Playmobil Nativity

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I have a thing for Playmobil. I think it’s the nostalgia. My brother had a Playmobil set with a camping trailer when we were kids and it was awesome. I bought my boys a Playmobil pirate ship a few years back, but I think they were too young for it (R.I.P). Thankfully, the nativity has survived.


I wanted a nativity that my kids could touch and play with. I love hearing Macy read the story to my boys and seeing her supervise the initial set up (though it never stays the way she wants it).

One day I found a shark about to eat the baby Jesus.

Many times I find cars parked near the stable.


That’s kind of the point with this set…I want my kids to experience it.


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  1. Just the Two of US says:

    Oh that's awesome I love it!

  2. I love that! So you guys do nativity and Santa? How do you manage that?

  3. The {G} Family says:

    We have that same set! I feel mean now… My kids ask me "Mom, can we play with your toy?" :) I got tired of the pieces walking away so I made it off limits. Maybe I'll let them touch it this year. hehe

  4. A Mormon Mommy says:

    We have a Little People Nativity that my kids play with constantly. I love that my 3 and 5 year old's love to pick up Baby Jesus and Mary and give them kisses…it's perfect!

  5. We have the same Nativity and I LOVE it! (We often get dinosaurs, fairies and pirates that visit…from other Playmobil sets, too!) I love that the kids enjoy playing with it…even though sometimes I have to remind them that baby Jesus isn't a super hero…

  6. I bought the same Nativity for the exact same reason. I found a cool wooden stable/manger at Goodwill for two bucks to use with it instead of the cardboard insert. I haven't been brave enough to give the two year old all the accessories though, so it's just Joseph, Mary, the manger and four of the animals, all unadorned.

  7. Val and I saw your Playmobile pirate ship in your garbage can that day and discussed diving for it. Or maybe it was just me thinking I should? I do know we discussed that you were a much stronger person than either of us to actually be able to throw it away.

    Our only nativity is a wooden one for children. We keep it down low for them to play with, too.

  8. I am so Playmobil obsessed. I wish I could afford to buy it all!

  9. I'm big on Playmobil too! We've got the same set and my kids just adore it.

    (I still NEED to make that table runner in your pics. I love it!)

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