Makia Creations Contest

Remember Makia Creations? I did a giveaway for them a while back and tried out/reviewed one of their craft kits?

Not too bad for a wood craft novice, right?

Do you think you could come up with Makia’s next hit project? Now’s your chance!


It’s here! And it’s HUGE…$4422 huge!

A craft contest that will have you earning MONEY for your ideas.

That’s right!

There is $4422 up for grabs.

Makia Creations Craft Contest

Just think of what you could create with that cashola!

Makia Creations is about finding the best ideas and turning them into ‘kits’ that are classy, fun, fresh and easy to assemble.

Makia was designed to help women get their ideas into production. We know you have the creative talent, so let’s get you earning some money for that brain of yours!

Hurry…This contest runs TODAY through March 11. There is no time to waste!!!

If we love your ideas, you just might find YOUR craft:

Produced as a kit (you’ll be earning royalties)

Featured on the Makia Blog

Displayed in homes across America!

Sold in Makia Creations

    Happy crafting, and GOOD LUCK!!

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    1. Mrs Bishop says:

      Don't know if you saw my previous comment, but I have a blog award for you!

    2. dragonmamma says:

      First time here…couldn't resist the name of your blog! (My dear, late brother-in-law used to refer to arts-and-crafts shows as "arts-and-craps."

      Now I'm off to check out your tutorials…

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