Must. Take. Down. Christmas. Wreath.

So, those fabulous green shutters I hung above my mantel to cover the awkward hole?


Only fabulous with something “on” them.


(Excuse the awful picture…I didn’t bother taking a new one. You can see my thankful tree in the corner.)


I feel like a red sparkly Christmas wreath isn’t really appropriate year round. I mean…maybe some of YOU could pull it of, but I can’t. Winking smile

So, what do I put up there?

A less festive wreath?
A monogram of some sort (although C is pretty much the lamest letter for a monogram ever)?
A frame?


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  1. A mirror, in an ornate circular red frame!
    Mrs BC

  2. Put up a Valentine's wreath… you can still get away with the red even though it's not Christmas anymore. Or hang various photos/frames off ribbons at varying lengths along it and make it work year round so you don't have to keep changing it up.

  3. Closet Writer says:

    rustic twig heart wreath

  4. Dixie Mom says:

    A small collage of empty, rustic frames hanging down would be so darling.

  5. Well, in my opinion (everyone has them, right?) I think you should put the wreath back up. It doesn't necessarily say 'Christmas', I like the color, it goes well with your room, and well, I would just leave it there! Have a great day!

  6. Luv 2 Smile says:

    Valentines day is coming up… if you don't have a valentines wreath, keep the berry wreath up and place other things on the mantle (instead of the trees) to make it look more like valentines! I love those shutters!

  7. Subway Art?

    Semalee @ Nailing Jello to a Tree

  8. What about a couple of t-shirt pom poms that are framed like Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous just featured?

  9. I like the idea of a rustic twig wreath – it would work for all seasons.

  10. I'm thinking that a letter, maybe modpodged with gorgeous paper, for each member of the family, arranged in a random way, would be pretty.

    A fabric wreath would work, as would the twig. Maybe a seasonal twig-put hearts on it in February, fall leaves in October, colored eggs for Easter, etc.

    Oh, I have it. Make it a Favorite Things place. I drive myself crazy, because I always have pictures that I love (things from magazines, my family, kids artwork, greeting cards) that I want to look at, but not forever. You could get some cheap frames and when you find something you love, pop it in a frame and hang it on the shutters. It would be really easy to keep things you love up there, and when you no longer love it, or love something more, just switch them out.

    I absolutely adore the lamp shade on the left!

  11. Brooke Douglass says:

    I say put up a fun painted empty frame with some hanging red pom poms (decorated with some V-day items). I know this is horrible but I can't find the blog that I saw the tutorial on how to make these. They were made out of tulle, gosh I wish I knew where these were, I wanted to make them too!!! brooke
    [email protected]
    Girl Boy Girl Inspired

  12. craftytammie says:

    Make a fabric wreath ala p.s.iquilt – fluffy and sweet and year round!

  13. Stephanie Vogel says:

    Put your non lame monogramed letter and then add some cute framed family pictures! Someone mentioned a mirror that would be cool too, if it's not too heavy! Good Luck!

  14. Brooke Douglass says:
  15. Marianne, aka Ranger Anna says:

    Geeze, Char, I read your blog for ideas–I know you and the peeps will come up with something wonderful. I leave my red berry wreaths up till V-Day. Basically, cuz I'm lazy, but I also like 'em. Are we supposed to turn off the Christmas lights outside, too? Drat. So dreary without.

  16. Mama.Mommy.Mom. says:

    I love the wreath and I would totally leave it up all year! Berries don't = Christmas!

  17. I finally took down our Christmas wreath and replaced it with a snowflake wreath!

    Maybe you could do some kind of wreath wrapped in fabric that kind of compliments the green of the shutters.

    Good luck!

  18. Marianne, aka Ranger Anna says:

    @Brooke, Hey! Thanks for the pompom link. I'm supposed to be in charge of decorations for an upcoming event, and those will be perfect! Thanks!

  19. I vote for a funky, thick framed circular mirror. Deep, rich brown or red.

  20. james and bess says:

    i think a wreath looks great up there – burlap & blue has a cute one here:

    bess :)

  21. Brendajos says:

    why does it have to be less festive? I think you could put anything up that is bright and cheery right now. When I took my wreath off my front door, I replaced it with a big wooden Daisy. I bought it at a craft fair this year, specifically for this time after Christmas. When the sky is gray all the time and the snow isn't pretty anymore. I love the idea of putting another wreath up there with lots of bright color to shake away the winter blues.

  22. kristanlynn says:

    i like this "simplify" board:

    you could do a few different words that inspire you and put them up there.

  23. Tara @ Tara Being Tara says:

    You are so right… I can't believe how much that wreath added. What about a cool vintage looking clock? We got one at Homegoods a few months ago for about $20, but I'm sure you could make one too.

  24. Crazy Daisy says:

    I like the idea of another wreath, however anything wreath size, and colorful would be perfect. Could have a few things on hand for different seasons/holidays.

  25. QueenMeadow says:

    I like the valentines wreath idea, I love this one

  26. A Snowflake wreath? I think it early for a Valentine's wreath! Wouldn't it be fun to have a wreath for every holiday/season up there!

    Or a wreath that is in a completely random color like Orange or Bright blue….

  27. The Mommy Teacher says:

    I feel like something silver, like a clear beaded, silver twig wreath might look good up there, or even a wood mirrow that is painted in a coordinating fun color!

  28. HollowSquirrel says:

    Probably too early for a Valentine's wreath — I like the red mirror idea or a silvery one with branches. The shutter color is amazing.

  29. Two Dollars says:

    Take a family portrait and send it to those companies that transfer it to canvas and put a large family portrait up there.

  30. I love the red berry wreath and would leave it up until spring! Add some white paper snowflakes or valentines to make it work for February, shamrocks glittered up for March, bunnies and chicks for spring…I think you get the idea. If you really want to change it up, I'd go with something twiggy. Anne, yourmainestamper

  31. Perhaps you could have seasonal wreaths. YOu could put up a snowy wreath for right now with a pop of color. A Valentines wreath, etc. The green is such that it would work with just about anything. Then you could show us your great ideas for seasonal wreaths.

  32. Christina says:

    LOVE your blog!! I recently found it, and am addicted…I named you on mine…Enjoy your Sunday!

  33. Audrey Ayers says:

    I'm a sucker for framing my kids' art. I've even been know to buy the correct corresponding colors of paint, give them a blank canvas and tell them to go at it! That would layer well w/ the shutters. :)

  34. Melanie@Crafty Cupboard says:

    I don't know, an 'I' would be pretty tough too. If it were me, I'd put a cool mirror on it, but I would put a mirror on every single wall if I could :)

  35. Molly @ Me and Madeline says:

    I think a wreath is pretty perfect for that spot – why mess with a good thing? I'd just get yourself a collection of seasonal wreaths you can swap out throughout the year.

  36. Blackeyedsue says:

    Char, there is a guy North of Ogden that sells the most beautiful twig wreaths. Curly willow, boxwood, berries, etc. None are over $20. I think something natural up there. Wanna take a field trip????

  37. Aimee - Choose To Be Better says:

    I think either a twig wreath or a something simple to hang some cute pictures of your family or kids (I'm thinking the 4×6 size)…just about 4 of them. ;-)

  38. must be something that will make a statement i like the idea of a bunch of vintage frames buuuut i saw someone say leave it up its almost valentines! i have to agree

  39. Okay crazy lady! Red and sparkly SCREAMS Valentine's Day! Stick a heart on it somewhere and call it good until mid February! ;D

  40. Love those shutters!! You should do a valentines wreath or frame like this one:

    Or this one:

  41. Being a "C" last name myself, I think the monogram is a fabulous idea :). You can never go wrong with em!

  42. Hi Char,

    I'm a new follower of your blog. My daughter and I just love the name. I agree with the others who've suggested a Valentine's Day wreath.

  43. LinseyPins says:

    A pitchfork! What? Stop looking at me like that. You asked.

  44. Tom and Katie says:

    Everyone has such fantastic ideas! I think all of these sound great…
    My idea would be to have the kiddos help you paint clothespins and then hang ribbon or string in front of the shutters… Use the painted clothespins to hang pictures, quotes, a monogrammed letter, hearts for Valentines day or whatever you want. Easy to change as the seasons keep coming…. super cheap, too….
    Good luck! Can't wait to see what you choose….

  45. I think you could do something along the lines of this from Show and Tell:

  46. Make a yarn wreath with neutral yarn and then you can change out flowers or other decorations on it as you want… that way it can change with your mood or season.

  47. Heidi@TheCraftMonkey says:

    Oooh, the shutters look so good with that red wreath…what about one of those infamous giant coffee filter wreaths spray painted red? I wonder if you could actually spray paint those or if they would fizzle out? hmmmm…now I want to spray paint one just to see, haha!

  48. I put up a lovely green garland one year for Christmas over my TV hutch and it never came down. It just looked so empty without it. I say leave it there. It doesn't have tinsel or bows that just scream "Christmas". And if you feel crafty, it comes down just as easy later.

  49. Sculpture

  50. A bunch of damask and chunky frames painted different colors and hung in abstract ways.

    A distressed picture canvas of each of your kids in b&w. Tute on my blog.

    Ummm….whatever you come up with will look awesome because you have great style!

    I love love your shutters.

  51. this wreath. I'm sure you have a ton of leftover fabric to use up….

  52. Barefoot Apron says:

    I like this wreath that is also a touch of red but can be used at different times of the year. Same site QueenMeadows suggested.
    The other thing I would do is put some of the neat rustic metal hanging candle lanterns up there.

  53. Twig wreath! Stick a different colored bow/ribbon on there for each holiday. Simple and versatile!

  54. sarahthings says:

    A "C" is practically a wreath, I bet you could make a C shaped wreath fabulous. :nods:

  55. Kristin Binkley says:

    Ummm.. i have that same wreath and keep it up year round… is that bad.. i know its totally christmas but i occationally change up the ribbon.. if i remember or get sick of the old one… i do love the contrast of the shade of green and red.

  56. JBSquared says:

    I could see it as a backdrop for a collection of pillar candles in various sizes? I think it's awesome, even on it's own!

  57. KayleighS says:
  58. I would give my kids some small-ish canvases and some orange *and maybe blue* paint and let them have fun. Instant modern art;)

  59. Maybe some sconces that are lightweight and could be wired through the slats? Or just go with a willow wreath.

  60. Whatever you do finally put up, I hope you let us see it… ok?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  61. Michelle@Somedaycrafts says:

    A picture of ME?

  62. Don;’t hang anything. Just treat the shutters as a back drop for some tall chunky objet d’art. Candlesticks, vases, etc…even canvases, antique frames, resting against the shutters.

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