciate, too!

  377. I really like the modern locket and the heartstrings necklace.

  378. My fav is the stuffing!!!

  379. mmmm… apple pie….pumpkin pie…. cherry peach pie… (see the theme?)… so my answer is PIE!

    clark6703 at earthlink. net

  380. courtney*adele says:

    i am really not sure what i'd pick because i like so many things…. maybe the initialed guitar pick for a good friend of ours!

  381. Just the two of us necklace is just what I need!

  382. Favorite Thanksgiving food is pie – any pie.

  383. I love the large modern locket or the large eternity necklace!

  384. My favorite Thanksgiving Day food is the PIES…mostly because my husband makes them :)

  385. The eternity personalized pendant would be a perfect gift for my MIL, I'd love to win!
    Lauraastill at hotmail

  386. I love the look of the Aluminum Circles of Love / Hand Stamped Necklace.

  387. I live for mashed potatoes and gravy at Thanksgiving!

  388. Alexandria says:

    I LOVE the Family Tree pendant and think I have to have it!!

  389. Alexandria says:

    My favorite food at Thanksgiving is green beans!

  390. I love so many of them! If I have to choose, my favorite would be the Family Tree pendant.

  391. My mom's mashed potatoes are probably my most favorite food ever…not just on Thanksgiving, but anytime!

  392. my favorite item is the Family Tree / Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace I would totally get that.
    moodykelly at gmail dot com

  393. pumpkin pie pumpkin pie pumpkin pie! There is something soo yummy about pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving time.
    moodykelly at gmail dot com

  394. Twins Squared says:

    I like the .Family Tree / Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace. Thanks for the chance to win.

  395. Twins Squared says:

    Hmmm…. Stuffing? Pumpkin Pie? Stuffing? Pumpkin Pie? Too hard to choose!

  396. Pumpkin pie WITH A LOT of whipped cream!

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