Review: Say NO! to Auto by Kristen Duke

So, I got a DSLR for Christmas in 2007. As in, when I only had 3 kids. And (here’s the pathetic part), I’ve mostly used it as an expensive point and shoot. So, one of my goals for this year is to learn how to use my darn camera. (And then get a nicer one. Kidding…mostly.) So, this week we’re going to talk about a couple of things I’ve done so far to improve your viewing pleasure ‘round these parts.

Let me start by saying that I’ve taken a couple of classes at blogging conferences and learned a lot of new words, but actually taking my camera out of auto? I still didn’t dare! I’ve also ordered a book or two, but to actually sit down and read said books? Not happening. In fact, I think one of them is still in the Amazon packaging. Maybe I should open it and make sure it’s what I think it is…

So, when Kristen contacted me a few weeks back and asked if I’d be interested in checking out her new e-book, Say NO! to Auto, I jumped at the chance. (You might remember her from Season 1 of CWTS…crafty AND she takes a mean picture. And we have the same couches.)


For $10, available for purchase in her sidebar, you get her 18 page booklet (in jpg format, scaled to 4 X 6 size for cheap and easy printing) FULL of stuff you’ll need to know to stop using auto. I love the fact that it’s a size that is easily portable!

I also loved that she included a glossary (because when you’re a noob, all those terms get confusing) and a handy ISO reference chart. I’m a math dork that likes very specific instructions, so the ISO chart was totally might have been my favorite part. Not super anal and codependent? Don’t worry! There are dozens of pictures notated with the camera settings used and other tidbits, too!

So, am I saying no to auto?

I’m getting there…

(Someone’s getting a new room of his very own. This picture’s your hint of what’s to come.)

(I took this when it was dark enough that I usually would have just given up and used a flash. Stay tuned to see what I turned that hideous Easter basket into later this week!)

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  1. Thanks, I'm heading over to buy mine. I need all the help I can get :)

  2. I bought this a week or so ago, and I've REALLY improved since then. I ONLY shoot in manuel mode now. It's changed my life :)

  3. Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife says:

    I'm so glad you posted about this…

    I have been wanting to quit using auto for a while now! It's such a crutch! = )

  4. Carla Hegeman Crim says:

    Awesome! I am going to go buy this right now!!!

  5. LOVE KRISTEN! Hi Kristen!!! :)

  6. One of my favorite photography books is "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson. I checked it out at my library (and finally had to take it back because I had renewed it the maximum number of times). It comes with access to his online videos and tutorials. Very newbie friendly.

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