Well hello there, internet

How was your Christmas?

Ours was fabulous. Everyone got something they loved:



(Yes, he asked for one.)


It’s really too bad I didn’t get a pic of BC opening his Xbox Kinect. He was SURE he wasn’t getting one, on account of my undying hatred for video games and a credit card disaster earlier in the week. (Dear Chase, I still hate you.) He might have had the most surprised face of the day.

And one person was not too thrilled about what this gift implies:


Mom got a new camera lens. People got sick of that real quick, too.


(But look at my fancy bokeh!)

I’ll be back tomorrow with a year end wrap up. Hope you’re continuing to enjoy your holidays!

In the mean time, Dee Dee did a little one question interview with me. Go see my scintillating answer to “What do you want to accomplish in 2011?”

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  1. Tara @ Tara Being Tara says:

    We played with bokeh over the holidays too!! Do you know that you can put a stencil in front of the lens and turn the bokeh into different shapes??

  2. Ah! My mother-in-law got Carson those same football footie pajamas.

    Love the picture of him holding up the trampoline.

  3. Looks like a great Christmas. Eli got a mini-trampoline, too :)

  4. porter family says:

    zoey has those same purple footy pajamas! and does BC love his kinect as much as david loves ours?!

  5. Looks like you had an amazing Christmas. And I'm sorry, but I just adore that 2nd to last picture. Every time I see it it just makes me smile! :)

  6. What's a bokeh?
    And Santa brought our family the Xbox Kinect…I LOVE that the kids have been sweaty from playing it every days since. Not your typical video games, I guess.

  7. Josh had a mini trampoline that we had in our living room. Seriously saved my life. He bounced that thing into an early grave!

  8. A pogo-stick!!! I remember when I used to have one of those! So glad you had a wonderful Christmas!! :)

  9. beautiful bokah!

  10. Real Life Reslers says:

    Love your pics! And as far as Chase goes—don't get me started!!!! I have not had good experiences. I love that your son asked for a little trampoline so cute! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  11. The Keele's says:

    My lil boy has those same football footie PJs! I love them!

  12. My 6 yr old daughter got a pogo stick too! That's all she asked Santa for. That is so funny! Who would have thought about wanting a pogo stick? Apparently our girls. :)

  13. Char @ Crap I've Made says:

    And I did not realize that pogo sticks had a weight limit! All the ones at Target only went to 80lbs and my kid is 82-ish. Did you know that there are pogo sticks that go to over 200lbs and cost over $200??? Crazy.

  14. I just read your answer on "Dee Dee" – OMAHA!?! Woo hoo – my hometown! :) Hopefully if you visit, you won't be too underwhelmed!
    I just found your blog – and as soon as I read the "title" of your blog, I knew I found a great one (and laughed out loud – since that's how I feel about my own projects!).
    Happy New Year!

  15. Heidi Ferguson says:

    I love being your friend on FB so I knew all about the Chase hatred. And looks like we will both be potty training boys in the near future!! Good luck to us both (except that you've done it before and I haven't, so any tips?!?)

    I was so sad not to meet you this time around but someday. Someday.

  16. Full Throttle Ad Specialties says:

    I am right there with ya on those Diapers. My youngest just has completed this trial, I mean potty training.
    We too started our brood in 2000. If we had only bought stock in pampers in 99. :)

  17. What lens did you get? $200 for a pogo stick! Wow!

  18. Char @ Crap I've Made says:

    I got a 50mm and a 18-250mm.

    And the pogo stick I went with was MUCH cheaper. ;)

  19. Nice! I got a 35mm. I love it!

  20. Yes, which lens??? I have a 50mm and I need something with a zoom. :)

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