Weekend Giveaway: MollyGear

Are you familiar with MollyGear?


They make flippin’ (<—- a little Mormon humor for you) cute LDS scripture totes and bags and t-shirts. And, they’re having an INSANE winter clearance sale right now.

Tote bags are marked down to $20.



(I happen to have this one myself. My fabulous neighbor Lindsey gave it to me so I’d quit dragging around the awful free with paid subscription Martha Stewart tote I was using before.)

Medium scripture bags are down to $10.


And small scripture bags are now only $7.


They also have a few $5 t-shirts left.


So, what’s in it for you? (Other than awesome church gear at rock bottom prices…)

MollyGear is giving one lucky Crap I’ve Made reader a Rust Bloomers Tote Scripture Bag!



Leave a comment ON THIS POST telling me what you currently haul your crap to church in.


Leave another comment ON THIS POST telling me the most Molly Mormon thing about you.

***Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and closes Monday morning when I haul myself out of bed. And in the interest of full disclosure: I was not compensated for this post in any way, but I enjoy my MollyGear bag immensely.***

And, if you’re the entrepreneurial minded type, MollyGear is for sale. Contact Sam at [email protected] for more information.

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  1. I haul my crap in a quilted shoulder strap bag that has oriental fabric and a dropping bead bling thing to spark it up! I think it looks swish.

  2. rick and cheryl says:

    I use an old bag that my dad got from a work conference with all the company sponsor's names on it. Very classy. :)

  3. Um My large and in charge purse. I've bought everyone (well the women…) on my list bags to carry their stuff in. But not myself! I'd love one!

    [email protected]

  4. I use an unattractive bag I got at a work conference so I would love to win this tote!

  5. The most Molly Mormon thing about me is that I don't like the TV or radio on on Sunday.

  6. I haul my church stuff in a very large basket. I feel very pioneerish. Hee Hee

  7. The most Molly Mormon thing about me is that I grind my own wheat to use for baking bread and cookies.

  8. I use my old missionary bag (got off my mission 18 yrs. ago.)

  9. THE most Molly thing about me? I'm really stumped on this one. Can you think of one? Really, I can take it.

  10. Hummmm, the most Molly thing about me is that I grind my own wheat and sprout it too. I also carry around a little hymn book of my own.

  11. I carry my crud to church in a polka dot tote that the bow is broken off. It is black and bright pink. Can't miss the ugly thing!:)

  12. Well, right now I take my purse with snacks and diapers for the littlest one, a bag for primary (with a big binder) and a "sunday" bag with books, quiet books, friends, folder games, etc to entertain the kids! Love these things!

    sarah8914 at gmail dot com

  13. Molly Mormon thing…. I guess no tv/radio on Sundays! I know there's a lot more, but my brain is dead right now. ;)

    sarah8914 at gmail dot com

  14. I haul everything to church in my purse and my arms which leaves me unable to actually hug people when I greet them!

  15. I haul my church stash in an old "handprint" tote bag that my son made for me six years ago. It is a bit frayed and tattered looking so I would really love to win a new bag!

  16. I haul my crap in a Vera Bradley bag. As impressive at that sounds when I say it, I leave out the fact that it is an 8-yr-old bag and I have had to sew on it a few times to keep it in shape. And my scriptures are in a separate CTR bag.

  17. There isn't much Molly Mormon about me. They usually call me the WMW, or "Wild Mormon Woman." I guess my most Molly thing is that I have totes and totes of Primary helps that I can't seem to part with, so whenever anyone gets a calling, I'm all "I have stuff for you! Pls come get it!"

  18. Parker Family says:

    I haul my stuff to church in a reusable Old Navy shopping bag. Practical, but not adorable. -Jana

  19. Parker Family says:

    The most Molly Mormon thing about me is my love of canning. The pantry shelf filling up with colorful jars I sweated over? Pure heaven!

  20. I carry my crap to church in my purse and the diaper bags. I'm always filing through them trying to find something.

  21. The most Molly Mormon thing about me (though I'm evangelical and not Mormon) is my love for Jello :)

  22. Kevin, Holly, Kari and Bryce says:

    We haul everything to church in my daughter's school bag.

  23. Kevin, Holly, Kari and Bryce says:

    The most Molly Mormon thing about me is that I don't drink caffeine.

  24. I haul my crap in a reusable grocery sack… Makes for one huge jumbled mess.

  25. I currently drag my scriptures, hymnbook (to be good pianist in RS, I need my penciled in marks on the notes), and kid stuff in a JanSport messenger bag I bought at an outlet in 2001.

  26. I know I am a Molly when about every 10 days I grind wheat to make 20 loaves of 1/2 white and 1/2 wheat bread using the recipe my mom handed down.

  27. Well according to one of the guys that my husband plays basketball with at the YMCA, I am "ghetto and old fashion" because I grind my own wheat and bake homemade bread. He said "have you ever heard of the grocery store, they sell bread now!" I am pretty sure that qualifies as Molly Mormon. And DARN PROUD of it YMCA guy!!!! Boo Yah!

  28. I use the most standard basic black scripture bag you can imagine. Nothing special about it!

  29. I haul my stuff around in my coat pockets and my hands (I'm quite the sight) because I can't afford to buy a bag or tote. Ugh.

  30. Most Molly Mormon thing about me? Well I don't can, I don't grind my own wheat though I wish I did both of these things! Mmmm. I don't allow TV or movies on Sunday. Wish I could thing of something better!

  31. I'm sooo Molly because I put others needs ahead of mine, always. Wait. I guess that's charity – an attribute of Christ. Hmmm…I guess that counts as Molly, right?

  32. I use a ugly blue tote to haul everything to church in.

    [email protected]

  33. I am molly mormon because I am crazy about food storage and people give me crazy looks at the grocery store when I buy 20 bottles of ketchup at once when they are on sale.

    [email protected]

  34. I bring my horrible old diaper bag from Walmart for our church bag for the kids! Oh, I'd love a wonderful new bag!

  35. I have a tote I got at Time out for Women last year – it's our church bag.

  36. Molly Mormon – no stores on Sunday.

  37. S. Fillmore says:

    Too bloomin' funny you are. Tote my set to church in a red pleather number.

    • Wah… tak sangka org lelaki pun minat juga beuk-bunekebrn ni ya. bertuah isteri kamu Suami sya pula cuma bagi modal. Kalu bab jaga pokok semua sya uruskan sendiri. Kekadang sorang2 pi nursery beli pokok baru puas hati sbb dia xperlu tggu lama sya soping pokok2.hehe MEKAR recently posted..

  38. My church bag is whatever diaper bag I've managed to grab and throw my crap in.

  39. Oh and my "molly" ness is I can bake bread…from scratch…without a mixer…I'm so cool huh?? LOL!

  40. I hAul all my stuff in mt old diaper bag. My " baby" has been out of diapers for over two years now. Id love a new tote!

  41. S. Fillmore says:

    My swear words are: Sugar! Biscuits & Gravy! & "For the Love of Pete"!

  42. My church bag is an orange bag from Old Navy, but it carries my scriptures in my scripture case from the Distribution Center. It is not cute at all! I went for cheap. Free is cheaper though so I'd love to win!

  43. My Los Molly thing has got to be the food storage and canning. I live on a peach orchard for heaven's sake! Love to can rhose peaches:)

  44. My church bag is a aqua tote from Old Navy that says "Stuff" on it about 7 times really big.

    Awesome, huh?

  45. I'm a molly…and proud of it! My kids often hear "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do WITHOUT!"

  46. a red diaper bag. you know, the target skip hop one? I know you do.

  47. yeah, not so molly. probably no caffeine or no shopping on Sunday. and I do pine for a wheat grinder.

  48. A sad looking green diaper bag.

  49. A bag that my mom made for me for Christmas the year I got married!

  50. I carry my crap in a neon yellow bag complete with logo!

  51. Molly Mormon? I have a two year supply of chocolate chips!

  52. I haul my crap in my son's diaper bag. I am constanly pulling out diaper rash cream or diapers when I reach in to get my notes or Bible!! I love these prints! Adorable!!

  53. I use one of my Fred Meyer shopping bags.

  54. Most Molly thing… I don't drink caffeine. And I make my own bread.

  55. I just have a huge purse & cram it full with as much as I can. I could use this!

  56. I carry all of my stuff in a scripture bag with purple flowers that I recieved when I was baptized almost 20 years ago.

    mama2caleb at gmail dot com

  57. Being a mom to young kids, my scriptures (and everything else) get shoved in my diaper bag that is falling apart (got to love the hospital freebies eh?).

  58. I'm pregnant and currently barefoot (but not in the kitchen!!)

  59. Zack Family says:

    I haul it all in my purse…which I hate cause its so packed full of snacks, toys, and scriptures.

  60. And my most molly mormon thing I do is garden and can my own food

    mama2caleb at gamil dot com

  61. I am carrying my stuff around in a bag a gal in the ward made and shared for our Talent Show and Display night. Before I was using a Victoria Secret bag from my luggage/purse set.

  62. Holly Days Closet says:

    I have a shopping tote that I use, nothing as nice as Molly has.

  63. Most molly? I like to knit, I HAVE to bake all treats that my family eats.

  64. I currently use a bag that we got from the FinnAir airline gave us when we were flying with them. Good Times
    moodykelly at gmail dot com

  65. Oh man I would love not having to carry my scriptures in my daughter's diaper bag – which happens to be a luggage carry-on back I got when I was 16.

    madelynwayment at gmail dot come

  66. I Haul my junk in a tote bag, not as cute as these!

  67. I currently haul my scriptures in an old Eddie Bauer purse that has about ten credit card slots on the outside of it. And I also haul snacks and kid stuff in a tote I got from Europe a few years ago at the Body Shop. My husband hates it cause is says stuff like Against Animal Testing, Defend Human Rights, Protect Our Planet, and Support Community Trade. I guess it makes me look like a hippy or something.

  68. I thought no tv, radio and shopping was considered keeping the Sabbath Day Holy :-) I'd have to say making funeral potatoes is one thing I think is totally Molly that I do.

  69. ThE most Molly thing about me? I am a stay at home mom, in the primary, play the piano and craft!

  70. The Dummers says:

    I haul all my church crap in this ugly orange bag I got for free from my work. People can see me coming a mile away, it's that bright!

  71. Oh man, I usually try to blance my coffee in one hand, and crap in the other! haha I could really use this!

  72. The Dummers says:

    Molly Mormon, eh? I didn't kiss a boy till I was 16. Does that count?

  73. Bobbie Mackey says:

    jammed into a side pocket of a diaper bag:(

  74. I currently hold my church crap in one of these MollyGear bags and I get compliments on it every week! WOOT! But I'd LOVE the one that you're giving away…LOVE the design on that one.

  75. I don't drink coke or any caffine beverage.
    [email protected]

  76. I use an ugly old hand me down tote bag.
    [email protected]

  77. Canvas bag. It gets dirty really fast.

  78. Most Molly Mormon thing…I'm twenty nine and I drive a minivan.

  79. I hold my piano music (for Primary) and dh holds his lesson binder (for Primary) and everything else gets shoved into the diaper bag.

  80. I have an old American Eagle Hobo bag that I bought at payless a few years ago for $2. Not only is it my church bag, it is also my camera bag, my diaper bag, my purse, and my beach bag. It is ratty and old and ugly. But it is mine!!
    kriskrisfoutz at gmail dot com

  81. I stuff as much as I can in the diaper bag and the snack bag, then I juggle anything else that didn't fit.

  82. Molly Mormon…getting my whole family ready and to church on time. That is a tough one for us.

  83. Right now I haul 3 less than attractive bags to church–one for YW, one for sacrament meeting, and one full of junk for whatever won't fit in the other two. I think one of them should be attractive!

  84. * should say no flip flops– not now! :D

  85. I carry our stuff in just the diaper bag :/

  86. umm…well, I'm not Mormon..but I do think you should dress nice to church!

  87. I carry my stuff in a purse. But I'm about to convert to a diaper bag again and would love to have a separate bag for church things. Anyway … pick me please!

  88. Um, I stay at home just about everyday and lately that's been filled with a lot of baking and sewing … don't know about being very molly-mormonish … but that's as close as it gets.

  89. I currently use my $1.99 Joanne's "go green" bag that is WAY too big! In fact.. it's so big that I literally found a missing shoe in it two Sunday's ago (during sacrament of course)!

  90. The most "Molly" thing about me is probably that I have 9 kids. Oh… and I love vinyl lettering things lol!

  91. Ugh, I just throw everything into the diaper bag. Not a good way to go. :P

  92. The Van Fam says:

    I haul my stuff in a bag that the handles are falling off.
    [email protected]

  93. The Van Fam says:

    I stay at home baking and sewing.
    [email protected]

  94. I haul everything around in my huge, falling apart diaper bag.

  95. The most Molly Mormon thing about me is that I met my husband at a church YSA dance. :)

  96. I carry everything in a big heap in my arms and shove things into coat pockets if they fit!
    [email protected]

  97. I carry my stuff in a not so cute old navy bag.

  98. I met my husband in my BYU ward and we were in the same FHE group.

  99. I carry mine in this big bag that knocks kids over if I bump them with it. I definitely need something smaller nowt hat I have a diaper bag to haul around as well!

  100. My most molly mormon thing I do is drive a mini van. A Dodge minivan at that!

  101. Half my stuff goes in the diaper bag. The other half goes in a small red backpack that I make my 3yo daughter carry.

  102. I have this ugly big ol canvas bag. It's the only thing big enough to hold all my kids' junk and all my lesson stuff at the same time…

  103. Ok, i won't wear flipflops to church b/c i think it's too casual, i know i know… molly!!

  104. rick and cheryl says:

    Most Molly thing…um, everything. No tv, homework on Sunday. No caffeine, flipflops, R rated movies, no "naughty" words. (My daughther thinks 'hate' is a bad word. :)

  105. As far as hauling goes, I'm still using my old diaper bag from kid #4… and we're on kid #8…

  106. As far as "molli-ness" goes… probably all the rules I impose on my kids. No caffeine, no sleeveless shirts, no PG13 or R movies, etc etc. As for following these rules myself? Well, that's another comment altogether and we're only allowed 2. :p

  107. I have a crappy bag that does not fit everything in it. I would love this

  108. I use my son's diaper bag plus a shoulder bag I bought forever ago… between the two I can usually fit everything…
    sis_celiadawn at ya hoo dot com

  109. Becky Whitney says:

    I have an ikea bag that is red but it is just the wrongs size! I would love this!

  110. I use the diaper bag mostly but all my Primary stuff is in a zippered binder I got at Costco.

  111. I use either my pockets or a diaper bag and set everything else on the floor when I get to church :)

  112. The most annoying "molly mormon" thing I can think of is that I don't swear. I never have and neither has my husband, sometimes though. . .

  113. I currently make my children lug their own stuff in to church. After that, my husband hauls it out to the car before SS, and gets his own stuff for primary. However, if I had a fabulous bag for people to drool over, I'd make an exception.
    As for my most Molly Mormon quality – I have a pack of kids, and we haul them around in a "Mormon Cadillac." Surburbans rock!

  114. I haul some of my crap (diapers, nursing cover, toys) in an ugly black diaper bag that I got when my oldest daughter was born. Stuff that doesn't fit in there (primary song book, extra music, DH's lesson manual) gets stuffed into a canvas tote that I decorated at girls' camp years ago.

  115. My most Molly Mormon trait is that I drive a minivan.

  116. I'm a stay at home mom living in an apt dreaming about some day owning a house with a big pantry, a food storage room, a big garden, and a craft/sewing room… and getting a dog, learning how to can , and having 3 more kids… :0)
    sis_celiadawn at ya hoo dot com

  117. I haul my stuff to church in my oversized purse.

  118. Not sure what being Molly Mormon is – as I'm Mennonite – but from reading the other comments -I also drive a mini van, stay at home w/my kids, do all my own cooking and baking, don't swear…

  119. I really don't haul anything with me to church. My church has everything that I need there already. I would love to win this for my daughter-in-law as her name is Molly and she would love this bag for her church things. Thanks for the giveaway.

  120. Aimee - Choose To Be Better says:

    I use my arms, my kids' arms and my hub's arms to carry stuff to church. Sure stuff may frequently fall down, but hey…that's what hands are for! haha! They'd love it if I got a church bag!

  121. Aimee - Choose To Be Better says:

    As for the "Most Molly Thing"….hmmm…I play the piano, sing and sew. But I don't think that's very "Molly"! I'm just AWESOME! hahaha!

  122. I use an old American Eagle tote bag that is so dirty from bumping against the car – it won't come clean! If I had a pretty bag, I would guard it with my life against the dirty cars (and dirty children hands)

  123. The only molly mormon think I can think of right now is that in high school, some kids used to call me molly mormon since I wouldn't smoke, drink, swear or drink coffee with them. But that's just any good, healthy person to me.

  124. I don't carry my crap my kids carry my crap. I don't have anything to carry it in.

  125. I haul everything in a diaper bag and my son has a little backpack that he takes that holds stuff too. I still don't have enough space to hold my primary lesson manual

  126. I am more Molly then I have been. I guess getting my kids and nonmember hubby to church is pretty Molly Mormon of me
    Otherwise I have no clue.

  127. I carry my stuff in a tote I made. It's ginormous and holds all my primary music stuff!

  128. The most Molly thing about me? I wouldn't kiss a boy until I was 16, missed my chance and had to wait until I was 19!

  129. Loving Our Life says:

    I haul all my crazy church mess in a beat up old diaper bag. It has holes in it….

  130. most molly thing? I got married at 19 to an RM and was pregnant with in a year. ;)

  131. Loving Our Life says:

    The most "Molly Mormon" thing about me is that I drive my 3 kids, under the age of 3, around in our minivan daily to use my coupons at the store.

  132. Currently my chruch crap is being hauled by a reebok gym tote (which is extra funny since my husband works at nike) the inside lining has completely ripped out from the outside fabric, and the zipper died last year. So classy.

  133. The Conrad Family says:

    I haul my junk in a free bag from a Lancome gift with purchase. It is full of a million papers from nursery and some crunchy marshmallows and goldfish that have fallen out of the treat bags! It is super!

  134. The Conrad Family says:

    I have almost five kids under the age of seven! It doesn't get much more Mormon than that!

  135. I use a diaper bag. It is a cute diaper bag but still…

  136. Most molly thing…I don't know…I guess that I never kissed a boy until college.

  137. Megan and Sean says:

    When I can remember to bring *my* scriptures they are in a HUGE L.L. Bean boat and tote bag that's stuffed full of the crap I carry around for my four kids….and my husband!!!!

  138. Kyria and Nick says:

    I use a Mary poppins bag that is falling apart from me stuffing everything but the kitchen sink in it.

  139. Kyria and Nick says:

    The most Molly Mormon thing about me is my husband is the only guy I've ever kissed.

  140. I haul my crap in the diaper bag that should've been retired two babies ago.

  141. I carry my crap in my crappy old purse!

  142. Molly Mormon? I own a cricut ♥ That's about as molly as I get!

  143. The most Molly thing about me…I take my caffeine cold- mmm Diet Coke…

  144. I use a $3 denim tote bag that has just enough room for my lesson manual and my scriptures. Lots of little things get lost in the bottom. Your tote with the little pocket is lovely!

  145. I carry my scriptures in a plastic grocery bag. Every week when i go shopping i replace my plastic bag with a new one because they get holes really easily. I would really love to win a new tote to keep my church materials in!!! it would mean so much to me and my family to not have that added expense!

  146. oh this is my husbands google account by the way, his name is matthew mine is lisa LOL he doesnt want a girlie bag, i do.

  147. Most Molly Mormon… My sister-in-law insists my family picture wall is totally Molly Mormon. And I can bake bread (though not as often as I like). I don't own an apron, however…

  148. Joseph & Annie Hatch says:

    I have an old bag I found when cleaning out the nursery closet! Score for me…not really :)…I could definitely use a new one!
    [email protected]

  149. Joseph & Annie Hatch says:

    I have an old bag I found when cleaning out the nursery closet! Score for me…not really :)…I could definitely use a new one!
    [email protected]

  150. Joseph & Annie Hatch says:

    Most Molly Mormon thing about me….I try to do as little work in the kitchen as possible on Sunday. :) Seriously, we have pigs in a blanket fairly often for Sunday dinner.
    [email protected]

  151. Joseph & Annie Hatch says:

    Most Molly Mormon thing about me….I try to do as little work in the kitchen as possible on Sunday. :) Seriously, we have pigs in a blanket fairly often for Sunday dinner.
    [email protected]

  152. I haul my crap in an old diaper bag that's seen better days.

  153. The most Molly thing about me is all my boys' ties match on Sunday. :)

  154. I carry my church stuff in a hand-me-down diaper bag that was "well-used" when I got it. I definitely need and upgrade. :-)

  155. The most Molly Mormon thing about me? I think I've said maybe five swear words in my entire life.

  156. Erin Gutierrez says:

    I haul my crap in a scrap bag I made out of an old hospital gown and some old curtains.

  157. I haul some of my stuff in my diaper bag and some of my stuff in ma kemit the frog bag that I use for my girls toys

  158. The most molly mormon thing about me is I make all of my girls hairbows and they have a ton

  159. I currently take 3 bags to church: one is an old diaper bag (that is very girly…poor hubby), one is a fairly decent quilted bag that my mom made and the other is one of those black diaper bags that you get formula samples in from the hospital when you have a baby. Sad, I know.

  160. I currently use a plastic grocery sack. *gasp* True. And sad.

  161. The most molly mormon thing I do is probably making the jello salad. Or funeral potatoes. Yum. hahaha

  162. I haul my stuff around in a harmon's reusable grocery bag.

  163. The most molly thing about me is that I don't swear or watch R rated movies.

  164. I take my stuff to church in an old $5 Old Navy bag. I am afraid to stick my hand all the way down to the bottom for fear of what might get me!

  165. The most Molly thing about me (besides staying at BYU for YEARS) is that I used to think that everyone had a "Jack Weyland" romance!

  166. kimberlykikki says:

    I haul all my stuff in a boring AVON purse….need to upgrade.

    kimberlydklatt at yahoo dot com

  167. I am so lazy, I just use the BOM app from my phone. But I get suspicious looks during RS. Like I would play angry birds during a lesson :/ I need a bag to bring my real copy of the BOM to church in!!

  168. The most molly mormon thing about me is I looooooooooooooove shopping at the DI.

  169. I keep a hand-written journal (and I love stocking our food storage and shopping at thrift stores). I currently use a bag that is overflowing with stuff! These bags are darling.

  170. I haul my c-r-a-p to church in a variety of bags because I've been to lazy to go out and get ONE bag big enough for everything. OR I just don't bring some stuff to church – again, out of laziness – and it that never works out well either. I need this bag. Really!

  171. Hmmm…most molly mormon thing…well, we totally have a rockin' food storage system going on and our Shelf Reliance food rotation shelving is in prime real estate in our kitchen!

  172. I still have the ugly bag my scriptures came with… not stylish at all. These bags are so cute!

  173. I just have a plain ordinary black scripture bag I think I need some perky up.

  174. I'd love this bag. My vera Bradley bag has lasted me 5 years but has definitely taken a beating

  175. Most molly thing… probably sneak vegetables into every meal or jello is its own food group

  176. Julie Winder says:

    To inspire my four girls to carry their scriptures to church too.

  177. Julie Winder says:

    most molly thing about me…hmmm..I love watching the mormon messages over and over again:)

  178. I carry my scriptures in an old insulated lunch bag I got for free as vendorware about 12 yearS ago. Its holding together by a thread.

  179. An old diaper bag…and my baby is almost 21 and pregnant with her first…lol….

  180. I carry everything in my Church bag, just in case..you can never be too prepared. The bag weighs a ton!

  181. I use this crappy united health care bag that I got during the benefits fair at work

  182. movingmommy says:

    I use my bible case for my bible and then I have my purse.

  183. I stuff my things into my baby's diaper bag! This has got to end!

  184. The most Molly Mormon thing about me is that I don't shop on Sunday.

  185. Everything is shoved into a diaper bag. Can't wait to carry a cute scripture bag again!

  186. I've been told I am a "Molly Mormon" because I bake my own bread.

  187. Sharesa Larsen says:

    I carry my scriptures in a diaper bag/utility backpack. The kind my husband had on his mission to carry all of his crap.

  188. Sharesa Larsen says:

    I can, I sew, I bake our bread, I don't swear or watch rated R movies, pretty sure that makes me a molly Mormon!

  189. Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder says:

    I currently use a black leather scripture bag. My kids? They need the help!

  190. Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder says:

    I currently use a black leather scripture bag. My kids? They need the help!

  191. Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder says:

    I don't swear….not at all. Plus, our family holds hands all in a long row of five whenever crossing a parking lot. I have plenty of not so great parts of me, but those are a couple of the goods.

  192. Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder says:

    I don't swear….not at all. Plus, our family holds hands all in a long row of five whenever crossing a parking lot. I have plenty of not so great parts of me, but those are a couple of the goods.

  193. I take my stuff in a "bag" I got from Tonga. Super cool . . . but getting super worn, sad.

  194. I love to cook. That is about as Molly Mormon as I get.

  195. All of my church stuff comes in a diaper bag at the moment. It would be nice to have a super cute tote!

  196. I haul my daughter's church things in a diaper bag that is overflowing at the moment. With a new little one on the way, I may have to resort to plastic grocery bags. The tote is so cute!!

  197. I haul my crap to church in a backpack, a Time-Out for Women bag (though since moving I haven't needed this one), and a slightly larger than small scripture bag.

  198. Hmm, since moving I am not nearly as Molly as I used to be, simply don't have time, but I still dress very "Molly" with my layers.

  199. Right now I use a canvas bag from The GAP. It's cute and striped, but a little awkward in size. And, it's getting old. I could really use something cute!

  200. I end up carrying my church stuff in either a plastic grocery bad (recycle right?) or if I'm giving the lesson a laundry basket. I know, I'm so classy. The diaper bag is full of stuff for the 2 under 2…the purse has been canabalized by the diaper bag which was a hand me down from my husband's aunt… yeah, no one worries about me outdoing them at church. I used to set the scriptures in the car seat with my little boy, but now he kicks them out. Can't say how great a cute tote would be.

    Oh, and to try to sway things in my favor I just moved into my new ward and they haven't been subjected to the laundry basket or grocery bag yet, so if you act quick you can aid me in decieving them to think I'm a wee bit hip!

  201. I suppose on of my most "molly" moments would be when I ran out of butter for a dish for a ward potluck, and ended up making butter from cream so that I could complete it. This was back in my student days, so I spent about an hour walking around shaking a plastic container full of cream. Don't worry I found a use for the whey, but my roommates did think I was a bit eccentric.

  202. A Mormon Mommy says:

    I currently haul my "crap" in my diaper bag…

  203. A Mormon Mommy says:

    The most Molly Mormon thing about me right now is that I am currently making some Christmas gifts…

  204. I use the the bag they gave me in the hopsital when my 3rd child was born. That was about 3 years ago. It's black with brown trim. The drink holder is ripped and the zipper is broken.

  205. Mollyish—Hmmmm….I'm sitting here eating a nice big helping of funeral potato's!!

  206. I currently haul my crap in a diaper bag and another tote that is quite old and sadly falling apart a bit.

  207. The most Molly thing? Hmmmm…I rarely attend church without wearing nylons. I know. Weird.

  208. Bongard Family says:

    I haul my crap stuffed in the side pockets of my diaper bag. The second I sit down it falls over and stuff spills out.

  209. Bongard Family says:

    Most Molly Mormon thing about me is that I wear a lot of cardigans. My collection is no where near my mother's, but it's still pretty bad.

  210. Amanda in GA says:

    I don't have a bag. I was in nursery and was using a recyclable bag to carry all my stuff. Now I don't have all the stuff to bring so I need a new bag :)

  211. Amanda in GA says:

    Most Molly things about me. I often am in a store and won't buy something because I Know I can make it cheaper

  212. anndeephotography says:

    I use a old stretched out bag for all our kid entertainment. It works but your bags are very cute.

  213. anndeephotography says:

    My Molly thing – I don't swear and we (usually) don't shop on Sundays.

  214. Kate @ Our Best Bites says:

    I haul my church crap in an adorable church bag that my MIL made me. I love it so much that I kind of started using it as a purse and now the handles are wearing out and I feel a tiny bit ghetto.

  215. Kate @ Our Best Bites says:

    The most Molly Mormon thing about me? Well…everyone in my ward here thought I was the biggest Molly Mormon ever. Until they got to know me and learned differently. Maybe I just look super Molly? And I have a cooking blog?

  216. I haul my crap in the diaper bag!

  217. Most molly mormon thing…uh…I dont watch rated R movies?

  218. Jessica and Matt says:

    I carry my things to church in an old green and white striped Clinique bag I got for free wih tmy order YEARS aogo. It has definitely seen better days.

  219. Jessica and Matt says:

    Most Molly…I'm terrible at it. Really. Growing up in St. Louis the fact that I didn't drink or smoke was a pretty big deal. Other than that, I do have the same Families Can Be Together Forever wood plaque with vinyl lettering like so many of the other homes in my culdesac.

  220. The Warrens says:

    I haul all my families church stuff in a black canvas tote, that is now starting to look a little grey.

  221. I lug all of my stuff in a beat up diaper bag and my overflowing purse!

  222. The Gardner's says:

    Oh, I have two bags. "Kid" bag from a Medical conference and my "Primary" bag from a grocery store that was left on my doorstep. Both very ready to be thrown away!

  223. The Gardner's says:

    Molly Mormon…..my worst phrase is "dirty darn", I cook and bake from scratch, I grind my own wheat, don't drink caffeine…..

  224. Betty Rollins says:

    I haul my stuff to church in an old black bag (shows no dirt)

  225. Betty Rollins says:

    I grind my own wheat and make my own bread and I am very proud of it!!!

  226. a trader joe's bag :p

  227. I haul all my crap in a backpack. We also use that as our diaper bag for our two kids. Yes, it is a pain and I hate carrying it around, but my husband wont pay for anything that will make him look "girly."

  228. I would say the most molly mormon thing I do is stay at home and take care of my kids! I also dream of creating things but really dont have time. And I love to bake!

  229. salonjuleen says:

    I carry my bible in a little tote bag that is presently busting through the seams, so this cute little bag would be a lifesaver for me! :)

  230. Krista Hansen says:

    I haul my stuff in the trusty old diaper bag. Which is so full that most of the time my scriptures don't actually make it to church. But I'm always in the hall with my 17 month old anyway. Hurry up Nursery!!

  231. Krista Hansen says:

    The most "Molly" thing about me is that I now stay home with my kids and I love to sew. Also my daughter's name is Molly.

  232. Victoria ObSEUSSed says:

    I currently haul 3 huge bags to church each week. #1, my 2ft x 2 ft black canvas Primary Bag (as Primary Pres.), #2 my diaper bag (for my 5 mo. baby), #3 my ugly sacrament bag we picked up as swag at some marketing convention. I totally need something cute like these.

  233. Victoria ObSEUSSed says:

    Most Molly Moment is is when I just went to buy new garments my 5 year old kept saying, loudly "Oh great, the underwear store again. I'll stop saying "underwear" if we can go mom." The workers thought he was cute so he kept repeating it over and over.

  234. Jacob and Cami says:

    Yep it's definitely time to replace my free Time Out For Women bag that I've been hauling around for 2 years.

    [email protected]

  235. I never take my phone to church but I haul everything else in my current bag which is just a mess..

  236. I usually carry everything in my eight arms that I have! ha ha

  237. My most Molly thing is baking and I have bought a sewing machine and am going to learn how to sew.

  238. I am very sad to say… usually a plastic or a paper bag with handles.
    [email protected]

  239. I haul a bag I made years ago, that doesn't even stand up straight anymore! (not to mention I don't even like the colors anymore!

  240. Most Mollyish, I only wear make-up to church!

  241. I have a very unstylish huge bag I got at Target (I'm RS secretary and I have loads of stuff to take back and forth).

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