Shoe Storage Solution

Our previous “storage” consisted of a galvanized metal bin and people throwing their shoes in that general direction and leaving marks all over the wall. And me tripping over the shoes that missed (and cursing) at least twice a day. Strange that I thought we needed a change, right?

We made a trip to IKEA this weekend. And by “we” I mean that everyone rode there in the van and then Macy and Keller and I ran in to get the goods…less chaos that way.

I picked up 2 of these:


And my entryway now looks like this:

(Man I need a new rug. That one I spent $3 on at Target is sad.)


The original doorstop is under the cabinets, so we got one that mounts on the door hinge and adjusted it so that the door stops just short of the cabinets. It’s similar to this and was under $2 at Lowe’s.


We also have jumbo baseboards (6” or something) so the cabinets didn’t quite clear them. We mounted a 1 X 4 on the wall and screwed the cabinets to that to make up for the difference.

I posted a picture on the Facebook page when I got them installed Tuesday night and had a few requests for pictures of the inside. So, here you go.

2 pairs of men’s size 12 shoes in that one.

Empty, with a dried mud spot for artistic effect.


Snow boots work too, if you get creative.

So, that’s our new shoe storage. Now I just need to do something awesome to the wall above it…

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  1. grabbingmyhappy says:

    I NEED those. Genius! And they look so pretty in that spot! (By the way, I'm totally diggin' on your clock collection. Uber cool!)

  2. Love it! I NEED those!

  3. Hi, I'm Susan! says:

    i've been thinking for a while that i need something like this… i'm not crazy about the color options though… maybe there's a fun way to dress it up? hmmm… gonna have to think about that one!

  4. Looks good! I've been deliberating on a few different pieces to put by the back door. I can't decide whether to put it on the wall by the stairs (you know what I'm talkin' about) or the wall in the bathroom. Do you think it would look weird in the bathroom?

  5. I have one of these, too. It was a great change…I don't have room for 2, but wish I did. I was thinking of slapping on some vinyl graphics to "cute" it up. Have to keep that Silhouette machine busy!!

  6. These look great! Love them!

  7. I love the storage and it looks great too!!

    I've been eyeballing these things for awhile. Our entry is awful!!! Shoes everywhere and it makes me crazy.

  8. Now THIS is a super-fantastic-awesome idea.

  9. This is awesome! We are doing the whole bin thing like you used to, but I want to try this for all the same reasons you got it! Now to convince DH that it is worth it – and to wait for the IKEA by me to open (spring).

  10. I am SO DOING THIS. Genius.

  11. You are hilarious. My sister introduced me to your blog today and I read it forever and laughed at every post. And I'm more than likely going to take every single one of your ideas. :)

  12. mama walker says:

    i soooo wish we had an ikea closer than 4-5 hours away. love those bins!!

  13. Living the Scream says:

    I love those! We have a basket and also get marks on the wall and nobody actually puts shoes in basket I am gonna look into getting something like that!

  14. I love this idea, BUT… do you know what is the biggest size shoe that can fit in there? My husband wears a size 14. Do you think it would fit???
    [email protected]

  15. Carolyn Windley says:

    Those really do look nice! Very functional and a perfect in that space. I like the clocks above them but you could simply trade them out for seasonal items as well. I like the clocks though very much.

  16. Marianne, aka Ranger Anna says:

    Very cool. Lemme know how the "family re-training program" goes. My family would still figure a way to throw their crap on top and shove it under. Sigh.

  17. Kelly Anne says:

    I really enjoy all your post! I love all your great ideas. Also, I don't know if you accept awards, but if you do, I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger award for your many talents. Visit my blog for more details,

  18. Looks great! I hate the look of shoes strewn about. I may need to invest in something like that soon…

  19. Deborah in Atlanta says:

    So did you paint the top of it the same color as the walls, or does it just look like it's the same color as the wall?

  20. Char @ Crap I've Made says:

    The top is the same color as the rest of the cabinet. It must just be the lighting or something!

  21. smileynann says:

    Char — I, too, was beguiled by the beauty and convenience of the hinge doorstop, but BEWARE! I now have 2 doors that I have to replace because they caused too much pressure on the door and broke through. Those were interior doors, so they were hollow, but it could still dent your exterior door if you have rough boys. Let me just say that mine were 4 and 2 when the door breaking occurred.

    That being said, I LOVE those shoe bins! What a beautiful and organized solution!

  22. THANK YOU!!! I have been bewildered FOREVER about what to do with the pile of shoes that amasses by our front door. Thanks to you, I now have a solution. You are my hero!!! :)

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