Blue & Gold Cupcakes

Keller turning 8 last month brought on a whole new “thing” for us.


Cub Scouts.

By the time all 3 boys are done? Many, many, many years of Cub Scouts.

Tonight’s our pack’s (is that what they call it?) Blue & Gold Banquet. My assignment is cupcakes, so I made blue and gold ones. Well…turquoise and yellow. Close enough?


I used the instructions for Colorburst Cupcakes over on Our Best Bites.



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  1. Leigh the sewing diva says:

    mmm they look delicious! they are sammy's school colours too so may need the idea in the future!

    Come visit my blog at:
    Leigh at The Sewing Diva

  2. Ahhh…welcome to my hell, er, I mean my JOY. That's right, it's a joy. I, too, have 3 boys, but I'm at the other end of the tunnel. The way my boys are spaced, my oldest was nearly done when the next one started and then his brother was two years after that.

    Make a necklace for the pins, and you, too, can have a 30 lb. necklace of scout pins to wear to every pack meeting/court of honor. Welcome to the fun.

  3. PinkGranny says:

    Yummy. Good job on the cupcakes,the scouts will really enjoy them.

  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of Scouting. At the end of it I became a trainer and ended up with over 25 years of service. I did have 6 boys, did crafts ar day camp for over 300 guys, and met lots of really neat adult leaders. You are right that the Pack has the Blue and Gold, but the real fun is the Den meetings, smaller groups of boys wanting to try everything!
    All the best!

  5. Jen-CraftOManiac says:

    Ha- my son is a Bear now, and this is what I am working on at the moment… a cake for our Blue and Gold tonight… only I am bringing a large green (my sons fav. color and hobby legos) lego cake, that i am working on. I don't have to cook dinner tonight YA-HOO! winks-jen p.s. love the cupcakes, well done.

  6. Melanie@Crafty Cupboard says:

    Here I am debating on what to eat for lunch, and I find a bunch of tasty looking cupcakes. It makes chicken noodle soup a little less delightful!
    My husband is the 3rd of 7 boys (with a few girls mixed in the family), and all are Eagle Scouts. That is a lot of scouting!!

  7. Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes says:

    Kay you have totally outdone yourself for blue & gold, man. I believe ours was last week which I TOTALLY spaced. Adorable cupcakes. Do people expect total fancyness whenever you're assigned food for church?

  8. Anna @ Blue Dirt says:

    My husband is an eagle scout and he has two brothers who went through it too! We recently moved back to his hometown and got some pressure to sign our boys up and assign Scott as a scout master. Not enough time in the world, and my cupcakes could never look that gorgeous!

  9. way yum. i just had to do the invites for ours (was tuesday!).

    i hope he loves cubs – my boy LOVES cubs. i… am learning.

  10. Kristine Robinson says:

    Uh, not going to bring mine. Yours are way too awesome! Mine kind of suck…

  11. jacque4u2c says:

    They look just YUMMY!

  12. Bobbie Mackey says:

    awesome! i wish i had seen this last week! we had our blue and gold banquet on monday. cub scouts is such a great experience!

  13. Ahhh…. scouts. Cute cupcakes!

  14. I too have got some gold and blue craftiness for the blog. Love your cupcakes!

  15. Marianne, aka Ranger Anna says:

    Ah, Cub Scout Pack & Den Meetings….. nope, don't miss 'em one little tiny bit. Thank goodness my kid finally made Eagle Rank…..

  16. You are so fun. We had our blue and gold, but our cake came from Costco! ;D

  17. those are awesome!

  18. Four sons, four Cubs, four Boy Scouts and finally, four Eagle Scouts….so much work, so many meetings, so much fun….I wouldn't have traded it for anything! I, too, have one of those heavy necklaces full of pins….but, oh, what a treasure they are! I am really on the old side of all of this, but still working in Scouts….it becomes a way of life!

  19. (un)Deniably Domestic says:

    I was a girl scout, but my girls have gone in a different direction. GracyLu and LibbyLu are thespians, one a track star the other a competitive cheerleader, but excellently smart. Our cupcakes have had to be green and gold and black and silver…yum? At some point the color impacts the food, no? Congratulations to your scout. ~Kelly

  20. Ok, tips on how to make the frosting so awesome looking? I usually just smear it on w/a knife….very cute! Our B&G is coming up next week! Super timely post for me! The dessert contest though is for the Scouts, so I will supervise only – I'm a big believer in letting the boys do it on their own, it's a contest for them, not me. Enjoying every moment!

  21. Welcome to Scouting. We started 20 years ago. My cupcake never looked that good, lucky for me the guys never cared!
    You are in for so much fun in the coming years. I have made my best friends in scouting. I learned to cook over fire, hem canvas pants and sew a complete set of patches on a shirt in less than 15 minutes. I also learned to purify water, make more things with pony beads than I dreamed possible, make bug juice and even shoot a shotgun. I learned how to stay safe lost in the woods and how to handle parents who think they are not capable of helping (soon they were running the pack or troop.)
    As a family 2 sons and a daughter all in Boy Scouts we have camped all over including Philmont (go there as soon as you can.)We have had extended stays at scout camps. So much fun in store for you!

  22. Your cupcakes are awesome! I made blue and gold jello salads once for one of these. So fun to make fun food!!!

  23. Um, yeah I needed to read this post on Thursday…I just returned from the Blue and Gold banquet that I helped organize. The kids would have flipped over blue and gold cupcakes!
    504 Main

  24. I love this! I should try it for my son's next den meeting. We were supposed to go to his blue and gold banquet last night (Sunday) our leader told us 6:00 pm. Then called us at 1:30 and told us that he made a mistake and that it was really at 1:00! My son was at baseball and there was no way we could have gotten there before it was over. Our leader felt horrible! I think these cup cakes might cheer him up. The good news is that my son didn't really know about it so he was fine. LOL

  25. mylittlegems says:

    A few things:
    Of course I love your blog because I love the word "crap" and a lot of what I make ends up that way. :)
    I have 3 boys plus one on the way– don't know about the whole cub scouts forever thing; but you make it look really fun!
    Love your name because mine is Shar too- (well Sharla- but same difference)
    I am a UT girl too but living in AZ…
    And I just did the crazy and signed up for Creative Estates- so I hope I can meet you :)
    And of course- I love reading your blog!

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    [...] e to sign our boys up and assign Scott as a scout master. Not enough time in the [...]

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